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Parasitological Museum

You know that you’ll find weird and interesting things once you come to Tokyo. Check out our article on Bizarre Museums in Tokyo you might want to visit while you’re here!


Bizarre Museums in Tokyo: Meguro Parasitological Museum

Parasitological Museum Bizarre Museums in Tokyo


If you like weird stuff, this is the right place for you. This place is known as the number one most bizarre museum in Tokyo. Meguro Parasitological Museum is a private research facility focusing on parasites. A must-see at this museum is definitely the world’s longest tapeworm that is 8.8 meters long. Don’t forget to visit their museum shop where you can buy parasite-related merchandise!


Parasitological Museum Bizarre Museums in Tokyo

Hours: 10:00-17:00
Holidays: Monday and Tuesday (when a national holiday falls on Monday or Tuesday, the museum is opened and closed on the following day), New Year Holidays
Admission fee: Free (donations are welcome)
Access: 15 min walk from JR Meguro station

Bank of Japan Currency Museum

This museum was opened in 1985 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Bank of Japan. Here you can find exhibitions of money from ancient Japan up to the present day as well as money from all over the world.

Hours: 9:30-16:30 (No entry after 16:00)
Holidays: Monday (opened when Monday is a holiday) and New Year holidays (Dec 29 – 4 Jan).
Admission: Free

1 min walk from Subway Mitsukoshimae Station (Hanzomon line Exit B1)
2 min walk from Subway Mitsukoshimae Station (Ginza line Exit B5)
6 min walk from Subway Nihonbashi Station (Tozai line Exit A1)
8 min walk from JR Tokyo station’s Nihonbashi Exit


Tokyo Trick Art Museum

Tokyo Trick Art Museum comprises of 3D artworks and optical illusions that will blow up your mind. There are different areas for you to explore, including the “Edo Area,” “Japanese monsters” and the “Trick Art Gallery.”


Hours: 11:00-21:00 (No entry after 20:30)
Holidays: Closing days are not fixed
Admission: Adult (ages 15&over): 900 yen, Child (ages 4-14) 600 yen, free admission for children ages 3 and under.

2 min walk from Odaiba Kaihinkouen station (Yurikamome line)
5 min walk from Tokyo Teleport station (Rinkai line)


Tokyo Kite Museum

Kites are known to have a long history in Japan. At every corner of the museum, you will find a collection of over 250 kites on display from all over Japan and other Asian countries.

 Hours: 11:00-17:00
Holidays: Sunday, National Holidays
Admission: Adult: 200 yen, Child: 100 yen

10 min walk from JR Tokyo station (Yaesu exit)
1 min walk from subway Nihonbashi station (Exit C5)


Showa Retro Packaging Museum

This museum gathers product packages such as tobacco, medicine packages, snacks and confectionery from the Showa period (1929-1989). The building is a refurbishment a former furniture shop, which gives you a nostalgic feel once you step inside.

Hours: 10:00-17:00
Holidays: Monday (closes the following day if Monday is a national holiday) and New Year Holidays
Admission fee: Adult 350 yen, Child 200 yen
Access: 4 min walk from JR Ome station.


Postal Museum Japan

Located on the 9th floor of Tokyo Skytree Town, the Postal Museum Japan exhibits collections that are related to postal service and communications.
Hours: 10:00-17:30 (Last entry 17:00)
Admission fee: Adult 300 yen, Child 100 yen
Access: a short walk from Tobu Skytree line (Tobu Skytree station).


Philatelic (Stamp) Museum


Stamp Museum Bizarre Museums in Tokyo


With a collection of 300,000 stamps from Japan and other countries, over 850 stamps are being displayed at special exhibits at the Philatelic Museum. The theme changes every three months. There are also workshops where you can participate and even make your own stamp!


