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written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

Every street corner in Japan is brimming with a selection of different restaurants, コンビニ (convenience stores), and パン屋 (bread and pastry shops). Finding, let alone selecting, the perfect restaurant to sit down and eat after a long day of exploring can be a challenge in and of itself. It can be tempting to get your self to an izakaya and have some kind of meat dish or even give in and go to a familiar Subway for a homesickness-curing sub, but why not extend yourself a little bit and experience traditional Japanese food and sweets like you never have before? Get yourself back home and put on your little black dress before getting on a train bound Higashiya in Ginza. If you are able to get yourself to Higashiya’s secluded location close to the Tokyo Metro’s Ginza-Itchome station, your taste buds will be blessed with expertly prepared foods and desserts.

Higashiya is nothing like the several Tsukiya’s that you probably passed on your way to Ginza. The interior is understated, yet delicate. The dining room and reception desk is bathed in a warm light emitted from a spattering of delicate hanging lights suspended around the room. The soft light that seems to be sinking into every corner of Higashiya is made even more apparent with the use of blond wood furniture and panelling offset by their use of black place settings, utensils, and dish ware. The lattice work of the chair that you sit in on its own will make you feel like you are in for a very special meal.

It is suggested that you order something from their drink menu to start your expertly planned and executed dining experience. Higashiya prides themselves in their high quality and Japanese sourced teas which you get a full pot of all to yourself, or to share if you are so inclined. If you are dining later in the night or if tea is not your thing, Higashiya also has an impressive selection of Japanese beers, sochu (a kind of distilled rice liquor), wine, and other kinds of liquors based on what suits your palate. To better add something special to your meal, ask your server which alcoholic beverage best goes with your meal. Each carafe that your beverage will be served in is more impressive than the last, which makes it difficult to order just one!

The drinks offered at Higashiya are just the beginning. The menu at Higashiya may be small, but you can beassured that that simply means that what you will be ordered is crafted like a beautiful work of art. In the traditional Japanese style, your meal is served in separate delicate bowls and each is filled with something that looks too beautiful to eat. Though the portions may be small, looks are deceiving because the taste of the food will fill your senses and leave you happy. If you want a little bit of Higashiya to take home with you, then go to their sweets shop where you can get traditional dango and other Japanese sweets that will be beautifully wrapped up for you.

If you are looking for a dining experience that is above and beyond, get to Higashiya for something extraordinary.

Address:104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-7-7 ポーラ銀座ビル2F
GPS:35.6743041, 139.76786360000006
Telephone:03-3538-3230 / 03-3538-3240
Web: http://www.higashiya.com/

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