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Coco Curry Ichibanya

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

There is nothing like a good meal. Whether it be after a day of sight seeing, shopping, or after a long night out on the town, a good plate of food that is both fast and delicious can make everything feel better. Sure you can go to a McDonalds or another fast food joint, but when in Japan go where the Japanese go to refuel. With locations all over Japan, many of them open 24 hours, CoCo Curry Ichibanya can give you a delicious meal that is cheap and delicious.

If you have yet to try Japanese curry, then CoCo Curry Ichibanya is a good place for your first plate. Unlike the curry at your favorite Indian restaurant, Japanese curry has a delicious balance of sweetness and spiciness. With the combination of rice, Japanese curry is elevated to a level that is absolutely irresistible. At CoCo Curry Ichibanya, however, you are offered more than just your standard curry and rice because the options and side dishes are endless. For the meat lover, you can get anything from tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) to a burger with a soft boiled egg in your curry. If fish is your thing, try come calamari curry or mixed seafood curry. When in Japan, why not try some truly Japanese toppings such as natto or omurice curry. The vegetarian can also have a good meal at CoCo Curry Ichibanya with options like roasted vegetable curry as well as a variety of salad options that will keep anyone full and happy.

If you want a little something extra with your curry than just one topping, CoCo Curry Ichibanya has a menu of sides to make your curry just the way you like it. Their sides include options like okra, soft boiled egg, or sesame seeds. To finish off the meal, you can also get some excellent dessert options like a mango pudding parfait or ice cream.

When you are out and about and need a fast but delicious option to satisfy yourself, go a head and seek out a CoCo Curry Ichibanya for the perfect meal.

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