Stamp Museum Bizarre Museums in Tokyo

Hours: 10:00-17:00
Holidays: Monday and Tuesday (when a national holiday falls on Monday or Tuesday, the museum is opened and closed on the following day), New Year Holidays
Admission fee: Adult 200 yen, Child 100 yen
Access: 3 min walk from JR Mejiro station


Tokyo Museum of Sewage

You can spend a whole day learning about Tokyo’s sewage system. If that’s not enough, here you can even get a chance to go inside the main sewer pipe!

Hours: 10:00-16:00

Holidays: Monday (when a national holiday falls on Monday the museum is opened and closed on the following day), New Year Holidays (Dec 27- Jan 5)
Admission fee: Free
Access: 7 min walk from Takanodai Station (Seibu Kokubunji Line)


Tobacco and Salt Museum

 Here you can get to know more about the history and culture surrounding tobacco and salt in Japan. The museum has a collection or resources and researches about tobacco and salt, and besides the normal exhibition, sometimes there are special exhibitions held for a limited time

Hours: 10:00-18:30 (Last entry 17:30)
Holidays: Monday (when a national holiday falls on Monday the museum is opened and closed on the following day), New Year Holidays (Dec 29- Jan 3)
Admission fee: Adult 100 yen, Senior 50 yen, Child 50 yen. (There is an extra charge for special exhibitions).
12 min walk from Subway Oshiage station (Exit B2)
8 min walk from Subway Tobu Skytree Line Tokyo Skytree Station (Exit 1)
10 mins walk from Honjo Azumabashi Station


Tokyo Toy Museum (Toy Communication Museum)         

The building of this museum was once an old elementary school and the goal of this museum is to promote friendship among different generations in the family. Feel free to play with the toys and join the toy workshops they offer!

Hours: 10:00-16:00 (Last entry 15:30)
Holidays: Thursday, New Year Holidays and special holidays in February and September
Admission fee: Adult 800 yen, Child 500 yen, Child and Adult pair ticket 1200 yen
7 min walk from Yotsuya- sanchome station
8 min walk from Akebonobashi station.


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Shibuya 109


Shibuya 109


Shibuya 109, A “shopping paradise”

With eight floors and two basement levels, navigating the iconic shopping skyscraper Shibuya 109 can be daunting. It is a 3-minute walk from JR Shibuya station Hachiko exit and this building has wide range of excellent stores. Instead, it’s more or less a fashion labyrinth, and is hard to navigate. Here are top 5 clothing stores at Shibuya 109 that you should hit up for a great variety of styles!


Cecil McBee (2nd Floor)

If girly, frilly fashion is your deal, then Cecil McBee on the second floor is for you! Full of gorgeous dresses, a wide selection of accessories to lift up your feminine look, the ladies of fashion will be right at home here. At Cecil McBee, you can find clothes ranging from the girlish-cute style to the elegant-chic style.


Liz Lisa (5th Floor)

Known for their retro and “kawaii” style of apparel and accessories. Liz Lisa is a great place to go if you are looking for a feminine addition to your wardrobe without going entirely on lolita. Listed as one of the top five women clothing brands in Japan,  Liz Lisa is now continuing to expand their markets overseas. Here is the perfect place to find pastel mix and match clothing. Filled with sensibly lady-like cuts and colors, Liz Lisa gives you a wide selection of styles and fabrics without going over the girly deep end.


shibuya 109

Secret Honey (3rd Floor)

Secret Honey is also known for their “retro and girly style” but their apparel line is best known for their collaborations with Japanese anime and Disney characters. Previous collaborations include Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. Their collaboration line are very popular and usually sell out in just a few minutes. If you consider yourself to be a Disney fashionista, be sure to visit their store. New Disney dresses are being released every week so don’t miss out!

EGOIST (4th Floor)

“Clothes are not for anyone but a wear for themselves.”

The name of the game at EGOIST is “classic and trendy”. Apparently you might not find crazy-colored and patterned clothing here. In contrast, you will be offered a clean and streamlines style in their apparel and accessories. That is not to say that their wares are not on the cutting edge of the latest street fashions. Besides, their fashion style actually comes in perfect understatements. The shop assistants at EGOIST are very fashionable- step up to them and they’ll guarantee you with the best coordination ideas!

