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Mega-club in Tokyo: AgeHa

written by EnAble Japan June 14, 2016

This club is technically located in the outskirts of Tokyo BUT I would have to say this club is unofficially in Shibuya because when you ask for directions, people send you to the shuttle bus that takes you to ageHa from Shibuya! Now, you may at first think that this is a hassle but you will see that it is well worth it because ageHa is one of the top clubs in Japan as well as the largest.
AgeHa’s admission is usually event-based and fairly pricey, ranging from 2,500-4,000 yen (depending on gender) and may or may not include drink tickets (once again, event-based). When you get off the bus you may think to yourself, “This just looks like a warehouse.” But after you walk in, pay your admission fee and lift the curtain to the actual club,  you realize how awesome this place actually is!

This club is split into four major areas as well as a dining area and an extra tent that has a DJ. The first room you enter is the main bar and it is so big and so packed! The bar area alone is bigger than some clubs you come across in Roppongi and Shibuya. Next is the main event room, which is as big as a full-sized basketball gym, and there are even balcony levels to watch the DJ play from above!

After you work your way through the swarm of people, there is another door seemingly going outside but it actually leads you to an outdoor area with its own pool. So it gives off a poolside party feel which makes everyone feel awesome. But sadly, no getting-in the pool is allowed (and if you try, you will most likely get thrown out). As you head back inside  there is another small room where some of the lesser-known DJs play. This is also a good spot to take a break if you want and enjoy a nice chat with people.

The club closes around 5 AM (when the first train starts) and this is one of the drawbacks of the club – that it is so far from everything! It is in an area called Shinkiba, which is right next to Tokyo Disneyland. This is on the outskirts of Tokyo and bordering Chiba, so if you get lost you should ask a local for directions or follow the mass of people walking toward the train station. Overall, this is a highly recommended club, that is much larger than others in Tokyo. The location might be far off, but it is definitely worth the trek.
Ageha Water front

ageHa Location Information

Website | FacebookTwitter | Instagram
Style: Smart casual
Happy Hour: No
Music Genre: Techno, House, Trance, other electronic
Suitable for singles, partying, couples, live music.
Nearest Station: 7-minute walk from Shin-Kiba Station (Yurakucho, Keiyo, Rinkai lines)

Hours of Operation: 11:00PM-5:00AM Friday and Saturday
Estimated Price:Cover Charge varies from ¥2,500-¥4,000
“Why Go?”:  If you want to party in a mega-club that attracts renowned DJs and is one of the best in the city.
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