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Little TGV Akihabara

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014
Little TGV

Akihabara is known for its quirks and individual atmosphere. From the game centers that are on every street corner to the otaku that flood from the stations to collect merchandise from their favorite anime or game series, Akihabara is certainly one of a kind. The anime and gaming culture that purveys Akihabara is not the only thing that is infamous about this particular area of town for their eateries and cafes are also what make Akihabara special. Maid cafes and other kinds of specialty restaurants are famous worldwide for their attention to detail and pure Akihabara-ness. However, being served super sugary waffles by a waitress wearing cat ears may not be everyone’s cup of tea because, it is true, the maid cafe experience could get a bit overwhelming at some times. For those who are still looking for an Akihabara kind of dining experience, but are not looking for a maid cafe. you are in luck! Just past the JR Akihabara station and only one block off of the main road, Chuo-dori, is the restaurant Little TGV. This hybrid of maid cafe meets train dining car is just right to have that special Akihabara meal that you are looking for!

You are in for a real fun time when you go to Little TGV! The waitresses are all dressed as super cute train conductors in a tasteful but still adorable way. Also, these waitresses at Little TGV are extremely attentive and hard working, so you won’t have to worry about being left hanging while waiting to order for hours on end. For those familiar with the language of the train platforms of Japan, you will recognize some of the same phrases used by the waitresses which is a nice little touch for those who are enthusiastic about the Japanese language.

While the waitresses at Little TGV are spectacular, it is the food and drinks that are really special. Every dish and ingredient that can be morphed or molded into some train-themed object has been. Your tamago maki (cooked egg roll) will be placed on train tracks of nori in miniature train car shapes. If you order an onigiri (rice ball) appetizer, it will arrive in the shape of a Shinkansen conductor car instead of the classic triangle shape. Drinks are named after specific railways and you can get the “Shinkansen Special” drink if you would like something a little stronger. The menu you order from will also be familiar. If you have ever looked at a map in a train station, you will be able to recognize it on your menu. Each stop is a different dish, appetizer, dessert, or drink which could be fun to see what your home train station has to offer!

If you have been looking for a wholly Akihabara style meal but are nervous to go and try the infamous maid cafes around town, then give Little TGV a try for some fun train items!

Address:101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3-10-5
GPS:35.7013635, 139.77063829999997
Telephone:03 – 3255 – 5223
Web: http://www.littletgv.com/

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