RODEO CROWNS (5th Floor)

If you are more comfortable with a boyish-style, here is the right place for you. Based on American-casual style, RODEO CROWNS adds in a touch of delicacy to its men-like items. In fact, the concept of this brand is to pull out a pop and colorful combination onto their apparel.  If you’re lucky, you might find collaborations with other brands from time to time. Be creative- enjoy mix and matching their vibrant-yet-simple colored clothing.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To get the full Shibuya 109 store list, check out the Shibuya 109 website.

Shibuya 109 Information

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Online Store

Nearest Station: 3-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station  (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: 10:00am – 9:00pm Everyday

“Why Go?”: To spend some time in Tokyo’s fashion hotspot for young Japanese women and foreign visitors.

Got some extra time to spend in Shibuya? Stop by the neighboring Shibuya 109Mens and Uniqlo. After you’re done there, head on over to Pablo for some delicious Japanese rare cheesecake, or splurge some more money at Jeanz Mate!

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Beauty Products in Tokyo Featured Image

Japanese beauty products are a thriving market, particularly for skin care and anti-aging products. In addition, Japanese cosmetics have now become one of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. Here are our picks for the best, and where you can go to get them!


Top Japanese Beauty Products: Isshin-do Facial Masks

Tokyo Japan Makeup Facepack Japanese Beauty Products

Get your moisturizer with a fun character mask!

Where: Tokyu Hands and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 900 yen for a 2-mask pack


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC is the #1 rated cleansing oil in the Japanese beauty products market and is highly regarded in the US.

Where: Marui and Atre department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 700-1700 yen, depending on size


Fancl Active Conditioning Toner and Emulsion

Tokyo Japan Japanese Beauty Products

Famous for being preservative-free, and is perfect for sensitive skin. A toner for men also available.

Where: Marui and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1500-1900 yen


Sekkisei Series Toner

This is a high-quality line of Japanese beauty products distributed under the Kose Cosmetic Company. Voted #1 Toner on many Japanese cosmetic charts by customers and users. Best in moisturizing and whitening skin.

Where: Drug stores and department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 5000 yen for 200ml, 7500 yen for 360ml


Elixir Superieur Series Cleasing Gel and Serum

Tokyo Japan Japanese Beauty Products

Another high-quality line of Japanese beauty products under the Shiseido Company. Best in cleansing and skin tightening.

Where: Drug stores and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 2200 yen for the 140 gram tube of the Cleansing Gel, 8100 yen for a 35ml of the Serum

Sana Nameraka Honpo series



A series of unique soy-based skincare products including cleansing gel, toner, mask and lotion. Reasonable price for a whole set of skin care.

Where: Drug stores and department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 700-1500 yen for all products


Cure Natural Aqua Gel

No. 1 Exfoliating peeling gel in Japan. Deep clean the skin with gentle touch.

Where: Drug stores and department stores
Cost: 2500 yen for a 250 gram bottle.


Saborino Beauty Mask Mezamasheet

This mask is your best friend that will help you to get ready in the morning. Apply the mask for 60 seconds. The apple acid will help get rid of the dead cells on your face and the fruit ingredients will provide you a mixture of vitamins. This mask serves best as your makeup base.

Cost: 390 yen (5 sheets/ pack), 1300 yen (20 sheets/ pack)



Minimum Golden Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar Tokyo Japanese Beauty Products

Facial lifting with 24K gold covered bar. One of the most popular domestic Japanese beauty products.

Where: LOFT department stores, Yodobashi Electronic stores (list of store locations at the bottom of the page), and Bic Camera department stores (list of store locations at the bottom of the page) throughout Tokyo
Cost: 19,800 yen


Yoji-ya Facial Oil Blotting papers

Founded in 1904, Yoji-ya is one of Kyoto’s famous cosmetics brand. Their facial oil blotting papers has always been the number one best selling and an award-winning product. The papers are made by washi (traditional Japanese paper), which does not contain any powder so it is guaranteed that it will not clog your pores.

