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written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014

Step into any convenience store and head over to the sandwich area. There you will see the same little sandwiches packaged individually like they always are. But do you ever feel like you want more from your sandwich? Fret no more and head to Ueno for some serious sandwich action. At Iacoupé, only a few minutes away from the JR Yamonote Line Ueno Station, they take their sandwiches seriously and simple. For a delicious bite to eat on the go, Iacoupé is where you need to be.

Iacoupé does not have tables and chairs, but sells their sandwiches from a counter painted with chalk board that is written and drawn on by the staff. While their menu may not be long with only nine different kinds of sandwiches on the menu, what they offer is seriously delicious. Just like the egg or tuna salad sandwiches at your local convenience store, Iacoupé fills the hot dog style buns to the brim with all kinds of fillings and topping. First off, decide if you will be going sweet or savory because Iacoupé has offerings for both sides of the spectrum. If it is looking like a savory kind of day for you, take your pick from offerings such as beef cutlet, potato salad, or yakisoba. But if you need a sweet kind of sandwich, choose from selections like sweet bean paste and butter cream, peanut butter, or peach with whipped cream. Whichever way you go when selecting your sandwich you won’t be disappointed with either the taste or the quality. All of their fillings are made in house and each sandwich is assembled by hand.

If you want to take a vacation from your convenience store sandwich, board the train for Ueno. There, Iacoupé will hook you up with a seriously great sandwich!

Address:東京都台東区上野公園1−2GPS:35.7126957, 139.77476539999998
Telephone:03 – 5812 – 4880
Web: http://www.iacoupe.com

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