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Cafe JaLaLa Cat Cafe

written by EnAble Japan August 29, 2015
Cafe JaLaLa, Akihabara Cat Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Cafe JaLaLa, located in Tokyo’s electric town, Akihabara, is a small and cozy cat cafe. It may take a little time to find, but is still a good experience for those who want to experience Japan’s cat cafe culture. This is another cafe where you must remove your shoes before entering, however no slippers are provided so customers enter in socks or bare feet (remember to prepare accordingly beforehand to your preferences). There are cubbyholes near the front of the entrance to place your belongings. Cafe JaLaLa is an animal cafe that allows you to order at least one drink (per customer) on top of the entrance fee. While there are a variety of tasty drink and food options, you may want to check out some of the other cat cafes we have covered before, such as Nekorobi or Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299 to avoid unwanted costs.

Like many cat cafes, Cafe JaLaLa provides cat toys for free. They also have a scrapbook that identifies the breed and name of each cat. One rule that Cafe JaLaLa has is that you cannot touch the cats when they are eating unless you yourself purchase kibble for them to eat and feed them yourself. The staff is very kind, and explains the rules (in English for foreigners) after you enter. We hope you enjoy!

Note: Cafe JaLaLa has a noticeable cat odor, so it may not be suitable for people with strong allergies. That being said, the average time spent at a cat cafe is 30 minutes to one hour, so depending on the severity of your allergies, this may not be a huge factor.

You can check out their Japanese homepage at: http://www.nekojalala.com

Be sure to check out next week’s review of two more cat cafes, Nekobukuro and Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299. Until then, enjoy our first video in the animal cafe series!

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