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by Zoe Mackey

It’s raining in Harajuku. The train doors open with the usual Yamanote line melody, and couples, groups of friends, and the stray businessman stir past one another in a kind of neat chaos towards the Harajuku Station entrance. Harajuku does not stop for the rain.

Along the sloped streets, I try as politely as I can to avoid hitting other pedestrians with my umbrella, but this is near impossible. I turn right onto Meiji Street, a lengthy strip of Japan-exclusive stores alongside Western brands, continuing past the family-style restaurant chain Jonathan’s at the corner of the crosswalk.

Storefront watermark

Just across the street from the Under Armour store, I find “niko and…”, a clothing and goods store with a very down to earth spirit. Walking through the open entrance, I am greeted with the familiar irrashaimase. Peculiar covers of well-known American songs play from the store’s speakers. A sign reading “New Arrivals” in English hangs over a large rustic table, and I am immediately eager to see what kind of statement “niko and…” will be making for the spring/summer.

The store is full of curiosities. From exfoliating hand soap to kitchen essentials, coffee makers to Bombay sweet and sour soup, “niko and…” is perfect for those who want to start a new hobby or find stylish oddities for their collection. A records section sells a multitude of genres, from jazz fusion to electro dance, as well as record players and headphones. Knickknacks, pottery, and silverware line the walls. I was particularly interested in the Einstein money bank for all my loose yen.

The women’s clothing section boasts the casual, comfortable, yet stylish menswear look of loose trousers, flat sneakers, and oversized sweaters. This trend is greatly inspired by simple sensibility and a slimming tomboy flair. It is calm, cool, and collected, yet bold with long coats and a monochromatic color scheme. Anyone hesitant about trying the tomboy look can also find more feminine pieces, such as pleated skirts and collared blouses. No doubt the clothes are on the pricier side, but many of the store’s pieces are neutral colored with subtle silhouettes, and can be worn with a great variety of other styles and brands.

Men’s clothing and accessories are just up the stairs, and are similarly comfortable, cool, and charming. Also on the second floor is a café for those who skipped lunch to shop, while downstairs is a coffee shop.

Window watermark

Leaving through the same open door entrance, the rain outside seems to have let up, now a slow mist. I’m glowing over the garment dyed button down I bought. I meander through a few other stores on my way back to the station where the train home was, to no surprise, awfully crowded. But it’s just a fact of my life in Tokyo I will have to get used to, along with frequent shopping trips to Harajuku.

For more shopping ideas in Harajuku, visit our article Harajuku Street Fashion: Takeshita-dori’s Top 5 Clothing Stores.

Street-View watermark

“niko and…” Store Information

Website (includes online store) | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Nearest Station: 7-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 11:00AM-10:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want to shop in a unique, varied store that is packed with curiosities.


Zoe Mackey is a native New Yorker and college student currently studying in Tokyo. Her greatest inspirations are street fashion, lazy Sundays, and science fiction. You’ll more than likely find her taking amateur photos and looking for the best food in Tokyo. You can email her at z.isamac@gmail.com.

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ACDC Rag's cheap and trendy clothing, Takeshita-dori, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Few stores last longer than the current trend on Harajuku’s ever-evolving Takeshita-dori. So when a store like ACDC Rag has two locations, one of which is a multilevel store, you know you’re going to get something special.
ACDC-Dolls watermark

ACDC Rag’s enduring popularity could have something to do with its celebrity endorsements from famous idol groups like AKB48. Or it could just be that it’s a reliable place to get good fashion bargains. Unlike many of the stores lining Takeshita-dori, ACDC Rag is almost fashion neutral. Regardless of what style you identify with, you’re sure to find something you can make your own. For example, if you love the punk sensibility, then ACDC Rag has plenty of neon petticoats, knockoff Doc Martin boots, and safety pin decorated jackets to fill your wardrobe. Those who favor the gothic lolita style can find items such as lacy thigh high stockings and corset dresses for reasonable prices. If your’e all about being kawaii, be sure to peruse their selection of flowery, pastel options.