Where: Check out the list of stores on their website.
Cost: 330 yen (20 sheets in one pack)


Laduree (Les Merveilleuses Laduree)

Laduree, one of the famous patisseries in France has now brought the art of their confectionery onto cosmetics. Their best selling product is the “face color rose Laduree,” primarily a blush that comes in the form of rose petals!

Where: Check the list of stores on their website.


Bifesta eye makeup remover

Bifesta eye makeup remover is your best solution to wash off waterproof makeup. It is claimed as one of the top-selling makeup removers in Japan.
Where: Tokyu hands, drug stores, PLAZA,LOFT stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 850 yen for 145ml


Pelican DEITANSEKI clay & charcoal series

deitanseki charcoal soap

The clay & charcoal series include non-silicone shampoo and conditioner, face and body soap. One of the most popular products is the peat stone face soap, as the micro-pore active ingredients in charcoal will leave your skin bright and clean.

Where: LOFT department stores, drug stores throughout Tokyo.
Cost: 150-2200 yen for all products


Kailijumei lipstick

Although based in China, Kailijumei’s flower-jelly lipsticks have gone viral in Japan and also overseas. The lipstick bullet is transparent but it has a real flower inside plus sprinkles of gold. When applied onto your lip, it magically changes the color. This sure is one of the most gorgeous lipsticks you’ll ever find.

Where: Tokyu Hands stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1800 yen + tax


KISS ME Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced film

This is known to be one of the top Japanese brand mascara ever since. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and can be removed easily with facial soap. Also, it will make your eyelashes look naturally longer and thicker.

Where: PLAZALOFT , Don Quijote , drug stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1200 yen + tax


Rosette Face Washing Paste 

rosette face wash

Rosette Face Washing Paste comes in various colors to treat different skin types. The paste includes sulfur, which helps treat acne and smoothens your face.

Where:Tokyu Hands  stores, drug stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 423 yen


Kanebo Milano Collection Face powder

As one of the brands under Kanebo, the Milano Collection is ranked as the most popular face powder for the last eight years. The face powder contains SPF14 PA++, which will protect your face from UV as well as keeping your skin smooth and bright.

Where: Drug stores throughout Tokyo (reservations available)
Cost: 12000 yen + tax


MAQuillAGE Dramatic Lip Treatment

MAQuillaGE’s Dramatic Lip Treatment is formulated with adhesive rich oil that will keep your lips moistened throughout the day.

Where: Department stores, PLAZA stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 2000 yen


Shisedo Anessa, Essence UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50+ PA++++


This waterproof sunscreen ensures a long-lasting protection for your face and body against UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen won’t make your skin sticky so it can be easily removed with face wash and body soap.

Where: Drug stores, LOFT stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1620 yen for 25ml, 3240 yen for 60ml


Kracie Ichikami Hair Products

The Ichikami hair series consists of Japanese botanical essences that help prevent further damages to your hair as well as repair existing damages.

Where: Drug stores throughout Tokyo

Click on one of the links below to explore other shopping options and tips in Tokyo–

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You will be amazed by the artistic work and taste brought to every pastry here. Pablo now has more than 30 stores located in Japan and six stores overseas.

Japanese-style cheesecake is known as “rare cheesecake.” This is slightly different to the New York-style. The rare cheesecake is composed of melted cheese on top of the regular cheesecake, maintaining the sweet taste. The smoothness of this coating forms a golden brown top layer of the cake, which is placed on top of a tart.

