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Best Places to Buy Imported Food and Goods in Japan

written by EnAble Japan May 8, 2014

If you live in Japan long-term, chances are you’ll be missing some food, drinks and other products from home. Luckily though, there are now many websites that will deliver these items straight to you door, which will save your mother a lot on international shipping!

Foreign Buyers Club

Site: https://www.fbcusa.com/

Located in Kyoto, the Foreign Buyer’s Club has been providing Japan expats with food and goods from back home since the 1980s. They import a huge variety of food, drinks and household goods, mainly from the US. They also import lots of children’s learning materials, including books and ESL resources.

They also run FBC Express, which has a large variety of products that can be shipped within Japan within one week: http://www.fbcexpress.com/home.php

Yoyo Market

Site: http://yoyomarket.jp/

Yoyo Market is the only English-language delivery service for IKEA goods in Japan. From their website you can order a whole range of food, drinks and other imported goods, most of which they get from Costco. So if you need things from IKEA or Costco but don’t want to go all the way out to the suburbs to get them, this is a great option. They also have a large range of organic and health foods available.

The Meat Guy

Site: http://www.themeatguy.jp/

The Meat Guy is a fantastic site that allows you to order imported meat, cheese and cakes in Japan. They have a huge range of Australian produce and bulk orders are more than welcome. They even have more unusual meats on offer, such as crocodile and kangaroo, and at Christmas time they always have a good choice of turkeys available (including pre-cooked ones, in case you don’t have an oven).

Jerry’s Pies

Site: http://jerryspies.com/

If you’re British or Australian and you’re living in Japan, you probably miss the delicious savoury pies from back home. Well have no fear! With Jerry’s pies you can have delicious British-style pies delivered straight to your door.

Jerry’s Pies also has a shop located in Kyoto where you can find a large selection of pies to munch on every day (6-7 Setogawa-cho, Saga, Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-city).

Photo source: the daily shoot by Rowan Peter

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