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written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014

The immaculate MoMA Design Store Omotesando is just as it should be, safely tucked away in the basement level of Gyre across from the luxurious Omotesando Hills. But don’t let the fashionable ladies and the MoMA’s “member’s discount prices” scare you off! The MoMA Design Store in Omotesando can offer your Tokyo shopping experience far more than the average museum gift shop can.

Your experience in the MoMA Design Store Omotesando begins as soon as you approach Gyre. Home to old mainstays and fashion newcomers, Gyre’s look is sure to catch your eye. The slanting visuals of the black glass panes draw your eye towards a softly-lit white staircase leading down into the black granite sidewalk. As you glide down the steps and though the blast of air at the door that is oddly reminiscent of the Museum of Modern Art itself, you are greeted to a display of neatly organized trinkets, strangely formed objects, and furniture that is out of this world. Each object has found its own home on a meticulously cleaned white shelf amid equally lovingly selected home decor and whimsical objects.

Although everything at the MoMA gift shop in the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo may not be available in the MoMA Design Store Omotesando location, you will certainly not be left wanting for items that epitomize MoMA’s distinct and well-known artistic flair. And there is no shortage of unique gifts and souvenirs here. Maybe that special little bundle of joy in your life would like a Keith Haring rocking horse? Could you wow your father with a terracotta planter’s pot that disguises a miniature grill? Or maybe your friend deserves a cereal bowl that keeps the milk and cereal separate (for the ultimate crunchy satisfaction)?

No matter what you’re looking for in a gift, the MoMA Design Store in Omotesando will not disappoint. The Museum of Modern Art prides itself in the variety and quality of the art that it delivers to the world and expresses that passion through the offerings at the MoMA Design Store Omotesando. A word of caution to the casual shopper, however. If you are looking to someday visit this fantastic establishment, it is better to do so sooner rather than later. The popularity and novelty of the newest items found in the MoMA Design Store spreads fast among the residents of Omotesando Hills.

MoMa Design Store Omotesando Location Information

Website (via Google Translate) | Facebook (Japanese) | Twitter | | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube | Online Store (via Google Translate)

Nearest Station: Inside the Gyre Shopping Center, 3-minute walk from Meijijingu-mae Station or 7-minute walk from Harajuku Station (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: 11am – 10pm, 7 days a week

“Why Go?”: The best designs of modern art, for your home or as a gift!

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