Besides the Japanese-style cheesecake, you can find New York-style cheesecakes with caramel topping at Pablo. They usually offer limited time menus to keep customers coming back for something new. There’s mini cheese tart with chocolate and baked marshmallow in February, and then there’s the cheesecake with a mixture of fruits on top in the summer. Kiwis, raspberries, and blueberries over a layer of orange marmalade and custard cream do make a good combination, don’t you think? In autumn, you can try their seasonal cinnamon apple cheesecake, which is half-apple pie and half-New York-style cheesecake.

There are 6 Pablo shops in Tokyo, with the largest being in Omotesando. They sell not only cheesecakes, but also the delightful “Pablo mini.” These are cheese tarts that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They come in many different flavors, including “rich and creamy chocolate,” “matcha green tea,” and other seasonal flavors.

If these tasty cheesecakes aren’t enough, don’t worry. There are other menu items for you to choose from. There are cheese pudding, cream cheese and chocolate fondue, soft-serve ice cream, sandwiches, and Pablo’s original drinks. After ordering, you can enjoy your dessert at the premium café space located on the second floor of the shop.

Want more than just the memory of how your cheesecake tasted? You can find Pablo t-shirts and tote bags at the larger Pablo shops.

You can also find other Pablo shops at Shinjuku, Tachikawa, two shops at Akihabara and Kita-Senju (the mini-cheese tarts are only available here). But honestly? Any Pablo’s location is fantastic! Why not grab a cup of hot milk chocolate or a whole cake to share with friends?

At most shops,  you can find cheese shortcake cookies, or sable le cheese” and cheesecake mille-feuille.   You may find limited flavors sold at each particular city. In some shops at Tokyo, you can buy cheese-honey sable cookie. You can find the cheese-sweet potato sable at Okinawa stores. These sure make excellent souvenirs for your family and friends!

If you don’t want to line up during peak hours, you can have Pablo cheesecakes and delivered to your hotel! You can order their products from Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

If you’re lucky, you might find Pablo’s ice cream and cheese tarts at irregular intervals in various convenience stores. All in all, be sure to try these limited products if you find them at convenience stores during your stay in Japan!


Website ||| Facebook ||| Twitter||| Instagram ||| Online Stores- AmazonRakuten ||| Locations

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Entrance to Meiji Jingu Shrine



Entrance to Meiji Jingu Shrine

Entrance to Meiji Jingu shrine buildings

Japan can be a difficult country to explore if you’re a budget traveler. One great way to make your trip to Tokyo cheaper and more enjoyable is to use one of the free tour guides in Tokyo. Tour guides volunteer to show foreign tourists around the city for a variety of reasons, such as practicing their language skills, or just having fun meeting new people and showing you their hometown. Check out our article on free tour guides in Tokyo!

The following are all the different volunteer groups that are available:


Free Tour Guides in Tokyo : Capital Tokyo West SGG Club

Capital Tokyo West SSG Club is a group of goodwill volunteers who provide tours all over Tokyo, but focus on the Western side. Here you can find English, French and Italian-speaking volunteers. They are more than happy to help you plan your personal tour. Their service hours are 9:30-17:00 everyday and are sometimes flexible. If you are interested, visit their website and email them in advance at chu-san@sb3.so-net.ne.jp to arrange a tour.

Edo Tokyo Guide Group

Established in 2006, Edo Tokyo Guide Group can guide you in a variety of languages besides English. You can take a look at their previous guide reports here. Check out their website and contact them at least 2 weeks in advance by e-mail Edo.Tokyo.Guide.int@gmail.com to request a tour.

Entrance to Meiji Jingu Shrine free tour guides in tokyo


Shinagawa SGG Club

Shinagawa SGG Club will cater tours to your interests and requests. The volunteer can accompany you up to 3 days but groups shouldn’t be larger than 10 people. Feel free to read reviews from previous visitors here. Please visit their website and email them at least two weeks in advance to arrange a tour at sinagawa_sgg2004@yahoo.co.jp


The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers

The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers offer tours for the physically challenged and their assistants in various languages. Please visit their website and apply at least two weeks in advance by e-mail at sgg@tok-lanserv.jp .

