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written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014

Akasaka is home to a variety of adorable little cafes and lunch places. Every street corner is home to a different little cafe filled with delicious coffee and the warm scent of fresh pastries. There is one cafe, with locations all over Asia and the United States, that has recently opened up a new branch in Akasaka that offers delicious coffee as well as Korean takes on classic Japanese treats. Caffe Bene is a delicious place to sit and enjoy some delicious goodies while exploring the Akasaka area.

The menu at Caffe Bene is varied as well as delicious. For drinks, you can order something classic and familiar or something more innovative with a variety of new and surprising flavors. Of course you can get favorites like iced vanilla lattes or iced chai tea lattes, but if you are feeling a little more adventurous, Caffe Bene does not hold back when it comes to their coffee beverages. Why not sip on a caramel latte ice cream float as a remedy for a hot summer day or a matcha green tea caffe latte? Either way, you will be refreshed and energized!

Aside from their drink menu, the food and sweets at Caffe Bene are well known for having a unique Korean spin on Japanese cafe treats! For something savory, bite into one of Caffe Bene’s delicious sandwiches like their roast beef sandwich on a croissant or their caprese salad sandwich on toasted bread with fresh basil. If you are more inclined and craving something sweet, Caffe Bene has you covered! They are known for their special variety of kakigoori (Japanese shaved ice) that has borrowed a thing or two from their Korean neighbors. Starting with shaved ice on bottom, this delicious treat is then built up with fresh fruit, crunchy corn flakes, milky fruit sauce, and then topped with vanilla gelato. If that is not decadence then what is? For something a little more simple, try their in house mini waffles that come in a variety of flavors, or their hand made french macarons?

If you are looking for a great cafe experience while in Akasaka, head to the new Caffe Bene location for some great coffee and treats!

Address:4-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
GPS:35.6743907, 139.73611110000002
Telephone:03 – 6426 – 5511
Web: http://caffebene.co.jp

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