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Mimi! Rabbit Cafe

written by EnAble Japan September 17, 2015
Mimi Rabbit Cafe, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

The first rabbit cafe that EnAble Japan will cover is Mimi! This cafe is located just a hop and skip away from Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro (where the cat cafe we previously covered, Nekobukuro is located). Mimi is located on the 8th floor of the building with the sign “Momoka”. Although Momoka is labeled as a lingerie pub, don’t be alarmed! Mimi Rabbit Cafe is a fantastic cafe and experience, and is in no way affiliated with the pub. You won’t need to pass anywhere near its entrance to get on the elevator to the 8th floor.

One strange rule to keep in mind when visiting Mimi is that there must be at least one girl present amongst your group. This means that if you are male or with an all-male group, you cannot enter the cafe unless at least one girl is present. Ganbatte!

Once you enter the cafe, you will be given an apron and slippers to wear. If you feel uncomfortable with the slippers, please bring socks to wear with them. There is a cubbyhole and coat hangers available for your belongings once you enter the room. The staff will explain the cafe rules in English.

The cafe is separated into two sections to create a more intimate feel. The atmosphere is very calming and nursery-like, with its pastel colors, a sky-painted ceiling, and music-box songs playing in the background. Once in Mimi, you will be required to order at least one drink. Luckily, there are a variety of tasty and cheap options. Rabbit food is provided for free as well!

Some of the rabbits are just babies, so they are smaller and more energetic. Nonetheless, all of the rabbits love spending time with customers. If you bring a camera, they love giving the lens little sniffs and kisses, but be a little cautious – they like to nibble on the camera strap! At Mimi even just watching the rabbits take short rests on the floor or a food break is enjoyable to watch. Once you leave, you can even put a sticker next to your favorite rabbit on the cafe’s poster which “ranks” the most popular rabbit. Mimi is a great place to go alone or with friends, especially on days when you need some cheering up. If anything, we really hope and recommend you check this place out!

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