Tokyo Free Guide

“We are full of energy with heart-warming hospitality and cultural insights.” An organization with over 350 volunteer guides, Tokyo Free Guide provides tours in several languages. To make your tour more enjoyable, don’t forget to write down your interests when submitting your request. Some of the guides know a lot about the Japanese pop culture while other guides might have a vast knowledge about history, religion or even… good food! Please submit your request through their website at least two weeks before your desired tour date.

Skytree free tour guides in tokyo

Tokyo Free Walking Tour

A weekly free English-language walking tour is held every Saturday (except January 1-3), from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. They are currently offering two tours. Their main tour is the “East Gardens of the Imperial Palace” and the other is the “Asakusa” tour. However, the Asakusa tour is conducted on a non-regular basis so remember to check their schedule beforehand. No reservations are needed for the walking tours so if you are interested, feel free to meet up with the tour guides. The meeting place for the Imperial Palace tour is at the ground floor of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Central Ticket Gate. The meeting place for the Asakusa tour is to be announced so stay tuned! You can check them out at their website or look for them on Facebook.  If you have any questions, please e-mail tfwt@live.jp .


Tokyo SGG Club

Tokyo Systemized Goodwill Guide Club (SGG Club) is a member group of Japan’s National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Primarily offering set tours of Asakusa and Ueno, Tokyo SGG Club also offers custom tours for free on request. They also have several information desks around Ueno area so check out their website for more information!

Spending a bit of extra time in Japan? There are also free English-language tours available in Kyoto and Osaka!

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Would you like to see Kyoto with a knowledgeable guide, but are afraid of the expense? No problem! There are lots of free tour guides in Kyoto available for those on a tight budget. So get ready to go out and see Japan, because the organizations listed below are ready and waiting to help!

Free Tour Guides in Kyoto: Kyoto Free Guide

Kyoto Free Guide offers free tour guides in Kyoto (excluding expenses) to individuals and small groups. Besides English, there are also French and Italian-speaking volunteers. For a fee they also offer tours for large groups. You must arrange tours in advance. Visit their Facebook page for examples of tour routes and more photos of the tour.

Website: http://kyotofreeguide.sakura.ne.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyotofreeguide/

Good Samaritan Club

Good Samaritan Club have been offering tours since 1961. is made up of volunteer university students from the Kyoto area, and they have been offering tours since 1961. The volunteers are willing to help you plan your personalized tour. Tour reservations can be made from one month and three days prior to your intended tour date. Don’t forget to check their Facebook page for more information about Kyoto and their tours!

Website: http://goodsamaritanclub.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodsamaritanclub

Sakura Volunteer Guide Club

Sakura Volunteer Guide Club has been showing tourists not only around Kyoto, but also Shiga and Nara since 2004. Guiding hours are from 9am-5pm everyday. Reservations need to be made at least two weeks before your designated tour date. Take advantage of their great tours!

Website: http://kyotofreeguide.web.fc2.com/

Kadeko SGG Kansai

Kadeko is the Volunteer Guide Association of Kansai Traditional Handicrafts, so their tours focus on traditional crafts in the area. You can uncover such traditions as doll making, sake brewing and textile work. Furthermore, you might be able to participate in some workshops and create your own masterpiece!

Website: http://kadeko.jimdo.com/

Kyoto SGG Voluntary Goodwill Guide

You can apply for a free English guide tour with the SGG Voluntary Goodwill Guide up to two weeks in advance at kyotosgg@maia.eonet.ne.jp. Their guide hours are usually from 10am-4pm but times are also flexible according to the volunteer’s availability. For more information about their tours, you can visit the information desk at JR Kyoto train station close to Shinkansen Hachijo exit on the ground floor.

