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written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014
Bangkok Oriental

With so many different restaurant choices to satisfy your curious palate, it can be hard to decide on one place to sit down and eat (especially if you are in a group of more than three people). There are dishes in the Tokyo area that you absolutely must try before you leave Japan such as the classic tonkatsu curry or shabu shabu. Of course there is the famed Japanese restaurant experience of kaiten sushi (the super entertaining conveyor belt sushi) as well as the never ending variety of sweets that you can indulge in. However, if you have been hitting up solely Japanese restaurants there is hope on the horizon for a little bit of variety. If you are in the bustling yet cozy area of Meguro, take a look around you and you can see that there are culinary options from around the world such as Italy and France. There is a fantastic little gem snuggled between a Seven-Eleven and a Starbucks by the name of Bangkok Oriental. Here you will be able to dig into some wonderfully delicious and authentic Thai food that will not disappoint.

Step off the bustling Meguro-dori, just a few blocks away from the JR Meguro station, and up the stairs to enter the Bangkok Oriental restaurant. Get ready to be transported from an urban Japanese landscape and into an upscale Thai atmosphere. Bangkok Oriental is tastefully ornamented with various bronze statues, floral arrangements, and sweet little elephants in a way that is not overwhelming or cluttered in the least. The tables are extremely clean and everything seems to glitter in the dim lighting, especially your waitresses whose traditional uniforms are embroidered with gold and beaded with petite flowers. For the comfort of the customers, and very distinct from other restaurants, the smoking and non smoking sections are in separate rooms entirely so that both parties are able to dine in complete comfort.

The food at Bangkok Oriental is exquisite and wholly represents traditional Thai flavors that so many are fans of. If you are thinking that you will be getting a Japanese inspired Thai cuisine, you will be pleasantly surprised, although their drink and alcohol menu does have a Japanese flair. Bangkok Oriental does not skimp on the spices and sauces so therefore, if the menu describes something as “spicy,” you have been warned. Of course you can have classic favorites like Pad Thai and shrimp spring rolls but it is highly recommended that you try some of the less popular traditional Thai favorites at Bangkok Oriental. They have a wide range of soups that are both delicious to look at as well as dig into and their variety of lightly fried shell fish and crab is both crispy and flavorful. Their dipping sauces are just as good as their food and does not overpower the dish in the slightest and it is tempting to use the garnish to get just one last taste of it. Their traditional desserts like taro cubes in coconut cream and Thai layer cake are the perfect way to end the meal.

If you are looking for a little something different for dinner this evening, Bangkok Oriental in Meguro is certainly a place to consider. What is even better, they have menus in Japanese, English, as well as Thai!

Address:153-0064 東京都目黒区下目黒1-3-1
GPS:35.6341809, 139.71323389999998
Telephone:03 – 5719 – 0082
Web: http://www.bangkok-oriental.com/

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