ACDC-Interior watermark

ACDC Rag also has plenty of items available that are a part of its own label or are in collaboration with another famous brand or musical artist. The latest collaboration to come to ACDC Rag is with the uber popular Japanese girl idol group, AKB48. In ACDC Rag stores, you can buy the clothing and accessories that the girls of AKB48 wore in some of their concerts or in some of their photo shoots. Alternatively, ACDC Rag has hooked up with the brand Segakawaii and have since come out with a line of clothing that is video game inspired. They have also partnered more recently with the character line Coji-Coji. This line features Coji-Coji’s two super adorable mascots splattered all over lolita style dresses, accessories, and a variety of other products.

All in all, if you want to experience another piece of the Harajuku fashion lifestyle then you need to head to ACDC Rag. At ACDC Rag you can find anything you need to make yourself over in true Harajuku style without spending a lot of money!

ACDC watermark
Can’t get enough of Harajuku’s trendy clothing? Embrace your wild side at 6%Dokidoki. Looking for some accessories? Paris Kid’s and AVANTGARDE have you covered.

ACDC Rag Harajuku Store Information

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Online Store
Nearest Station: 5-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 10:00AM-8:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want to find a wide range of unique clothing options in the Harajuku shopping district.
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Global fast fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 have influenced Japanese fashion with their affordable, yet stylish clothing. But the Japanese mainstay WEGO is just as big, if not bigger, amongst those who are into Japanese fashion.
WEGO has gained significant domestic, and even international, attention in large part because it’s the best place to go if you want to dress like a Harajuku girl without spending massive amounts of money. Magazines like FRUiTS and countless online blogs have made it one of Tokyo’s top women’s clothing and accessory stores by frequently featuring Japanese street fashion geniuses who are quoted as saying, “I got this at WEGO,” lending it superstar street style cred.

Wego and Salaryman
The two most well-known and accessible branches of WEGO in the Tokyo area is located in Omotesando close to the Meijijingu-Mae train station, and deep in the center of Harajuku’s hectic Takeshita-dori. There are also other branches throughout Tokyo, located in busy centres such as Shibuya and Ueno (All store locations). Regardless of which location you go to, you won’t leave without armfuls of shopping bags and a noticeable dent in your savings account.
Once you enter WEGO, you are immediately immersed in its unique presentation. A mish-mash of Japanese pop and bass bumping American rap fills the store, competing with the TV (complete with VHS deck) in the corner playing 1980s classics like The Goonies. Micky Mouse and other plush toys littering the shelves are only one notable piece of the bombardment of eclectic items and pop culture references that make you want to dive in and take the fashion bull by the horns.
Wego Interior Watermark The only negative thing we can possibly say about WEGO is that everything is so cheap and such good quality that you don’t know where to start. Should you go towards the girly section filled with flirty polka dots and frilled blouses that go perfectly with those lace socks in the corner? Or should you go more pop punk and buy an outfit with french fries splattered over every inch? Yum, yum.
Wego Shopping Watermark

Reasonable prices have not affected the quality and stylishness of WEGO’s clothing lines. Instead, WEGO has become one of the top women’s clothing stores to piece together fashionable outfits in Tokyo.
Surely you have more money left to spend! If so, we’ve got a few more shopping recommendations in the area. Want to go all-out Harajuku? Try 6%Dokidoki. Want to balance your purchases with some vintage clothing? G2? has you covered. How about dabbling in lolita fashion? Milk is the shop for you.

Harajuku Store Information

Nearest Station: 6-minute walk from Meijijingu-Mae Station (Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Lines).
Website | Twitter | Online Store
Hours of Operation:
10:00AM-9:00PM Everyday
Why Go?”: If you’re bored of the H&M and Zara shopping and want something unique to Japan.
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Beauty Products in Tokyo Featured Image

Japanese beauty products are a thriving market, particularly for skin care and anti-aging products. In addition, Japanese cosmetics have now become one of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. Here are our picks for the best, and where you can go to get them!


