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written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014

Popcorn is the food trend that is sweeping Tokyo right now. Seattle based Kukuruza Popcorn already has a pretty good clinch on the Omotesando market when it comes to the crunchy and salty treat, but there is another popcorn shop that is right next door in Harajuku. Doc Popcorn started in Colorado and has since spread to several countries and cities, including Harajuku, Japan where they are helping feed the popcorn craze cause.

While Doc Popcorn is a relatively new name in popcorn in Tokyo compared to Kukuruza or Garrett, that does not mean that you should knock them off your list! Where Doc Popcorn shines is in their ability to take classic and well loved flavors and turning them into popcorn marvels of taste. At the Harajuku location of Doc Popcorn, you of course will able to munch on classics like butter and kettle corn, but you may become a bigger fan of either sweet butter or better butter after you have left! Making two out of one is another very Doc Popcorn thing to do. Along with sweet butter and better butter, you can also pick your favorite between cheesy cheddar and triple white cheddar or classic kettle or caramel kettle! Along with classic options, like butter and cheese, Doc Popcorn also takes popcorn flavors to the next level with flavors like apple cinnamon, jalapeno, and salt-n-pepper! Another great thing about Doc Popcorn, is that you don’t have to pick just one flavor! You can put up to two flavors in one bag if you so choose!

For yet another location to go and see what all the popcorn craziness is about, head to the Harajuku Doc Popcorn location and dig in!

Doc Popcorn Harajuku Store Information

Website (via Google Translate) | Facebook (Japanese)

Nearest Station: 13-minute walk from Harajuku JR Station (Yamanote Line)


Hours of Operation: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

Estimated Price: 500-1900 yen for various sizes of bags, all the way up to 2600 yen for a tin.

“Why Go?”: A popcorn break in Harajuku!

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