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Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Q-pot CAFE

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Q-pot CAFE. makes dessert. And oh my, what desserts they are! Cute sundaes, ring plates, necklace plates, and all sorts of other tasty accessories are available in their sweet, tart, and creamy forms. And the SE”Q”RET Room? Well, you’re just going to have to go there and find out!

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

But that’s not all! When you’re finished with your dessert, you can purchase accessories that look just like the sweets you just had. Q-pot.’s goal is to create “positive accessories” that make people smile when they see them. And from what I saw, they did just that! Choose from an array of candied-up accessories (ones-you-ate and ones-you-didn’t) such as necklaces, earrings, rings, charms, key-chains, umbrellas, nail stickers, pouches, phone cases, pins, hair ties and clips, and even randoseru (Japanese children’s school backpacks).

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

The accessories are wonderfully detailed. Q-pot. tries to make accessories look as lifelike as possible, so don’t be surprised if people really wonder if you’re wearing an ice cream sandwich around your neck! Once you buy an accessory, chances are they sell the food it’s based on at their location right across the street. So if you’re looking for cute Japanese accessories to go with your mid-day treat, check out the treasures at Q-pot.!

Q-pot CAFE. Location Information

Website | Facebook (English) | Twitter (English) | Instagram (English) | Online Store (from the USA warehouse)

Nearest Station: 3-minute walk from Omotesando Station (Tokyo Metro), 7-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line) (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: open daily 11:30am – 7:30pm (Last Order 7:00pm)

Estimated Price: Dessert prices range from ¥750 to ¥2400. Accessory prices range from ¥3,600- 28,000.

“Why Go?”: For the super-kawaii!!! accessories, and the delicious treats!

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Little Cloud Coffee visvim Omotesando Tokyo Japan 1

Little Cloud Coffee

Little Cloud Coffee visvim Omotesando Tokyo Japan 1

In need of a great-tasting, organic cup of coffee while enhancing your wardrobe in Omotesando? Stop by Little Cloud Coffee! Located on the second floor of the upscale Gyre Department store, Little Cloud Coffee is the offspring of the Japanese luxury fashion brand visvim, and is located directly inside the visvim clothing store (this will link to the separate visvim clothing store article). Don’t worry about language barriers—many of Little Cloud Coffee’s visitors are tourists and out-of-town shoppers, so their offerings are available in both English and Japanese.

Little Cloud Coffee visvim Omotesando Tokyo Japan 2

Little Cloud Coffee visvim Omotesando Tokyo Japan 3

Little Cloud Coffee uses a proprietary blend of 3 different medium-roast beans from El Salvador and Guatemala to create a full-bodied visvim coffee. They use a Kutani ware –style of Japanese porcelain, dripper filtration system, in which hot water is poured through hot coffee grounds to get optimum coffee flavor while avoiding an unpleasant bitter taste. The coffee we had was an excellent, richly-flavored brew that did not even need cream or sugar. Smooth!

Little Cloud Coffee visvim Omotesando Tokyo Japan 4

Little Cloud Coffee also offers regular and soy Lattes (both hot and iced), Espressos and Cappuccinos. The shop’s non-coffee related offerings include a fresh lemonade (with lemons picked from Osaki Shimojima) and a tasty ginger apple juice. And of course, Little Cloud Coffee has pastry and sweets to enjoy with your beverage, such as ginger cake, oatmeal and banana cookies, and even delicious brownies!

Little Cloud Coffee visvim Omotesando Tokyo Japan 5

At the side of the counter (before you enter the visvim clothing section), there is a door that leads you to an outdoor patio space where you can sip and relax with a great view of the hustle-and-bustle of beautiful Omotesando. Even better? You can browse the famous visvim clothing store while enjoying your coffee!

visvim created Little Cloud Coffee to extend their desire for high-quality manufacturing and production into a coffee and beverage space. If you want a great place to enjoy an expertly-crafted beverage while shopping for the best of Japanese fashion, Little Cloud Coffee and visvim are an unbeatable combination!

Little Cloud Coffee Location Information

Website | Facebook (Visvim)

Nearest Station: 8-minute walk from Harajuku JR Station (Yamanote Line) (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open daily 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Estimated Price: 600-800 yen, depending on your sweet tooth. Those were some good brownies!

“Why Go?”: Great-tasting coffee, a view of Omotesando, and next to legendary Japanese fashion brand, visvim? What’s not to like?

