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Beat Cafe Dogenzaka

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014
Beat Cafe

This one is a bit hard to find but worth it. BeatCafe is located in Shibuya’s Dogenzaka (The Love Hotel/Club) district. It’s right across the street from Atom and Beat Wave Hotel. I’m being serious when I say it’s hard as F*** to find. The first problem is that it recently moved from another location in Shibuya (literally a 5 min walk away) and many of the websites haven’t been updated with the most recent address. The second is that it is a basement bar, meaning not off the street. Literally all you see on the street is a stairwell leading to an empty foyer with random doors. The door blends into the wall and only a tiny sign and an old skateboard axel acting as a handle mark the door. It’s on the left side of the foyer, FYI. The excessive detail in the location is for the benefit of those of you that don’t have smart phones to tell you that you have been circling the damn place for 15 minutes still wondering where the hell the it is.

Enough about the outside, that is only important when getting in, walk through the ambiguous black door and you’re assaulted by red wallpaper (I’m starting to wonder why Tokyo bars are obsessed with red, come on let’s see some purple or blue). If the wallpaper isn’t enough of a decoration for you, at the end of the long hallway-like room that’s split between a long bar and booths for seating, are two deer heads decked out in party hats mounted on the wall. Past the only bathroom is a small backroom which is usually claimed by regulars and great for groups of 10 or so. The back of the bar stylishly displays various popular and high-end bottles of booze. All and all a nice atmosphere if you’re the type that cares about how stylish the bar looks.

Other factors of the atmosphere that make it a great bar: music, people, and price of alcohol. Now I know all of us that sacrifice things like proper meals so we can go out and drink are concerned with beverage prices, but also, I know many well off folks feel the same way about paying more than 500 JPY for what is considered back home as middle to low shelf alcohol. Well no worries here, the prices are decent for Tokyo. On to music; good selection of the old school popular: mostly rock, little bit of pop, and a handful of the random. The patron base is a good mixture of expatscheap and locals. All chill and most friendly; it’s a great place to just randomly start up a conversation. Beatcafe is worth the search and a good find, even if it is a bit cramped.

Average Price: 500-1000JPY

Comments: No Cover Charge
Style: Casual, Smart Casual
Happy Hour: No
Music Genre: Mainstream/Pop, Rock, Other
Suitable For Singles, Couples, Partying

Address:2-13-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
GPS:35.65799459999999, 139.69731969999998

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