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Ivy Place, Daikanyama

Ivy Place is situated in Daikanyama, in the same upmarket complex as Tsutaya books. From the outside, with the surprisingly large and spacious terrace areas you would almost believe you weren’t in Tokyo.

Ivy Place is open all day, from breakfast until late. There were several foreigners dining and drinking there when I went, mainly families and middle-aged clientele. It has a really cosmopolitan atmosphere and a refreshing amount of space.

The drinks menu isn’t extensive; it contains some interesting and unusual beers, many wines but not many spirit or cocktail options. From talking to our waiter though, it sounds like they have many more liquors available behind the bar so you can basically ask for whatever you want. This would probably be quite pricey though, because they would charge you per shot, rather than as a standard cocktail. The choice of drinks here seems to be about quality rather than quantity. I had a couple of types of beer that I’d never tried before that had an usually fruity but delicious taste. My friend had a couple of glasses of wine which she said were really good. Surprisingly, for being in the middle of Daikanyama, the food is very reasonably priced. With pizza and pasta dishes only costing about 1500 yen each. They serve general Italian/Western style fare and everything I tried was delicious, especially the fresh soup of the day!

The waiter’s English wasn’t great, but this didn’t matter so much because the menu is completely bilingual.

One great thing about Ivy Place is that as long as you sit outside, you can bring your dog! I went in winter and they had patio heating as well as warm blankets, so it was lovely to be able to enjoy a meal and some drinks outside in the evening with my friend and her dog.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sophisticated place to enjoy a quiet drink with a friend, your partner or your dog, this is the perfect place!

International Ratio: More Local
Male / Female Ratio: About equal
Average Price: 1000 JPY
Comments: Restaurant
Style: smart-casual
Happy Hour: No
Suitable For couples, great drinks, sophisticated night-out, delicious food

Address:16-15 Sarugaku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan



Web: http://www.tyharborbrewing.co.jp/en/ivy

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tokyo food delivery

Living in Tokyo and feel like a lazy night in with some good food delivered straight to your door? Even if you don’t speak Japanese there are still several options available to you, covering everything from sushi to pizza to curry.

Tokyo Food Delivery : English Options

1. Maishoku: Maishoku is the easiest food delivery service for English-speaking foreigners in Tokyo. It’s perfect for the newly-arrived expat or long-term resident and lets you eat great Tokyo food in the comfort of your own room. Delivery options include hundreds of restaurants in Tokyo, and Maishoku allows you to receive your order ASAP or in the future, like when you’re coming home from a long day out.

2. Rakuten (Google Translated, but it works): Rakuten’s website offers food delivery via neighborhood links. That way, no matter where you live, you can browse their options before deciding on what you want to eat. Categories offered include sushi, pizza, bento, fried chicken and a plethora of others, delivered to your doorstep.

3. Premium Delivery: Premium Delivery is another online service that allows you to order food in English. Currently, their delivery area is limited to Minato ward in Tokyo.

4. Domino’s Pizza: Domino’s has an English website that lets you to order pizza and sides wherever you live in Japan (as long as you live near a Domino’s store, of course). They often have coupons available too, so check to see if you’re eligible for a discount on your order. And if you go and pick up your order, you’ll get a second pizza of equal or lesser value for free!

5. Kiwi Kitchen: If you’re looking for something a bit more homely, then Kiwi Kitchen can satisfy your desires. Kiwi Kitchen offers catering and delivery of various foods like lasagna and curry rice to either your workplace or home. The website is in both English and Japanese and Kiwi Kitchen will delivery in and around the Minato-ku area.

6. UberEats: “Get the food you want, from the Tokyo restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed.” A great motto for a great new service! UberEats is working with over a hundred of the best spots in Tokyo to bring their great dishes to your front door. UberEats is currently limited in the number of locations they serve in Tokyo, but they’re expanding rapidly. Order through the Uber app (iTunes store or Google Play) or online (English instructions on their website).

Japanese Options

As indicated, these sites are only in Japanese and don’t necessarily cater to English speakers, so you may want to get help from a Japanese friend to place an order. However, I have not found any them to be especially difficult to use, even with less-than-perfect Japanese. Give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

1. Demae-can: Demae-can is the biggest and best food delivery in Japan and has a huge variety of food to choose from. There is no English site though, but if you have basic Japanese knowledge it is fairly easy to navigate their site and make an order.

2. fineDine: fineDine offers food delivery from some of the best restaurants in central Tokyo. Most of the restaurants are a little pricey, but top quality is guaranteed. Again, they don’t have an English website but their site is pretty easy to navigate with basic Japanese knowledge.

3. CoCo Curry House: If you’re craving curry, then the popular CoCo Curry house is the place for you. They offer delivery and since they have so many locations in Tokyo, there’s a good chance they can bring some hot curry to your doorstep. Their website also offers a multilingual menu, which you can use to help place your order.

4. Faith: Hamburgers are pretty popular in Tokyo, so it would only make sense for a delivery hamburger joint to pop up and offer delivery to multiple wards. Faith hamburger is a “gourmet” burger restaurant located in Shinjuku that offers at least 12 different kinds of burgers and party plates that will fulfill your craving for a good burger.

5. Bento.jp: Bento.jp is actually a smartphone application, available in the iTunes store and on Google Play. With just the touch of a button, you can have a bento lunches delivered in 20 minutes for 800 yen each. Currently, bento.jp only delivers in Shibuya, Minato, and Chiyoda.

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