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G’ Club Shibuya – The Complete Guitar Shop

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

G-Club Guitar Shibuya Tokyo Japan

Are you ready to rock? If so, then get on over to G’ Club Shibuya and pick up your next guitar! With great organization and a vast selection of bass, acoustic, and electric guitars, G’ Club will get you ready to busk it, burn it down, or break out a Barry White croon for that special someone.

G’ Club only sells top-notch guitars, and the prices ensure that only a dedicated strummer will come out of the shop with a new axe in hand. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and conversant enough in English to answer your guitar-related questions. So come on by, check out the array of professionally-signed guitars (some of which you can buy), and test out a guitar or two! And who knows? Maybe the next guitar on the wall will be your own.

G-Club Guitar Shibuya Tokyo Japan


Website (via Google Translate)

Nearest Station: 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station Hachiko exit.


Hours of Operation: 11:30 am to 8:30 pm daily.

“Why Go?”: Didn’t you say you were ready to rock?

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