Top Japanese Beauty Products: Isshin-do Facial Masks

Tokyo Japan Makeup Facepack Japanese Beauty Products

Get your moisturizer with a fun character mask!

Where: Tokyu Hands and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 900 yen for a 2-mask pack


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC is the #1 rated cleansing oil in the Japanese beauty products market and is highly regarded in the US.

Where: Marui and Atre department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 700-1700 yen, depending on size


Fancl Active Conditioning Toner and Emulsion

Tokyo Japan Japanese Beauty Products

Famous for being preservative-free, and is perfect for sensitive skin. A toner for men also available.

Where: Marui and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1500-1900 yen


Sekkisei Series Toner

This is a high-quality line of Japanese beauty products distributed under the Kose Cosmetic Company. Voted #1 Toner on many Japanese cosmetic charts by customers and users. Best in moisturizing and whitening skin.

Where: Drug stores and department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 5000 yen for 200ml, 7500 yen for 360ml


Elixir Superieur Series Cleasing Gel and Serum

Tokyo Japan Japanese Beauty Products

Another high-quality line of Japanese beauty products under the Shiseido Company. Best in cleansing and skin tightening.

Where: Drug stores and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 2200 yen for the 140 gram tube of the Cleansing Gel, 8100 yen for a 35ml of the Serum

Sana Nameraka Honpo series



A series of unique soy-based skincare products including cleansing gel, toner, mask and lotion. Reasonable price for a whole set of skin care.

Where: Drug stores and department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 700-1500 yen for all products


Cure Natural Aqua Gel

No. 1 Exfoliating peeling gel in Japan. Deep clean the skin with gentle touch.

Where: Drug stores and department stores
Cost: 2500 yen for a 250 gram bottle.


Saborino Beauty Mask Mezamasheet

This mask is your best friend that will help you to get ready in the morning. Apply the mask for 60 seconds. The apple acid will help get rid of the dead cells on your face and the fruit ingredients will provide you a mixture of vitamins. This mask serves best as your makeup base.

Cost: 390 yen (5 sheets/ pack), 1300 yen (20 sheets/ pack)



Minimum Golden Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar Tokyo Japanese Beauty Products

Facial lifting with 24K gold covered bar. One of the most popular domestic Japanese beauty products.

Where: LOFT department stores, Yodobashi Electronic stores (list of store locations at the bottom of the page), and Bic Camera department stores (list of store locations at the bottom of the page) throughout Tokyo
Cost: 19,800 yen


Yoji-ya Facial Oil Blotting papers

Founded in 1904, Yoji-ya is one of Kyoto’s famous cosmetics brand. Their facial oil blotting papers has always been the number one best selling and an award-winning product. The papers are made by washi (traditional Japanese paper), which does not contain any powder so it is guaranteed that it will not clog your pores.

Where: Check out the list of stores on their website.
Cost: 330 yen (20 sheets in one pack)


Laduree (Les Merveilleuses Laduree)

Laduree, one of the famous patisseries in France has now brought the art of their confectionery onto cosmetics. Their best selling product is the “face color rose Laduree,” primarily a blush that comes in the form of rose petals!

Where: Check the list of stores on their website.


Bifesta eye makeup remover

Bifesta eye makeup remover is your best solution to wash off waterproof makeup. It is claimed as one of the top-selling makeup removers in Japan.
Where: Tokyu hands, drug stores, PLAZA,LOFT stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 850 yen for 145ml


Pelican DEITANSEKI clay & charcoal series

deitanseki charcoal soap

The clay & charcoal series include non-silicone shampoo and conditioner, face and body soap. One of the most popular products is the peat stone face soap, as the micro-pore active ingredients in charcoal will leave your skin bright and clean.

