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Coins Bar Shibuya

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

Coins Bar is totally a dive bar in the sense that it’s a bit untidy, of course painting your heavily trafficked bar white would give it that feel. It’s located in Shibuya across the street from one of the Tokyu Hands entrances. It’s another Tokyo basement bar but with a small sign by the top of the stairs to alert potential customers to its location.

Pay the small cover charge if there is one, maybe 200 or 300 JPY and then head on in past the only bathroom to the open room. The bar sits to the left of the entrance and is fairly large with stools surrounding it. There is a huge square table for loners or small groups to sit at and mingle located right in front of the large flat screen TV that plays random background videos. Smaller tables fill in the rest of the space including the small hallway located on the other side of the bar from the door. Old records along with empty Jack Daniels bottles decorate the walls and bar. Not exactly the most fashionable bar but still a fun place to hang out.

The drinks are fairly cheap with a red bull cocktail only costing about 500 JPY instead of the typical and outrageous price of 1000 JPY. The drink selection is average, but Coins Bar has a variety of food and snacks to accompany your favorite alcoholic beverage. The best thing about the drinks here is the price – almost all of them are just 315 yen each. This makes it a great spot if you’re on a budget or just want to save your money for later. The music is good and varied, it just depends on how the DJ is feeling. Across from the door is a small DJ set up and depending on the night you can hear different styles and genres.

The people are friendly and the whole set up, especially with the large table in the center, makes the bar a good spot to make friends. It seemed to be a little bit of a pick up joint though. The crowd tends to be more male but not excessively so. There was a good mixture of expats and locals all chilling out and having a good time. Most of the crowd at the bar seemed to be twenty something.

If you’re just looking for a spacious bar with cheap drinks and a friendly atmosphere I suggest Coins Bar. It’s a great place if you’re out and about all by your lonesome to make new friends to enjoy the rest of your night with.

Average Price: 315 JPY per drink/dish
Comments: No Cover Charge
Style: casual
Happy Hour: No
Music Genre: Mainstream/Pop, Rock, Other
Suitable For Singles, Couples, Partying, Delicious Food

Address:36-2 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
GPS:35.6617709, 139.6970804

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