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The First Sheesha

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

The Sheesha Bar is one of my personal favorites to go to start my night off before going clubbing! At first I was really skeptical about coming to this bar because as you can tell in Roppongi there are a lot of people trying to hustle you into going into their bars and clubs, so I would always ignore them. But my friend actually took me here because he said it’s great, and it turned out to be just that!

The staff are very friendly and the service is really good. Although they say there is no cover you must pay for your first drink at the entrance, which is 1000 yen, which isn’t bad. To order a Sheesha it is 2000 yen and they have a plethora of Sheesha flavors and I really like the mint flavor (I recommend it). The bar gets crowded at around 11pm but I would recommend going at about 10ish if you want have a seat and relax. The foreigner to local ratio is pretty close here about 60:50 and most of the locals that come here can speak English and they are very friendly so you can make a lot of new friends here.

The bar has a wide variety of drinks so it’s a very good place to start your night off. At around 12-12:30 I usually leave for the club but it’s not because it`s not crowded. Even at that time a lot of people usually start to come in so if you are enjoying the Sheesha you can stay here all night and enjoy a lot of people’s company. I highly recommend this place to start your evening out in Tokyo.

International Ratio: About equal
Male / Female Ratio: About equal
Average Price: 500-1200 JPY
Comments: No cover charge (but compulsory drink purchase)
Style: Casual
Entrance Fee: no cover charge
Happy Hour: Yes
Happy Hour Price:
20:00-23:00: 2000 yen for all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-smoke
23:00-6:00: all drinks 500 yen
Happy Hour Time: 20:00-23:00 and 23:00-6:00
Music Genre: Hip-hop, RnB, Techno/House, Other
Suitable For singles, partying, couples,

Address:3-11 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo
GPS:35.66305959055598, 139.73315149451219

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