Where: LOFT department stores, drug stores throughout Tokyo.
Cost: 150-2200 yen for all products


Kailijumei lipstick

Although based in China, Kailijumei’s flower-jelly lipsticks have gone viral in Japan and also overseas. The lipstick bullet is transparent but it has a real flower inside plus sprinkles of gold. When applied onto your lip, it magically changes the color. This sure is one of the most gorgeous lipsticks you’ll ever find.

Where: Tokyu Hands stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1800 yen + tax


KISS ME Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced film

This is known to be one of the top Japanese brand mascara ever since. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and can be removed easily with facial soap. Also, it will make your eyelashes look naturally longer and thicker.

Where: PLAZALOFT , Don Quijote , drug stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1200 yen + tax


Rosette Face Washing Paste 

rosette face wash

Rosette Face Washing Paste comes in various colors to treat different skin types. The paste includes sulfur, which helps treat acne and smoothens your face.

Where:Tokyu Hands  stores, drug stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 423 yen


Kanebo Milano Collection Face powder

As one of the brands under Kanebo, the Milano Collection is ranked as the most popular face powder for the last eight years. The face powder contains SPF14 PA++, which will protect your face from UV as well as keeping your skin smooth and bright.

Where: Drug stores throughout Tokyo (reservations available)
Cost: 12000 yen + tax


MAQuillAGE Dramatic Lip Treatment

MAQuillaGE’s Dramatic Lip Treatment is formulated with adhesive rich oil that will keep your lips moistened throughout the day.

Where: Department stores, PLAZA stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 2000 yen


Shisedo Anessa, Essence UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50+ PA++++


This waterproof sunscreen ensures a long-lasting protection for your face and body against UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen won’t make your skin sticky so it can be easily removed with face wash and body soap.

Where: Drug stores, LOFT stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1620 yen for 25ml, 3240 yen for 60ml


Kracie Ichikami Hair Products

The Ichikami hair series consists of Japanese botanical essences that help prevent further damages to your hair as well as repair existing damages.

Where: Drug stores throughout Tokyo

Click on one of the links below to explore other shopping options and tips in Tokyo–

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By: Jessica Jackson


Shinjuku is a maze of stations, shopping, and businesses. For the uninformed traveler it is easy to mix the main hub Shinjuku station with Higashi Shinjuku and Shinjuku Sanchome or even the West end from the East end. Fortunately, much of the main shopping of Shinjuku is accessible from Shinjuku station. Focusing on the East end, I’m going to share a virtual tour of a few of the big Shinjuku department stores, also known as the “depato.” Many stores on this side are accessible from both underground in the station as well as above ground along Futaba Street, which runs between Shinjuku and Shinjuku-Sanchome and is clearly marked by signs in both English and Japanese.

With that word of warning out of the way, let’s dive right into a few of the behemoth shopping centers in Shinjuku’s East End.



Lumine EST

Lumine EST has two basement levels and 8 floors along with a limited roof garden. With the exception of the odd café or restaurant meant to give patrons a place to rest, each floor is based around clothing and items targeted to different demographics.



Starting with the station accessible B1 and B2, B2 is a grab bag and has a bit of everything meant to attract the passerby. B1 is heavily marketed toward young, fashion-forward women. From frilly femme to city chic to hipster casual, many small stores line the halls with fashionable young shop clerks modeling the wares. As is often the case with department stores, the lower portion (B1 through the fourth floor) of the store is devoted to women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.Lumine EST is not too cruel to the dragged along boyfriend or partner because there is at least one stationary, knick-knack, or trinket store to occupy their time on each floor.



The fifth and sixth floors are dedicated to male fashion, also ranging in style to accommodate different aesthetics with random bric-a-brac stores spaced across the floors.



