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Keith Haring Kraze

written by EnAble Japan June 24, 2014

Updated 2/26/2016: Check out the Keith Haring condoms at Condomania in Harajuku!

Updated 2/24/2016: If you are in the Tokyo area and are interested in the works of Keith Haring, you can visit the Nakamura – Keith Haring Collection located in Kobuchizawa (2 hours from Shinjuku station).

Updated 6/7/2015 at Keith Haring Kraze II

What is old is new again, and this goes for the art as well as the fashion world. Take a peek on your streets! You may start to see mesh cut outs starting to appear again, a tip of the hat back to our ladies in the 80s, or some three piece suits, John Dillinger’s favorite garb and forever timeless. Another aspect of the old is new trend is bringing our favorite artists into the picture. You may have noticed that Keith Haring, quirky and globally famous artist and graphic designer, has found his way back into the modern fashion consciousness.

Keith Haring Clothing, Tokyo, Japan

Heading to two of Tokyo’s favorite shopping districts, Omotesando and Harajuku, you will be able to find several stores that host the latest Keith Haring clothing. Firstly, head on over to the street fashionista favorite, Wego! With one location in the center of Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori and another on the main drag of Omotesando, there is double the opportunity to get yourself some Keith Haring clothing. Take a look around the sales floor and you will find the Keith Harking “korner” littered with a variety of fashions. Take the opportunity to take home a Keith Haring bandeau, cut off T-shirt, or maybe a pair of super retro suspenders! The famous dancing characters and barking dog that have helped Keith Haring’s art gain popularity around the world will be a nice little addition to your style catalog.

If you’re looking for a different kind of Keith Haring accent than on your shirt and you want more than just a simple Keith Haring print to hang on your wall, head over to Soft Bank in Omotesando and pick up a smart phone case for Keith Haring 24/7!

Uniqlo Shibuya Keith Haring

Maybe you have been shopping in the other Tokyo shopping metropolis of Shibuya. After saying hello to your friend Hachiko, head across the street towards Shibuya 109. Just past the famous multistory shopping skyscraper, you will find a Uniqlo Shibuya Dogenzaka branch tucked away where you will find some more Keith Haring treasures. Unlike Wego, at Uniqlo you will find several Keith Haring clothing items for men or women and for day or night. For the fashionable male shopper, Uniqlo has a wide selection of casual (yet mature) T-shirts for you to dress down your wardrobe. There is a similar T-shirt selection for the ladies as well. For technicolor dreams, take a look as their Keith Haring sleepwear and boxers.

Unqilo Keith Haring T-Shirts, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


If you are looking to have a little bit of the retro in your modern wardrobe, then get into Japan’s Keith Haring trend! It’ll add a light and fun spark to your style look book!

For an updated version of this article, visit Keith Haring Kraze II.

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