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written by EnAble Japan October 21, 2014

American street and urban style has begun to gain footing among men’s fashion in Japan. Labels that have either begun in America or have received influence from American labels such as A Bathing ApeX-Large, or Bounty Hunter have helped in drumming up popularity among groups of men in Japan looking to set themselves apart in their own way using their clothing. In America, this style may be associated with young men looking for trouble but the association in Japan has become one of individuality and making yourself a part of a society of fashion savvy young men. A label that is making a splash in this fashion scene is Kiks Tyo whose wittily punny “Head Shop” is located in Shibuya. This fashion label is creatively adding to this new street style aimed at young men looking to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Founder, Chief Designer, DJ, and “streetwear/sneaker culture personality hobby:tech created Kiks Tyo with the slogan “Community of the sneaker nuts, by sneaker nuts, for sneaker nuts” in mind. hobby:tech set out to add to the culture of sneaker fans by creating a clothing line that accentuates footwear while at the same time making a fashion statement in its own right. The styles available at Kiks Tyo walks the line between comfort and “bad boy.” The low slung jeans and bandanas are apart of this look as well as innovative basketball jerseys and Windows 1999 neon aquarium logo tees. It is more than just a gangster style at Kiks Tyo.

As of late, the Kiks Tyo style has begun to move away from mimicking American street style and has tested the waters of creating a Japanese street style. Where there used to be felt letterman jackets and 1990s style bucket hats there are now yukata inspired camo pattered jackets and skorts (a combination skirt and short) for men. Along with the flashier and more innovative styles of clothing, Kiks Tyo also has basic logo tees, a wide selection of denim, as well as key rings and simple jewelry that accompany, not over take, the clothes.

Just as Playboy has their yearly calendar of Playboy bunnies posing with various Playboy brand items, Kiks Tyo has their own version. Yearly, Kiks Tyo puts out a “Kiks Girls Tee” of a recently popular model holding Kiks Tyo sneakers or some other kind of memorabilia. Along with the T-shirt, Kiks Tyo DVD exposes of that years fashion ideas as well as commentary from that year’s Kiks Tyo girl. This little addition to the Kiks Tyo label sets them apart from the other street style brands.

To get a little taste of what real Japanese street fashion is becoming, head on over to Shibuya and visit Kiks Tyo!

Address:153-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-22-3
GPS:35.6633688, 139.70302289999995
Telephone:03 – 5766 – 6482

Opening Hours

Monday:12:00 – 20:00
Tuesday:12:00 – 20:00
Wednesday:12:00 – 20:00
Thursday:12:00 – 20:00
Friday:12:00 – 20:00
Saturday:12:00 – 20:00
Sunday:12:00 – 20:00

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