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Greenland Roppongi

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

It happens every time, you go out to a bar or a nice club to have some fun and drink some beer. When you arrive, you find yourself trapped in spending outrageous amounts of money on drinks! Do you ever ask yourself, “I wonder if there is a bar in Tokyo that provides unlimited amounts of drinks?” Well, rest assured, because places like these actually do exist.

Greenland is located at Roppongi, in Minato, which is famous for various reasons, such as being home to luxurious Roppongi hills and its active night life, oozing with clubs, bars, and restaurants. Roppongi is a popular destination for locals and foreigners alike.

Greenland is an amusement bar, located at Roppongi district is known for attracting a lot of foreigners due to their one time entrance fee and all-you-can-drink menu. A long time ago, many bars had this system, where a person just paid an entrance fee, and either got a wrist band, or just got a stamp, indicating that the person had paid the entrance fee, and was entitled to unlimited drinks for a certain period of time. This used to be the old business model of many bars found in Tokyo, but not anymore. Most bars charge an entrance fee, but no longer provide unlimited access to alcoholic beverages. The new business model is usually pay the entrance fee and receive a ticket, then be entitled to receive a handful of drinks (usually one to two drinks per person).

This is where Greenland takes the lead in affordability. Every day from 7:00pm to 11:30, ladies and gentlemen can enjoy all-they-can-drink from Greenland’s happy menu (not all drinks they provide are inside this menu), for just 1,000 Yen! That is an incredible deal that cannot be found in many bars around Tokyo, and if you are able to find a bar that has an all you can drink menu, you better believe that it will cost you more than just 1,000 yen. Now, Greenland does have its faults and I will go more in-depth on its space size, service, drinks that are available, and overall environment of the place in another article. Just know this, it’s a great place for people with a small budget.

Review: Land of Unlimited beer!

Let’s start off with Greenland and its environment. To be frank, Greenland is rather small compared to other bars around the area. During the weekends, starting from Friday all the way through Sunday evening, From 7:00pm to 11:30pm, it’s rather popular with locals around the area, (this includes students from two universities near Roppongi), it can get full of people relatively fast, making it hard to move over time. This can become a problem since there aren’t too many tables available, therefore most people hang around the bar area for a long period of time. Since the bar is only located in one section of the place, it is rather difficult to squeeze through the crowd that are hovering around it to arrive to the bartender and order your drink. Once you are able to reach the bartender, there should be menus at all corners of the table. This menu, which is in both English and Japanese, has two drink sections. One section of the menu has the “Happy Hour” section, which contains all the drinks that you are able to order again and again with just one payment of 1,000 yen at the door.* Some of the drinks that are included: beer, vodka, rum, shots, mixed drinks, and various combinations of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, are all available in this section. Some of the more elegant drinks, like Champaign, might cost you extra.

Next up is the service of Greenland. For the most part, they maintain a well-established service, with your occasional cleaning associate going around and making sure the floors are not wet and that the drinks were not left at a table. Sometimes it can get pretty hectic ordering a drink from the bartender, but when you are able to reach the bartender, he or she is usually pretty good at serving you as quickly as there are able to. It’s also nice that they will try to talk to you at times when you seem to be hovering near them for some time. The DJ will vary depending on what day you go, and in that department, Greenland has a vast array of DJ’s that all have their own specialty, that could be dubstep, hip-hop, electric, or rock.

Now let’s look at the drinks that are offered. I did not have a chance to try all the drinks that were available due to my liver constraints, but from what I had, the quality, given the amount you pay, was rather good. Most drinks were average, with some exception. For example, I ordered a Mojito, and all I got was a cup of straight white rum with a little sugar added to it. They did not even add the green mint leaves into it. I was a little disappointed that they had an unfinished drink served to their customers, but then I remembered how much I paid (1,000 yen for all-you-can-drink), so I went back to the bartender and immediately ordered another drink. All of the other drinks I tried were good, not GREAT, but again, like they say, you get what you pay for, and I can definitely say that I got a lot out of just paying 1,000 yen!

Overall, Greenland is a great hang out spot located at one of the most famous locations in Japan. With their everyday, all-you-can-drink menu and their variety of DJs they it’s a good place to go with your friends and have some fun! It does have its problems, such as the entire size of the bar and their shortage of tables available to their customers, it’s not perfect. But, it’s a great place for people that are short on cash but still want to enjoy themselves in a lively environment.

Now go out there and party!

Average Price: 1,000
Style: Casual
Entrance Fee (Male): Depends on night
Entrance Fee (Female): Depends on night
Happy Hour: Everyday
Happy Hour Price: 1,000 all you can drink
Happy Hour Time: 19:00~23:30
Music Genre: Mainstream

Note*: Please remember that this is a bar that serves alcoholic beverage, therefore if you want to visit this place, you must bring your ID (passport preferred*).

Address:3-15-24 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
GPS:35.6626643, 139.7353839

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