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Owl Village Café and Bar Harajuku

Owl Village Café Harajuku Tokyo Japan

I took a trip to Harajuku to visit Owl Village, not even a block away from Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street. I had heard about Tokyo’s animal cafés and have plans to go to every single one, so I figured an owl café would be a great start. I was so right.

Take the elevator up to the fourth floor and enter the little café. Here, you will be asked if you have a reservation. Oops!  I didn’t have one, so I had to wait an extra hour. To avoid the wait, make a reservation on their website (reservations can be made up to one month in advance).

Owl Village Café Harajuku offers several packages. There is a walk-up package (the one I took) is for 30 minutes with the owls for 1000 yen. The standard course is a 60-minute package (reservations recommended) that provides for a drink in the café (with a view of the owls), 35 minutes of owl-time, and a souvenir for 1500 yen. The current special package offers a dessert with your drink, 35 minutes with the owls, and two souvenirs for 2000 yen.

If you didn’t think owls were cute before, I’m positive this experience will change your mind. They have seven owls, all super friendly and adorable. You are allowed to pat the heads of the owls and hold them using special gloves. The handler will take pictures of you with the owls, so be sure to bring your camera! Of course, there are rules such as no quick movements, no loud noises, and no camera flashes as to not frighten the birds. Please be kind to our feathered friends!

For anyone concerned with the well being of the animals, I’m not an owl expert, but they seem well cared for. They are kept on tiny leashes, because they could not survive on their own if they flew out of the café. One owl was in a bad mood on the day of my visit, so visitors were asked to let him be.

I would give the whole experience a 10/10, and am already excited to bring my friends back. So if you’re in Harajuku and are looking for a unique experience with these beautiful birds (and want to make your friends back home super jealous), stop by Owl Village Café Harajuku!

Owl Village Café Harajuku Location Information

Website (Google Translated) | Facebook (Japanese only) | Twitter (Japanese only) | Instagram

Nearest Station: 1-minute walk from JR Harajuku station (Yamanote Line) (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: 11:00am- 7:00pm (19:00)

“Why Go?”: Owls! Owls! Owls!

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Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

The Robot Restaurant Shinjuku is insane. There is nothing quite like it in Tokyo, nor anywhere else. I don’t even know if we can refer to it as merely a restaurant–the Robot Restaurant is an energetic, robo-centric show located in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku. And you certainly can’t miss it, seeing that it is a huge building with large flashy lights and robot techno music blaring from the speakers.

The Pre-Show Experience

The Robot Restaurant is touristy–they know it, and they love to flaunt it. From what we saw, more than 90% of the guests were foreign visitors, mostly North Americans. All the signs are shown prominently in English, and there are a number of foreign staff that speak native-level English.

A single ticket is a hefty ¥8000, though you can get ¥500 off when buying tickets in advance from their site, or 15% off through Voyagin. A bento to eat during the performance costs another ¥1000, which must be reserved before the performance, and beers and soft drinks are another ¥500-¥600 each. There are three shows per day during the week and a fourth on Saturday (showtimes), and each show runs for 90 minutes. However, you must be in the building at least 30 minutes prior to the performance, meaning that you should set aside a minimum two hours for the experience.

As soon as you enter, you are struck by the outrageously tacky décor, designed with a wink-and-nudge of giggly self-awareness. All guests are funneled to the third floor waiting room, and from there are directed to the bar and the seats by the English-speaking staff. There was a robot-costumed saxophone and guitar player playing jazz while we waited for the start of the performance, perfectly setting the mood for the wacky night ahead. Food and drinks could be ordered from the waiting room, and the prices are what you’d expect for such a tourist-heavy establishment (Eg. ¥600 for beer and ¥1400 for an American-styled “Mega Burger”).

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

The Show

When it’s time for the performance to start, the staff leads the guests down a staircase of lizard sculptures and tactile paintings to the performance area. The seating is cramped, a tight spot to sit for a 90-minute performance. If you pre-ordered a bento during reservation, then you’ll collect them here, or you can purchase popcorn and drinks from the staff circulating through the room. There are three bento options available–grilled boneless short ribs, ginger-simmered beef in sweetened soy sauce, and sushi. All three bento are on the small side, but you aren’t actually here for dinner, are you?

