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written by Jade Willis August 22, 2016
Christian DADA Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Christian DADA Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Christian DADA, formed by Mansanori Morikawa, is an ever growing Japanese fashion icon. The rebellious spirit within his work definitely makes him a high-end Japanese fashion designer to look for when you’re in Harajuku! Christian DADA is based in a basement floor, which is a little tricky to find. The only form of signage is a small black sign that’s easy to miss (pictured), but hopefully our photo and map will help you find this shop!

Entering the store down the stairs adjacent the large window, you can peer in as you make you way into the monochromatic shop. It is an industrial looking space, unusual for a high-end brand. But once inside, the staff were very nice and willing to tell me about the seasons collection. And they are used to customers coming from all over the world, so they are ready and able to converse in English and describe their fashion line.

Predominantly men’s wear, the clothes in store are edgy, rebellious, and full of punk style. Digital print shirts with great contrast finishing, ripped black skinny jeans, a range of woolen, cashmere and plead woolen dresses and intricate paneled skirts and a whole range of embroidered and colored soft leather jackets. Christian DADA designs are deceptively simple Japanese concept designs. The finishing, detail, and subtle touches to the design of the fly zips, cuffs and collars make the pieces an eye-catching mix between Japanese style and western punk.

The quality of the fabric is great! Christian DADA clothing uses soft leathers, heavy cottons, denims, wools and cashmeres.  Depending on the season, they may also use sheer fabrics and silks. Strong graphics shirts and t-shirts on soft jersey can be worn as one eye-catching outfit or incorporated into your existing wardrobe. It’s a style that will make anybody effortlessly cool!

As befitting a high-end brand, the prices are not for your average clothes shopper. But for the quality, design and concept behind each piece and for the sheer perfection of this brand its worth a check out…even just to see some great embroidered garments.

Christian DADA Harajuku Shop Information

Website | Facebook (Japanese) | Instagram

Nearest Station: 5-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open daily 11:00 am – 8:30 pm

“Why Go?”: Edgy, fashionable and completely unique modern Japanese clothing for men and women!

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