Website: http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~kyotosgg/

Goodwill Guide on Kyoto Handicraft & Historical Sites (GGKH)

GGKH tours focuses on handicraft and historical sites in Kyoto. The volunteers are willing to show you the discoveries of the ancient capital. They offer visits to the Kyoto Museum of Traditional crafts, a kimono dyeing workshop and many more. You can come up with a list of places you are interested in going and the volunteers will help you plan the tour. Tours are available in English, Chinese, French and Thai. Reservations need to be made two weeks in advance.

Website: http://ggkh.d.dooo.jp/eng.html

Kyoto Free Walking Tour

The name says it all. An English-speaking guide will take you on a 2-2.5 hour walking tour around Kyoto. As part of the tour, you will be visiting Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.  Afterwards, there’s also a chance to stop by famous geisha district, Gion. They offer tours everyday and you don’t need to make a reservation for this tour. One thing to keep in mind is that the tour will only happen if there’s one person pressing “going” at the Facebook event page before the day. Don’t forget to confirm your participation if you are interested in this tour!

Website: http://www.kyotofreewalkingtour.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KyotoFreeWalkingTour/

Are you traveling around Japan? Be sure to check out our other listings to find free tour guides for Osaka and Tokyo!


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Japan Travel Apps

Japan can be a complicated place to see. But if you’re on the lookout for one of the free tour guides in Osaka, check out the people we found!

Free Tour Guides in Osaka : Foreigner Guides Net Osaka

“We will help you enjoy your tour to scenic view point, historical sites and/or hi-tech factories, institutions, folk-art workshops etc. in Kansai area.”
Foreigner Guides Net Osaka offers free tours in English, Chinese and other languages throughout Osaka and other areas in Kansai. Foreigner Guides Net Osaka is registered as a Systemized Goodwill Guide of Japan’s National Tourism Organization. In addition, the volunteers might be able to help you to get access to a specific industry or a company. Be sure to make reservations at least 2 weeks before your tour date.

Website: http://fgnosa.sakura.ne.jp/

Visit Kansai

Visit Kansai offers not only free tour guides in Osaka, but other areas at Kansai as well. There’s more than just historical sites and shrines to see there. You can easily choose the tour guide that suits your needs best since all the tour guides’ profiles and availability are listed on their website. In addition check out their website for some tips and advices to help you travel. Feel free to reviews written by tourists that visited Kansai and used their free service guide. Here are their recommended sightseeing and to do/eat locations to help you plan your tour. Don’t forget to check out the seasonal events and add those to your trip when you’re there!

Website: http://www.visitkansai.com/

Osaka Systemized Good-will Guides Club (OSGG)

“More than just enjoyable, we are most impressed by your careful planning of our day so that we optimized our time.”

“Your warmth and cheerful personality really made a positive difference in our trip.”

Founded in 1982, OSGG  was one of the very first good-will guides club in the world.  Their free tour guide services are generally in English. Furthermore there are a few volunteers can speak Spanish, French and German and sometimes they can offer tours for these languages. You should make reservations at least 2 weeks before your desired tour date.

Website: http://osakasgg.org/eng/index.html

Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club

Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club provides free tour guide in Osaka. They also offer translation services in the Kansai area. There are volunteer guides than can speak French, Chinese and Korean. Their services are available up until 6pm everyday. You can make reservations online, by phone or fax.

Website: http://www.geocities.jp/goodwilltenma/index.html


Osaka Free Guide

“Meet local, experience local.”

Established in 2013, volunteers from the Osaka Free Guide are happy to accompany you during your trip. The volunteers are Osaka locals. Knowing Osaka well, they are more than welcome to guide you for free around the city. You can make bookings here. Discover more about their tours and Osaka itself on their Facebook page.

Website: http://www.osakafreeguide.com/


Extra tip: if you’re going to Osaka on a short break from Tokyo and you’re looking to save as much money as possible, take Willer Express. They started of as a highway bus company that has English language services but are now offering hotel and flight reservations. You can get cheaper fares, especially if booked in advance.

Planning on traveling around? More free tour guides are available in both Kyoto and Tokyo!


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