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Get the Weird Stuff at Assist On/A++ in Harajuku

written by EnAble Japan October 21, 2014
Assist Harajuku shopping Tokyo Japan

Assist On Harajuku shopping Tokyo Japan

Have you ever been on the internet and saw some kind of wacky invention from Japan and thought, “Who makes this stuff?” or more importantly, “Where can I buy this stuff?” Of course the answer to the latter question can be found just off the wacky and wild Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Beyond the fashion boutiques in this area that is filled with plastic parfait earrings and Barbie doll head necklaces, you can find the mecca where you can buy all of “that stuff” you have heard legends and tales about. The equally bizarrely named Assist On/a++ is past the famous Takeshita-dori and on the halfway point between Harajuku and Omotesando, Meiji-dori. In this small grotto of a shop specializing in all things odd, weird, and strangely cute you can be sure to find a tool to make your life all that much more interesting and (hopefully) helpful.

If you have seen the ubiquitous “Ostrich Pillow,” this is the kind of place that would have it (and they do)! If you want a little do dad for your home, office, school, dorm room, or any place that needs an injection of ease and help then Assist On/a++ should have something to help you out! Although the items for sale in the Harajuku shop may tend to lean towards the bizarre in terms of their purpose, they way everything looks is actually beautiful. The shape and style of each item is simple and clean. For example, a letter opener takes the shape of a mod little song bird or thumbtacks with tops in the shape of tiny sprouts that come in a box with brown foam to simulate a garden. Assist On/a++ also has a variety of items to keep all of your technology neat and organized. Items range from rubber coils with miniature face that are designed to keep wires separate and untangled to water proof smartphone cases with an attachable stand so that when you are using your phone for a recipe there will be no fear of that marinara sauce doing any damage to your phone.

The kids can benefit from the items for sale at Assist On/A++ too! If you have had a fear that your child will take a tumble on the train because they can’t reach the handles over their head, Assist On/a++ has one for sale that you can attach to your bag! You can also get them a lampshade in the shape of a friendly ghost that emits a soft light that is perfect for bed time (this one is also great for the kid at heart).

If you are looking for those particular kinds of wacky and weird gadgets that you have heard of on the internet then head to Harajuku and give Assist On/a++ a visit!

Assist On Harajuku shopping Tokyo Japan

Assist On/A++ Harajuku Store Information


Nearest Station: 13-minute walk from Harajuku JR station (JR Yamanote Line)


Hours of Operation: 11:30 am to 7:30 pm daily.

“Why Go?”: You can get the weird stuff!

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