The 7th and 8th floors are restaurants that serve foods in both western and Asian styles. The roof space holds seasonal festivals; in the past special events such as the beer and BBQ terrace or flea market have been held upstairs.


Lumine EST Location Information:

Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram

Nearest Station: 5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open Everyday from 11AM- 10PM

“Why Go?”: A little bit of fashion, food and fun for everybody!


Isetan is a whopping series of buildings, most notably the iconic main building which is the focus of my review. Isetan considers itself to be the stately elder of Shinjuku shopping malls, and with its iconic plaid shopping bags, it is absolutely right. This could be seen as a benefit—everyone knows to go to Isetan, but it also has this almost imperceptible layer of dust over it like it is meant for an older or more sophisticated crowd. Though goods are for sale, there is almost something museum-like about the store.



Each area of each floor is themed, but unlike other stores, which are typically sectioned off by designer or brand, Isetan’s floor plan is designed for you to flow from one product to the next. It also throws out any pretense of not pandering to women because the main building is almost entirely catering to female shoppers. The separate Isetan building just down the block is called men’s building is called that for a reason—it is where all the male products are with the minor exception of the 7th floor traditional Japanese garment section.


I visited during the Christmas exhibit, and there were large series of displays with ornaments, décor, and goods available.



More than Lumine EST or 0101, Isetan is willing to personally cater to foreign customers, which is quite the feat since the customer service quality in Japan is known to be pretty stellar to begin with. Isetan kindly had phones set out on each floor to call the foreign customer service desk on the sixth floor and had the most comprehensive multi language brochure and directory.


Isetan Location Information:

Website | Facebook | Twitter  | YouTube

Nearest Station: 10 minute walk from Shinjuku Station (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open Everyday from 10:30AM- 8PM

“Why Go?”: A classic Japanese Department store who cater to and love foreigners!

0101 (pronounced Marui)

Like Lumine EST, 0101 is a chain of department stores targeting young women between 25 – 35 years old. As expected, it also caters to many different fashion styles. One difference between Lumine EST is that the price point of 0101 ranges more drastically from affordable cheaper brands to exorbitantly priced high-end fashion brands. 0101 has a generic shopping floor plan with two exceptions – restaurants are  located on the bottom floor, and the first floor contains the special events. Past examples include Harry Potter goods.



I think overall 0101 is a bit more friendly and approachable because of the price point range and clothing options. Shopping options are expanded beyond standard sizing more thoroughly; it has the “0101 model” area (plus size clothing) and also carries shoes in sizes above 25 for larger feet—as many foreigners have.



The store has also clearly made an effort to make male shopping easier in a department store. Part of what makes 0101 my top pick was that I also noticed more imports of mid-price point clothing as opposed to just the high-end fashion brands. To be honest, this is the store I actually shop at the most of this list.

Marui (0101) Location Information:

Website | Facebook

Nearest Station: 10 minute walk from Shinjuku Station (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open Monday-Saturday from 11AM- 9PM, Sundays open from 11AM-8:30PM

“Why Go?”: Friendly and approachable department store with styles and products for every budget!

Bonus department store: Bikkuro



Bikkuro is the love child of the affordable clothing brand Uniqlo and electronic goods giant Bic Camera. Bikkuro/ Bicqlo is exactly what you would expect of a clothing store and electronic store mash up. It is a six story building with three basement levels. The bottom basement levels are Bic Camera staples; B3 is computer goods, B2 is smartphones and accessories, and B1 is clocks, beauty supplies, and medicines. 1-3 is Uniqlo, including men’s and women’s inner and outerwear, and children’s clothes. 4 is TV audio, software, and liquor; 5 is household appliances, and 6 is lighting, toys, and video games.


Bikkuro Location Information:

Website (Uniqlo Site)

Nearest Station: 7minute walk from Shinjuku Station (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open everyday, 10AM-10PM

“Why Go?”: A weird, but oddly perfect mix of Japanese electronics and fashion!

