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An Interview with a local Tokyo skater: Patrick Herbert

written by EnAble Japan September 2, 2015

EnAble Japan met up with local amateur skater Patrick Herbert, to conduct a short interview and get a first person perspective on the skate scene here in Tokyo for foreigners. We also discuss his experience and how skating here in Tokyo has affected him. He’s a busy guy that had to get back to doing what he loves best, skating, gaming, or just being awesome, but he made time and here’s what he had to say:

EnAble Japan (EJ): What’s your name and how long have you been skating?

Patrick Herbert interview
Patrick Herbet (PH): Patrick Herbert. I would say roughly for 4 years.

EJ: How did you get into skating?

PH: From a video game and watching skaters fly across the air appealed to me.
Patrick Herbet, Skating in Tokyo

EJ: What’s the skating scene like here in Tokyo?

PH: Well, Tokyo…. skaters here seem to skate at night or in secluded areas as if they are afraid to be seen.

EJ: What’s your favorite park, and why?

PH: Shinyokohama. I say that because it’s the first park I had ever been to. And I have lots of friends there too.

Patrick Herbet, Skating in Tokyo

EJ: How often do you skate?

PH: I try to skate at least 30 minutes a day.

Patrick Herbet, Skating in Tokyo

EJ: On a scale of 1-to-10, 10 being pro, rate yourself.

PH: I’m probably a 4. Haha. That’s cuz I still have tons to do to ever gain the skill level to get noticed and etc.

Patrick Herbet, Skating in Tokyo

EJ: What’s the best trick you’ve ever landed? What trick are you working on now?

PH: The best trick? Hmm… I can do tre flip body varial which gets the skaters all psyched out… but for me… it’s just doing an Ollie or switch Ollie. Especially switch because it’s like learning to write with your non-dominant hand.

EJ: What’s the hardest and easiest trick to land?

PH: It might sound crazy but the hardest and easiest trick for me is the Ollie. The fundamental trick. Haha. But these days, I’ll say doing a heelflip.

Patrick Herbet, Skating in Tokyo

EJ: Have you learned anything from Japanese skaters? What?

PH: Honestly, not much. Maybe because people are still a bit shy. But it’s okay. I skated with this one group of Japanese skaters. It was fun.

EJ: Do you think that being in Tokyo has affected how you skate? In what way has skating in Tokyo influenced you?

PH: Well, I have never skated in the US. I picked the sport up because I was too much into gaming and wouldn’t get out my room. Haha. So I chose something that will get me outside everyday.

Big Thanks to Patrick, aka Hash Breezy, for making time for the interview!

Patrick Herbet, Skating in TokyoPatrick is a current student at Temple University Japan in Azabu Juban. He is an avid skater, video gamer, and an all-around cool guy. If you see him, make sure you show him some love, and tell him you read about him on EnAbleJapan.com! 

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