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Keith Haring Kraze II

written by EnAble Japan June 7, 2015
Keith Haring Clothing, Tokyo Japan

Updated 2/24/2016: If you are in the Tokyo area and are interested in the works of Keith Haring, you can visit the Nakamura – Keith Haring Collection located in Kobuchizawa (2 hours from Shinjuku station).

UPDATE: While further investigating the Keith Haring Kraze in Tokyo, we found that there are still a few stores stocked with his elusive merchandise that you can check out. After trekking around Shibuya and Omotesando to revisit the stores that we previously reported on, we unfortunately found WEGO’s Omotesando branch has completely sold out of Keith Haring goods and is not planing on restocking. While you shouldn’t walk in expecting to find Keith Haring, the store is still worth checking out, so do make sure to make the trip.

Now in order to best track down Keith Haring products, stick around Shibuya and visit the Uniqlo store located close to Shibuya Crossing mentioned in our original post Keith Haring Kraze. Once you enter the store, head straight towards the back and you’ll find three Keith Haring shirts all for around a bargain of ¥900 available in various sizes.

Keith Haring Goods Shibuya Uniqlo, Tokyo, Japan

Uniqlo Keith Haring Clothing, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

You can also find some Keith Haring products at Shibuya’s branch of Forever 21 on the 2nd Floor, also towards the back. Although they were strict about taking photos of the merchandise, we were able to investigate and find that they currently carry a Haring tank top and workout tights. As Forever 21 is a popular chain store, it may be worth checking out other branches if you’re in the area.

Keith Haring Forever 21, Tokyo, Japan


One note that we discovered while hunting for Keith Haring is that Japanese employees may not understand if you ask if they sell Haring, and will therefore inform you that they don’t carry the brand when in fact they do. For example, in our experience, Uniqlo employees seemed puzzled as to what Keith Haring was, but after exploring on our own we found that they did indeed carry the brand. If you can’t find an English-speaking employee, sometimes it’s best to browse the store yourself and see if they have any in stock. It’s also best to hurry and check out these stores before they run out.

Keith Haring, Tokyo, Japan

Keith Haring, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


Keith Haring Clothing at Uniqlo Shibuya, Tokyo Japan

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