Considering this is only a small slice of the shops available in the East end, let alone all of the options in Shinjuku area, I am sure you quickly see that Shinjuku is a shopping haven for visitors and locals alike.

For more ideas of things to do while in Shinjuku, try visiting our Shinjuku photo essay. Ready to move on from Shinjuku? The elegant Ginza district is also known for its massive department stores.

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Liz Lisa

Liz Lisa

If you are ever at a loss as to where to begin your shopping adventure when in Shibuya, the famous shopping skyscraper Shibuya 109 is a great place to start. With over eight floors of shopping boutiques and cafes, you could easily spend a whole day perusing through the seemingly endless options that there are to explore in Shibuya 109. Another great thing about Shibuya 109 is that no matter what your style is, you will be able to find at least five stores to cater to your fashion needs. If your style is a little bit frilly, kinda delicate, and all around feminine, then Shibuya 109 definitely has a store that is just for you. Liz Lisa has made a name for themselves in the fashion market of girly yet sophisticated and young fashion.

A self proclaimed “retro and girlish” brand, Liz Lisa wants to make it “fun to be fashionable.” All of Liz Lisa’s products are designed to accentuate as well as compliment a woman’s figure all the while keeping the style of their clothing young and cute. Where the Liza Lisa really shines is with their selection and design of their dresses. For the summer season, the trend is going back to the old days of school uniforms with a twist. Sailor uniform inspired one piece dresses and jumpers in a variety of pastel and crisp colors are their newest offering, but their more typical styles are equally as flirty and fun! Liza Lisa is a brand that has mastered the art of gingham and strips and utilize these patterns to make eye catching yet soft designs. Also, they carry a variety of dresses that are mock separates, perfect for the lazy fashionable lady!

Besides dresses, Liz Lisa also designs separates, socks, shoes, and accessories. At Liz Lisa, you will not be want for frilly girly items to stock in your wardrobe. So if you are in the Shibuya area, head to the fifth floor of Shibuya 109 and visit Liz Lisa!

Address:50-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-29-1
GPS:35.6595885, 139.698739463
Telephone:03 – 3477 – 5155

Opening Hours

Monday:10:00 – 21:00
Tuesday:10:00 – 21:00
Wednesday:10:00 – 21:00
Thursday:10:00 – 21:00
Friday:10:00 – 21:00
Saturday:10:00 – 21:00
Sunday:10:00 – 21:00
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Anna Sui is a name in fashion that has grown super popular as well as extensive in the recent years. You will see her name on sunglasses, hand bags, cosmetics, and apparel no matter what country you are in but her biggest fan base remains in Japan even though the Anna Sui flagship store was opened in Soho in New York City. Since her expansion into the Eastern Asian countries, Anna Sui quickly gained a high level of popularity among young girls and matured women alike. While Anna Sui cosmetics, fragrances, and apparel can be found in department stores and make up boutiques all over Japan, you need to go to Omotesando if you want to visit a boutique that is dedicated solely to the Anna Sui brand.

On the infamous and extremely fashionable Cat Street in Omotesando, the Anna Sui boutique is chock full of Anna Sui cosmetics and a selection of her apparel. Because this particular Anna Sui boutique is mostly focused on cosmetics and fragrances, the selection of apparel is few and rotates frequently to keep everything fresh and up to date with the latest season. However, Anna Sui is known for her cosmetics because of the now iconic black and purple victorian inspired decor that decorate the outside of each item. The most popular product, that you may have seen more than a few women using while walking the streets of Tokyo, is her black lacquer pocket mirror so you can check your appearance and make sure you are looking fresh 24/7. Besides beauty accessories like beauty mirrors and make up brushes, Anna Sui also has a wide selection of cosmetics ranging from eyeshadows to lip sticks. Every so often, Anna Sui will put out a limited edition set of eye shadows or eye liners that are only available for a few months so be sure to get them quickly!

