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written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014
Club Sega game center, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Game centers are an integral part of having fun and spending a little free time in Japan – especially in Akihabara. You will be able to find several multi-leveled game centers all around Akihabara, but Club Sega is know for its crane games as well as for its variety. It is hard to miss the Club Sega game center with the unmistakable red sides and white lettering popping out. At night, Club Sega is a sight to behold when the whole building lights up with a pulsing and flashing light show. Day or night, the inside of Club Sega is an oddly exhilarating assault on the senses.

The first and most of the second floor is dedicated to a slew of crane games with almost any kind of prize imaginable. You can win items as large and expensive as a PSP or iPad to smaller, but maybe just as coveted, anime girl figurines. Do you like plush toys big and small? Then try your hand at the crane game filled with enormous Sanrio character plush toys or the more petit crane game that is filled with pocket sized super kawaii characters. If you want a snack and are up for a challenge, try to feed that need to nosh at the Pocky crane game.

The fourth level is dedicated to the wholly Japanese girl traditional photo booths called Purikura, but the rest of Club Sega is filled with button smashing, fighting games, and the latest music video games. Bring your friends along and challenge each other to a manic game of air hockey or get the beat down on them in a one on one fighting match on a Dragonball Z game. Several of these games may seem like a good way to let off a little steam after a rough day, but there are several customers of game centers that come regularly in hopes of honing their skills over the course of hours in order to get their name up on the leader boards. You will probably see one or two of these game center masters with water and tea bottles gathering around their feet, but try not to break their zen-like focus.

If you are going to be taking a trip to the electronic capital of Japan, Akihabara, it is a must that you head over to a game center.

Address:1-10-9 Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
GPS:35.6940027, 139.75381632
Telephone:03 – 5256 – 8123
Web: http://location.sega.jp

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