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

The show itself is excellent. The action is loud and flashy, with a surprisingly large and varied cast of robots appearing throughout the performance. The first segment is an eclectic taiko performance, fusing a traditional Japanese drum with—well, robots, obviously! The part we liked the most was the “Robot Wars” segment, which tells us the laughably wacky story of a war between animals and the “Robot Empire.” The action-packed story between the animals and the robots was funny and familiar, almost as if the action figures from my childhood came to life off of my bedroom floor and played out their battles in grand fightin’ robot fashion. The scale of the performances is quite extraordinary, and the performers are well-rehearsed and had lots of energy.

There is a 15-minute intermission every 30 minutes so the set pieces can be changed for the next performance. During intermissions the staff circulates through the audience, selling souvenirs and refreshments. There’s plenty of time to get another drink or make that bathroom trip without missing the action, not to mention the opportunity to get one of those sweet Robot Restaurant T-shirts!

The Robot Restaurant might be a touristy thing to do, but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. It might be pricey, but you are guaranteed a fun night full of battlin’ robots!

Robot Restaurant Location Information

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Reservations Online | Get 15% off with a reservation through Voyagin!

Reservations by Phone in English: 03-3200-5500

Nearest Station: 8-minute walk from Shinjuku Station (click on the map for walking directions)

Showtimes: 4:00PM (Sat only), 5:55PM, 7:50PM, 9:45 PM. Shows are 90 minutes in duration; guests must arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Estimated Price: ¥8000-¥10000 for tickets, drinks, and bento; more for souvenirs

“Why Go?”: Watch the crazy fun robot performance!

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Did you come to Tokyo looking for ninja? Of course you did! Why else would you come?!?!

Ninja Restaurant

The best-known enclave of most-honorable shadow warriors is located at the Ninja Restaurant in Akasaka. But finding them is not an easy task! First, one must make contact with shadowy figures in order to make a reservation. Reservations may be made up to two months ahead of time via the Ninja Restaurant website reservation form (Google translated, but usable). For reservations of less than two days’ notice, one must use the telephone device.

What? One does not speak Japanese? It does not matter! The ninja are skilled in the speaking of English, both in person and on the telephone device! Call the number 03-5157-3936 and humbly request dining space for your unworthy self! If space is available, they shall accommodate! Honor demands it!

Ninja RestaurantAnd now, one must journey to the restaurant itself. The door is hidden to the common passerby. But it shall be revealed to you! But when you discover it, the journey is not over! To learn the secrets of ninja dining, one must cross the bridges, pass over the river of ninja smoke, and brave the corridors until one reaches the ninja village. Failure is not acceptable!

Ninja Restaurant

Upon arrival, you will be seated in one of several secluded dining areas, where a server shinobi will see to your dining needs. The Ninja Restaurant offers 10 main courses, which you will have selected while making your reservation. For those who refrain from meat, the Ninja Chefs have thoughtfully accommodated with a vegetarian main course option. Do you have other dietary restrictions? The ninja have thought of this! One cannot surprise a ninja! The Ninja Chefs also offer a main course option which excludes the serving of pork and alcohol.

Some restrictions must apply to dining in such a dangerous environment. As befitting a stealthy warrior, the environment inside of the restaurant is as dark as a moonless night. Reservations including children (up to 14) may only be scheduled at 5 PM on weekdays, and one must accompany one’s children whenever they depart from the dining area. The Ninja Restaurant must be kept safe for guests!

Also, please note that normal persons are not usually not able to photograph a ninja due to their speed and stealth. But one may ask any ninja encountered to refrain from escaping in a cloud of smoke long enough for the photograph to be taken. The ninja is most hospitable and accommodating!

Ninja Restaurant

The Ninja Restaurant serves good food and provides quality entertainment (complete with vanishing ninjas). Ninja will not accept less than the best! But you may find that your money has vanished as well, as plates can be upwards of 20,000 yen. But it is of no matter! If sleight-of-hand illusions, hidden passageways, and a taste for theatrics—and good food—piques one’s interests, one must accept the hospitality of the Ninja Restaurant! There is no other choice!

Ninja Restaurant Akasaka Location Information

Website (via Google Translate) | Facebook | YouTube | Reservations Online

Reservations by Phone: 03-5157-3936

Nearest Station: 2-minute walk from Akasakamitsuke Tokyo Metro Subway Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line) (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 5 p.m. – 12 a.m.; Sundays and Holidays 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

“Why Go?”: You will go! You will accept the hospitality of ninja and good food! It is too late to refuse! They know who you are!