Get some of Anna Sui’s cult classic style with her cosmetics at the Omotesando boutique location.

Address:6-1-4 Jingumae, Shibuya
GPS:35.6673573, 139.70641690000002
Telephone:81 – 3 – 3486 – 1177

Opening Hours

Monday:12:00 – 20:00
Tuesday:12:00 – 20:00
Wednesday:12:00 – 20:00
Thursday:12:00 – 20:00
Friday:12:00 – 20:00
Saturday:12:00 – 20:00
Sunday:12:00 – 20:00
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Bringing fashion to a new level of cute has been perfected in the Shibuya and Harajuku area. Not only can you find a bountiful variety of Lolita and super-cute stores like Metamorphose temps de fille and Listen Flavor in this area of Tokyo, those stores are just one of many places that you can purchase a whole new wardrobe of super cute and innovative fashions. With so many options to deck yourself out in neon and adorable T-shirts, where should one start? One name in this super cute decora style is right in the Shibuya area. Galaxxxy has become a widely known name in cute fashion and has also contributed to the online fashion community which has only helped to elevate Japanese fashion further.


If you are in the Shibuya area, then Galaxxxy is a place that you should put on your list. When you walk through Galaxxxy’s doors, you will be greeted with a barrage of color and prints. This store is one the cusp of youth fashion. With all of their activity on Facebook and Twitter, Galaxxxy’s fan base has not only gone global but also across all forms of media. Galaxxy has been featured in magazines and throughout the social media universe.

You can pick up some super cool T-shirts at Galaxxxy. If you are into pastels and screen printing, then you will be in heaven. But on the flip side, Galaxxxy is well versed in true hipster fashions. Whether is be Edo-period kanji sweatshirts, tribal pencil skirts, or modern printed denim, Galaxxxy has you covered. Like so many other fashion labels, Galaxxxy also has several lines that are collaborations with other famous brands or characters. Recently they have collaborated with Tetsuya Goto, My Little Pony, and Jenny Kaori as well as several AKB48 idols. Each season there is a new round of collaborations which keeps their styles constantly fresh.

Whether you are looking for a new party dress or some flashy casual wear, be sure to check out Galaxxxy for the latest trends.

Galaxxxy Shibuya

Website ||| Facebook ||| Twitter (via Google Translate) ||| Instagram ||| YouTube ||| LINE ||| iTunes ||| Android ||| Online Store (via Google Translate)

Nearest Station: 9-minute walk from Shibuya Station (click on the Google Map for walking directions)


Hours of Operation: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

“Why Go?”: Super-cute fashions, and just try to keep up with their social media!

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If you have friends in Japan, you might hear some people say that there are two kinds of styles for women. Either “gyaru or hime.” Girl or princess. Girl style is what you will mostly see in Shibuya: impossibly high heels, tight jeans, hair two miles high, and crop tops galore. Harajuku is where you will see the “princesses” with their pink, pearls, and tiny pets in their purses. It is easy to find stores to satisfy these particular genres, they are littered all over Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku. However, what if you are a girl who falls somewhere outside or in between these fashion trends? What are you to do if you do not like to sway one way or the other? If this sounds like you then move beyond Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori and go straight into Omotesando. In the midst of this shopping district, you will find the Cat Street brand of X-Girl. X-Girl is a clothing label that caters to the ladies who are in between, like to dress down without looking frumpy, and have a little quirky sense of adventure.

X-Girl’s sense of style could be categorized as comfortable with flair. This can be said because their signature pieces include their screen printed T-shirts and denim. T-shirt dresses, embellished T-shirts, T-shirts with pockets, T-shirts that have been deconstructed. If you can think of a style that you can create with one piece of cotton, then you can probably find it on X-Girl’s shelves. Not to say that they are without style. Whether it has a quirky saying on it or is just plain monotone colors, their styles are easily integrated into the most fashionable of wardrobes. As previously mentioned, X-Girl has a great selection of denim in styles ranging from cut off shorts to boyfriend to skinny. The perfect classic combination of jeans and a T-shirt is perfected at X-Girl.

