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How to Transfer Money To and From Japan

written by EnAble Japan May 8, 2014

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Want to send some money back home? Or want to receive some? Here`s some helpful information to help you navigate the confusing waters of overseas transfers…

Western Union (Seven Eleven and Family Mart)

The great thing about Western Union is that the money is available almost instantly. So if you have someone who is available to pick it up, money can be received overseas in a matter of minutes. They charge a set fee of 990 yen for sending 10,000 yen or less, or 1500 yen for sending 50,000 yen or less.

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If you have an account with Citibank in Japan, it is relatively easy and quick to send money home. There are a few options to choose from, you can send money in-branch or you can register a payee and send online. However, all these options cost a sizeable fixed fee of around 3500 yen. This means it`s only really worth it if you`re sending a relatively large amount, or if you already have a Citibank account and want to transfer money quite quickly.

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One of the cheaper money transfer options (depending on how much you send) SBI lets you choose from a wide variety of sending/receiving options, including at your local convenience store. The application process can be a little annoying and will take around a week.

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Another relatively reasonable and convenient option, but with a similarly time-consuming application process to SBI. The best thing about GoLloyds is that if you send your money before 3pm, they guarantee it will arrive on the same day.

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Post Office

With Japan Post Bank, there are options to send money overseas either by paper money order or electronic transfer. It is a little expensive though and can be a bit of a hassle to do if you don`t know Japanese.

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Travelers Checks

Probably the cheapest way to send small amount of money, American Express travelers checks only cost a 2% fee and are available at most major post offices.

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