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Marion Crepes

Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori would not be the same without a full bevy of stores and cafes that accentuate the street fashion this street has become famous for. In between the lolita shops like Milk, Body Line, and Metamorphose as well as edgier shops such as Monki and Panama Boy, you will be able to find the adorable little cafes where the fashionable youth gather. Here you can indulge in the sweet desserts and delicacies that Takeshita-dori is known for almost as much for as their fashion.

Marion Crepes

The most famous crepe shop in Harajuku is Marion Crepes. Marion Crepes started their crepe revolution in 1976 as one of the only food carts in Harajuku. When they moved to their current location a few years later, they quickly became just as much a part of the Harajuku culture as the lolita girls standing behind the counter making the orders.

Just like their history, Marion Crepe’s menu is unbelievably long. Whether you crave sweet or savory, you will walk away with something unique and delicious. You could get a simple strawberry jam and whipped cream crepe that will be wrapped in a tight little triangle. Or if you want to go all out, you can order a crepe with a full slice of cheesecake wrapped up with a scoop of ice cream and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. But what makes Marion Crepes unique is their variety of savory crepes. You can grab yourself a pizza crepe with marinara sauce, a cream cheese crepe,or even get the crepe equivalent of a sandwich complete with lettuce, tomato, and a variety of fillings to fatten it up.
If you ever crave something sweet whilst in Tokyo, check out Marion Crepes! You won’t be disappointed!

Marion Crepes Information

Nearest Station: 4-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 10:30AM-8:00PM
Estimated Price: Under ¥2000
“Why Go?”: If you want to chow down on deliciously varied crepes during your shopping journey through Harajuku.
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Cure Maid Cafe

When people think of Akihabara, the first things that come to mind are typically anime and maid cafes. Akiba maid cafes are central to the super “moe moe” reputation of this part of Tokyo, and draws large number of tourists and Japanese alike. However, don’t assume all maid cafes are the same. Akiba maid cafes offer a variety of different experiences to their customers. Some, for instance, are focused on creating a surreal world of masters and servants, accompanied by extravagant light shows and overpriced photos with the maids. You’d be surprised to know however that it is possible to have a maid cafe experience that is a little less fetishized but is still uniquely Akihabaran.  If being pampered with the use of hyper-polite Japanese is enough for you, then go to Cure Maid Cafe, one of the first maid cafes established in Akihabara.

Cure Maid Cafe

Although Cure Maid Cafe is hidden away on the 6th floor of a building otherwise filled with character goods, it is only a short walk off of the main Chuo-dori close to Suehirocho Station. Upon entering the cafe, there is a noticeable difference from the maids in other establishments. Instead of being assaulted with overwhelming attention and cuteness as you might find in other cafes, these girls are much more demure and pleasantly quiet. They wear a Victorian style maid uniform, which consists of a floor length dress with long sleeves and a high necked collar, complete with an apron. This lends a more sophisticated atmosphere to the cafe as a whole. If you are looking to be called “master,” you will not find that here. There is no cover charge for a table like in other maid cafes, but you are still prohibited from taking photos of the maids or the cafe itself.

The food in this cafe is Japanese with a European flair. The menu often changes with the seasons along with weekly specials, but usual dishes like pork cutlets with spaghetti or rice and a variety of other light but hearty meals are always available. Their selection of desserts is varied and includes items like an Earl Grey chiffon cake and strawberry waffles. For drinks, you can refresh yourself with anything from iced tea to a glass of wine.

Although you are not able to purchase a photo with the maids, you are able to buy several different souvenirs to commemorate your time at this one-of-a-kind maid cafe. Take home a Cure Maid Cafe tea cup and saucer or maybe a tiny porcelain doll that is dressed to look like the actual maids in the cafe.

If you want to go to a Japanese maid cafe during your time in Akihabara but are hesitant about places that seem a bit “sleazy,” you will get the perfect balance of attention from girls dressed as French maids and decent dining at one of the original maid cafes, Cure Maid Cafe.

For more ideas on things to do in Akihabara, visit our articles Akihabara 101: Sorting through the Madness and 36 Hours in Tow: Kids Edition. If you’d like to check out some more weird restaurants in Tokyo, try reading Top 10 Themed Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo.

Not sure about the Cure Maid Cafe? You could try Maid Cafe Maidreamin, also in Akihabara. Let Voyagin help you book your appointment!