They have accessories that are equally hard to resist. You can pick up wallets with interesting hardware or handbags that could essentially fit your whole cosmetic and key collection (and a bento box and bottle of green tea) inside. Keychains, key rings, hair elastics, hand towels, and lighters can be found with the X-Girl logo emblazoned across their accessories which come in a variety of eye popping, hard to miss colors. X-Girl also has seasonable options in their accessories department such as floral prints, glittery snakeskin, or graffiti style bubble letters. Whatever your style when it comes to accessories and wallets, you can definitely find something to pick up at X-Girl.

If you are neither “gyaru” or “princess” and are looking to chill out in some stylish T-shirts and jeans, then head on out to Omotesando and give X-Girl a try!

Address:4-25-28 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001
GPS:35.6658272, 139.70918759999995
Telephone:03 – 5772 – 2020

Opening Hours

Monday:11:00 – 20:00
Tuesday:11:00 – 20:00
Wednesday:11:00 – 20:00
Thursday:11:00 – 20:00
Friday:11:00 – 20:00
Saturday:11:00 – 20:00
Sunday:11:00 – 20:00
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Midwest Tokyo Women

Midwest Tokyo Women

Unisex fashion labels are not a rarity when it comes to Japanese clothing stores. It is not only department stores that are in line with this trend. Any designer from Tsumori Chisato to Uniqlo, big names in Japanese fashion, have produced several seasons of men’s, women’s, and unisex clothing lines to contribute to the ever growing Japanese fashion market. In the Tokyo fashion trifecta of Shibuya, Harajuku, and Omotesando there is a limitless variety of men’s and women’s fashion labels to peruse and find your own special piece to call your own. One unisex fashion headquarters is often overlooked because it is past the cloister of the trifecta but if you are interested in finding something new and simple but classy, head across Harajuku’s Yamanote Line station and head to Midwest Tokyo. At this label’s multileveled headquarters, there is no doubt that both men and women alike will find something to accentuate their wardrobe.

Midwest Tokyo’s clothing and sense of style is known for their European fashion influence while at the same time bring a little progressive sensibility to existing cuts and shapes. They strive to stock as many different labels with that same fashion mindset in their stores and particularly at this Harajuku location where men’s and women’s fashions are in the same building. Seeing the similarities and differences is just one aspect of fashion that is important to Midwest Tokyo, who wants to follow an “edge and mix” kind of style.

Where Midwest Tokyo’s clothing seems understated and simple, upon closer examination you will see that little details and expert construction makes up for the flashiness it may lack. Instead of gold and sparkles, this store collects brands whose clothing is vibrant in the boldness of simple color, metals, and fabrics. For the guys, you can purchase several different styles of shirts that range from a simple white tee to an all out paisley number. If you decide to go monotone, you can accessorize the look with a wide selection of bold yet streamlined necklaces and pendants. Midwest Tokyo has also managed to bring back the leather pant in a way that will make you feel less Kanye West and more chic. Beyond apparel, Midwest Tokyo also has a varied selection of footwear for the guys.  You can of course find the classic black leather loafer but if you want to go for something a little more out there, why not pick up a pair of black and white saddle shoes or maybe some white velcro high tops to make Elementary School style cool again?

The ladies are not forgotten either at Midwest Tokyo. While you wont be finding anything super frilly or pink at this store, you can get just the right balance of feminine and cool at Midwest Tokyo. Tulle is mixed with tweet to make an edgy skirt or a blazer will have silk piping to bring out subtle touches. Either way, you will leave feeling fashionable.

If you want to go to a store that specializes in fashion that flows between the genders without forgoing gendered fashion as well, head over to Midwest Tokyo for some great finds! Theres even a cafe on the third floor if you are interested!

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