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Jumanji 55 Roppongi

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

Jumanji 55 is one of Roppongi’s busiest and oldest bars/clubs, and can be found down on of Roppongi’s many side streets. Probably about equal numbers of foreigners to Japanese, this place gets jam-packed on weekends, and occasionally on weekdays. There is often a line outside, but this usually goes down pretty fast. The inside isn’t small, even for Tokyo, but the sheer number of people drinking and dancing can make it feel crammed very quickly. If you don’t like having to grind up against people then Jumanji 55 probably isn’t for you.

The unusual mix of dinosaurs, pop culture figures and memorabilia makes the décor in Jumanji 55 a little different than your typical Roppongi bars and clubs. This gives the place a bit of quirky charm. This charm can quickly vanish though if you’re sober and surrounded by drunk people here, so I recommend getting your drink on if you’re planning on heading to Jumanji 55.

The drinks aren’t the best, but they are pretty strong and that’s really all that the customers here want. Cheap all-you-can-drink options are offered in the early evening and on ladies night. When all-you-can-drink isn’t on offer, drinks are average Roppongi prices, at around 1,000 yen each.

So if you want a messy, alcohol-fueled night of dancing and grinding to Billboard 100 tracks, Jumanji 55 in Roppongi is one of your best bets. You can usually trust it to have a reasonable amount of people on weekday nights too, unlike many Roppongi clubs.

Ready to move on? Roppongi has plenty of nearby nightclubs. Feria, Black Horse and Ele Tokyo are all great places to meet new people and dance to the latest music.

International Ratio: About equal
Male / Female Ratio: About equal
Average Price: 1000 JPY
Comments: Cover charge on some days
Style: casual to smart-casual
Entrance Fee (Male): Depends on night/event
Entrance Fee (Female): Depends on night/event
Music Genre: Mainstream/Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB
Suitable For singles, partying

Address:3-10-5 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
GPS:35.6628844, 139.73428739999997

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