Cure Maid Cafe Information

Nearest Station: 2-minute walk from Suehirocho Station (Ginza line)

Hours of Operation: Mon-Thur 11:00AM-8:00PM
Fri-Sat 11:00AM-10:00PM
Sun 11:00AM-7:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want to get a maid cafe experience in Akihabara that is a bit more toned down than what you expect in the area.
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Trying all the wonderful and delicious food that Japan has to offer is integral to any good trip. The seasonal specials offered at convenience stores as well as the opulent cuisine that you can find all over Tokyo is a thrill. As any good traveler knows, street food is one way to be able to truly experience what a culture is all about and Tokyo is not for want of good street food. While the entirety of Osaka has been labelled as the place to find the most delicious takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (a savory cabbage pancake), Tokyo street food is known for its variety. Each subset of Tokyo has its own specialty and going on a culinary journey is what makes traveling around this great city such a treat. If you get the opportunity to go to Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori, sweets and cute food are the name of the game. You won’t be able to walk two blocks without seeing a stand selling over-the-top crepes or ice cream treats. Harajuku is also where you can find some old world Japanese street food that has been elevated to art form status. Walk to the end of Takeshita-dori and cross the perpendicular street, Meiji-dori, to find some truly delicious taiyaki at Tokyo Hozuki and get a taste of classic Japanese street food.

Taiyaki is is baked cake in the shape of a fish with a variety of fillings, but typically filled with anko (sweet red bean paste). At most taiyaki stands, you tend to get more bread than filling which only leaves you wanting more. At Tokyo Hozuki, it is a whole other story. First of all, Tokyo Hozuki has a truly unique shape to their taiyaki. Instead of trimming the edges, they serve you the whole taiyaki with the crispy edges and all which gives it a satisfying little crunch. Secondly, when preparing the taiyaki, the batter is spread impossibly thin so as to get as much filling inside as possible. The combination of filling and crispy outside is incomparable to any other taiyaki you may have had in the past. The choice of fillings at Tokyo Hozuki also sets them apart from other taiyaki shops. They of course have the classic taiyaki fillings such as anko, custard cream, and chocolate but seasonally they will have other flavors such as sweet potato or cheese.
If you have got a hankering for something sweet and wholly Japanese when you are out and about in Tokyo, how about going for some taiyaki at Tokyo Hozuki in Harajuku?

Tokyo Hozuki Store Information

Website | Facebook
Nearest Station: 8-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 11:00AM-8:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want something sweet and unique to Japan during your shopping journey through Harajuku.
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Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

Part of the thrill of visiting Tokyo is experiencing all of the delightfully strange things that make the city unique. And the biggest thrill is to check out some of the awesome theme restaurants in Tokyo. Here are the top picks from Enablejapan.com for theme restaurants and cafes in Tokyo.

Tokyo Theme Restaurants : Cat Cafes

Although not strictly in the “theme restaurants” genre, cat-lovers from around the world always ask us about cat cafes. There are several cat cafes in Tokyo where you pay to enjoy the company of cats. Most have an entrance fee or require you to buy food and drinks, but this doesn’t bother you, right? After all, you’re there to meet the kitties! There are lots of cats around who want to play or be stroked. For more information, visit our top 15 recommendations for Tokyo cat cafes or watch Part II of our Tokyo Animal Cafe video series featuring Cafe Neko JaLaLa.

Cure Maid Café

Cure Maid Cafe Theme Restaurants

Maid cafes are a uniquely-Japanese thing, and can be off-putting for visitors with conventional tastes. Given their propensity for the cutsey-poo dress-up and antics (particularly in Akihabara), you might walk away feeling kind of like you have just accidentally committed some sort of perverted act. However, Cure Maid Cafe is more Victorian and less cutesy, allowing you to enjoy the experience without having a crisis of conscience. Check out our review of the Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara here!

Fukuro no Mise Tsukishima

Fukuro no Mise Theme Restaurants

Owls! Really, owl cafes are like cat cafes in that both animals seem to regard humans with thinly-disguised contempt. But you can visit this Tsukishima cafe and meet big owls, small owls, and many owls in between! Check out our review of Fukuro no Mise here!

If Fukuro no Mise is too far out of your away, you could always go to the Lovely Owl Cafe in Harajuku. Even better, you can make a reservation through Voyagin!

Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

You don’t know Tokyo Weird until you know the Kawaii Monster Cafe. From the Monster Girl floor shows to the bizarre decor, it’s every stereotype of Japan kawaii culture all in one location. Go there, and have your camera ready for your future Facebook shots! Check out our review of the Kawaii Monster Cafe here!

