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Top Japanese Beauty Products (And Where to Get Them)

written by Savarin Varanyu April 12, 2016
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Japanese beauty products are a thriving market, particularly for skin care and anti-aging products. In addition, Japanese cosmetics have now become one of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. Here are our picks for the best, and where you can go to get them!


Top Japanese Beauty Products: Isshin-do Facial Masks

Tokyo Japan Makeup Facepack Japanese Beauty Products

Get your moisturizer with a fun character mask!

Where: Tokyu Hands and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 900 yen for a 2-mask pack


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC is the #1 rated cleansing oil in the Japanese beauty products market and is highly regarded in the US.

Where: Marui and Atre department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 700-1700 yen, depending on size


Fancl Active Conditioning Toner and Emulsion

Tokyo Japan Japanese Beauty Products

Famous for being preservative-free, and is perfect for sensitive skin. A toner for men also available.

Where: Marui and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1500-1900 yen


Sekkisei Series Toner

This is a high-quality line of Japanese beauty products distributed under the Kose Cosmetic Company. Voted #1 Toner on many Japanese cosmetic charts by customers and users. Best in moisturizing and whitening skin.

Where: Drug stores and department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 5000 yen for 200ml, 7500 yen for 360ml


Elixir Superieur Series Cleasing Gel and Serum

Tokyo Japan Japanese Beauty Products

Another high-quality line of Japanese beauty products under the Shiseido Company. Best in cleansing and skin tightening.

Where: Drug stores and LOFT department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 2200 yen for the 140 gram tube of the Cleansing Gel, 8100 yen for a 35ml of the Serum

Sana Nameraka Honpo series



A series of unique soy-based skincare products including cleansing gel, toner, mask and lotion. Reasonable price for a whole set of skin care.

Where: Drug stores and department stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 700-1500 yen for all products


Cure Natural Aqua Gel

No. 1 Exfoliating peeling gel in Japan. Deep clean the skin with gentle touch.

Where: Drug stores and department stores
Cost: 2500 yen for a 250 gram bottle.


Saborino Beauty Mask Mezamasheet

This mask is your best friend that will help you to get ready in the morning. Apply the mask for 60 seconds. The apple acid will help get rid of the dead cells on your face and the fruit ingredients will provide you a mixture of vitamins. This mask serves best as your makeup base.

Cost: 390 yen (5 sheets/ pack), 1300 yen (20 sheets/ pack)



Minimum Golden Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar Tokyo Japanese Beauty Products

Facial lifting with 24K gold covered bar. One of the most popular domestic Japanese beauty products.

Where: LOFT department stores, Yodobashi Electronic stores (list of store locations at the bottom of the page), and Bic Camera department stores (list of store locations at the bottom of the page) throughout Tokyo
Cost: 19,800 yen


Yoji-ya Facial Oil Blotting papers

Founded in 1904, Yoji-ya is one of Kyoto’s famous cosmetics brand. Their facial oil blotting papers has always been the number one best selling and an award-winning product. The papers are made by washi (traditional Japanese paper), which does not contain any powder so it is guaranteed that it will not clog your pores.

Where: Check out the list of stores on their website.
Cost: 330 yen (20 sheets in one pack)


Laduree (Les Merveilleuses Laduree)

Laduree, one of the famous patisseries in France has now brought the art of their confectionery onto cosmetics. Their best selling product is the “face color rose Laduree,” primarily a blush that comes in the form of rose petals!

Where: Check the list of stores on their website.


Bifesta eye makeup remover

Bifesta eye makeup remover is your best solution to wash off waterproof makeup. It is claimed as one of the top-selling makeup removers in Japan.
Where: Tokyu hands, drug stores, PLAZA,LOFT stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 850 yen for 145ml


Pelican DEITANSEKI clay & charcoal series

deitanseki charcoal soap

The clay & charcoal series include non-silicone shampoo and conditioner, face and body soap. One of the most popular products is the peat stone face soap, as the micro-pore active ingredients in charcoal will leave your skin bright and clean.

Where: LOFT department stores, drug stores throughout Tokyo.
Cost: 150-2200 yen for all products


Kailijumei lipstick

Although based in China, Kailijumei’s flower-jelly lipsticks have gone viral in Japan and also overseas. The lipstick bullet is transparent but it has a real flower inside plus sprinkles of gold. When applied onto your lip, it magically changes the color. This sure is one of the most gorgeous lipsticks you’ll ever find.

Where: Tokyu Hands stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1800 yen + tax


KISS ME Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced film

This is known to be one of the top Japanese brand mascara ever since. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and can be removed easily with facial soap. Also, it will make your eyelashes look naturally longer and thicker.

Where: PLAZALOFT , Don Quijote , drug stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1200 yen + tax


Rosette Face Washing Paste 

rosette face wash

Rosette Face Washing Paste comes in various colors to treat different skin types. The paste includes sulfur, which helps treat acne and smoothens your face.

Where:Tokyu Hands  stores, drug stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 423 yen


Kanebo Milano Collection Face powder

As one of the brands under Kanebo, the Milano Collection is ranked as the most popular face powder for the last eight years. The face powder contains SPF14 PA++, which will protect your face from UV as well as keeping your skin smooth and bright.

Where: Drug stores throughout Tokyo (reservations available)
Cost: 12000 yen + tax


MAQuillAGE Dramatic Lip Treatment

MAQuillaGE’s Dramatic Lip Treatment is formulated with adhesive rich oil that will keep your lips moistened throughout the day.

Where: Department stores, PLAZA stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 2000 yen


Shisedo Anessa, Essence UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50+ PA++++


This waterproof sunscreen ensures a long-lasting protection for your face and body against UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen won’t make your skin sticky so it can be easily removed with face wash and body soap.

Where: Drug stores, LOFT stores throughout Tokyo
Cost: 1620 yen for 25ml, 3240 yen for 60ml


Kracie Ichikami Hair Products

The Ichikami hair series consists of Japanese botanical essences that help prevent further damages to your hair as well as repair existing damages.

Where: Drug stores throughout Tokyo

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