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Bru Na Boinne Daikanyama – Fashion for Men

written by Jade Willis November 8, 2016
bru na boinne

bru na boinne

Based in Daikanyama, Bru Na Boinne is a stylish and trendy menswear boutique of upscale and stylish fashion. Their boutique is the bright blue one, bu itt may be tricky to find. That is, tricky to find if you don’t know the fashion mavens at EnableJapan.com!

Founded by fashion designer couple Masahiro Tsuji and Naoko Tokuda, the clothes at Bru Na Boinne come with stories. Their “Between Dream and Hero” and “A Mysterious Island” collections have an outlandish, dream-like look. It is as if they are creating outfits for the characters within their tales.

Their store design is minimalist, so as to not distract attention away from their clothes. Beyond their own lines, Bru Na Boinne features a design selection that features simple garments with humorous originality to present in their boutique. With chinos, wide legged pants, denims and a large selection of custom Bru Na Boinne silk screen print t-shirts, this place has your basic wardrobe pieces covered, each with their own peculiar twist. Adding a little edge onto their style, their shorts and pants have flares and a lower crotch design. Bru na Boinne brand shirts are made with slightly wider and longer sleeves, giving a unique aesthetic to the brand.

Some of the Bru Na Boinne selected garments have features you wouldn’t see in your everyday clothing store. Their clothes have a modern, laid-back aesthetic that evokes a sense of the modern countryside, giving them an urbanite-in-the-rough feel. They use standard and durable fabric for all their items such as denim for jeans, heavy cotton for chinos and soft cotton for their t-shirts.

The store also hosts a large selection of accessories ranging from hats, belts and cuffed bracelets that will finish off any modern look. With prices ranging from affordable to high end, it’s an accessible boutique to go to that covers a wide range of unique and interesting styles.

Bru Na Boinne Daikanyama Store Information

Website (English) | Facebook (Japanese) | Twitter (Japanese) | Instagram

Nearest Station: 4-minute walk from Daikan-yama Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line) (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 12pm – 9pm, Saturdays and Holidays 11am – 8pm. Closed Sundays.

Why Go?: Western style clothing, with quirky Japanese twists.

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