You absolutely MUST go to the Kawaii Monster Cafe during your trip to Tokyo. Let Voyagin help you with your reservation!

The Lock-Up Shibuya

The_Lock_Up_Shibuya_Tokyo Theme Restaurants

This chain of izakaya horror-prison theme restaurants that has a presence in most of Tokyo’s busy areas. The Lock-Up experience starts immediately when one of the waitresses handcuffs you and leads you to your table. Once seated, you can choose from their menu of unusual food and unorthodox drinks. A cocktail served in a smoking science beaker, anyone? Sporadically throughout the evening, alarms will sound and the lighting will go dark as escaped criminals come to scare you at your table. Check out our review of the Lock-Up here!

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

Ninja_Asakusa_Tokyo_07 Theme Restaurants

A little more expensive than the café options, but this theme restaurant is all about ninjas! At Ninja Restaurant, you can watch as they’ll break out into tricks and performances suddenly throughout your meal, set within an atmospherically designed dining room. The menu varies from Japanese to European, and the quality of the food is generally excellent. Check out our review of Ninja Akasaka Restaurant here!

Q-pot CAFE.

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Life is sweet at the Q-pot CAFE. in Harajuku! Come by for the cakes and tarts, and then visit their store across the street for fashion accessories based on the sweets you just had! See our review of the Q-pot CAFE. here!

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Theme Restaurants

The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku is a fairly recent addition to Tokyo’s lineup of theme restaurants. Here, you can enjoy a dinner show where the main feature is giant robots being controlled by pretty girls.  It’s an extremely flashy show, with lots of lights, noise and excitement that’s a fun one-off experience. See our review of the Robot Restaurant here!

If you plan on adding the Robot Restaurant to your “must-do” list, you can get a discount on Instant E-Tickets from Voyagin!

Tori no Iru Asakusa

Making New Friends at Tori no Iru Bird Cafe Asakusa Tokyo Japan

Once you’re done at the Sensoji Shrine, this little cafe is a must-see. They have several owls and a walk-in bird room where you can interact with dozens of parakeets and other birds. Re-enact Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” by buying a small box of birdseed! See our review of Tori no Iru Asakusa here!

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Shake Shack Storefront
Sizzling-hot American burger chain, Shake Shack, opened its doors this April in the Ebisu district of Tokyo, the second branch branch in the city. Located right at the foot of the Ebisu train station’s west exit, Shake Shack brings its traditional New York City burgers and shakes to Tokyo. The shop is hard to miss, with the giant Shake Shack sign outside, as well as the crowd of people lining up to try some of America’s most renowned burgers.

So, what should you expect to find at Shake Shack’s newest Tokyo location? You can enjoy your favorite Shake Shack classics, such as their all-natural Shack Burgers, fresh crinkle-cut fries as well as a variety of shakes, including the Tokyo exclusive, Black Sesame Shake! The location also sells freshly-spun custard, which they refer to as “concretes”, like their Japanese-inspired mouth-watering Ebisu exclusive, “E-bean-su”, which consists of vanilla custard, red bean caramel sauce, marshmallow sauce, salted shortbread cookies and finished off with soy bean powder. Yum! Local wine and beer is also available for sale, as well as some fun Japanese-inspired Shake Shack merchandise, like wash cloths, pens, phone-cases, and even shirts in the iconic black and bright-green Shake Shack colors.

Shake Shack Burger Smiley

So how was it? The staff at EnAbleJapan decided to see for ourselves and we were not disappointed. The burgers were exactly like the ones you would find back in the states. The patties were juicy, and the ingredients fresh. The iconic crinkle-cut fries were nice and salty whilst the strawberry cheesecake milkshake we sampled was creamy with the right amount of sweetness and thickness. So if you are ever in Tokyo and missing the taste of a true American burger, or just want to see what all the Shake Shack craze is about, be sure to stop in!
Shake Shack Burger Lineup

Shake Shack Ebisu Location Information

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Nearest Station: 1 minute walk from Ebisu Station (Yamanote, Hibiya, Saikyo, and Shonan-Shinjuku lines).

Hours of Operation: 10:00 A.M.- 10:30 P.M. daily.
Estimated Price:¥700-¥1500
“Why Go?”: If you are looking for a great burger or need a change-of-pace from all of the sushi and noodles of Japan.
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