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RAGTAG Recycle Shop in Harajuku

written by EnAble Japan October 21, 2014

The fashion movement in Japan is towards variety, and Tokyo is its display window. The modern shopper is never at a loss for something new to satisfy their ever-changing fashion sense. If you want to be a suited fashionista one day, you will be able to find a store to satisfy your needs. And if you want to grunge like the 90s are coming back? Somewhere there’s a store selling flannel and ripped jeans to the ambient sounds of Seattle.

What is wonderful about the variety in the Tokyo market is that you can also find places where you can not only overhaul your wardrobe, but everything in your apartment right down to the couch that you sit on. And you can find these things all under a designer label at second hand prices! RAGTAG, located on back streets off of the fashionable area of Omotesando Hills, is one of the many high-quality second-hand boutiques and stores (known locally as “recycle shops.”)

From its outside appearance, you would never guess that RAGTAG is a recycle shop. Its prime location on Omotesando’s “Cat Street” makes it a hip spot for leisurely shopping. Spanning three floors, RAGTAG offers something for men, women, and interior designers alike.

If you are going to RAGTAG thinking that you’ll nab a great garment at a super affordable price–well, that’s not exactly the case here. Americans have been spoiled with their experience at second-hand stores by being able to find great pieces at low prices. RAGTAG offers second-hand fashions at more “reasonable” prices than one would pay retail. What they define as “reasonable” may still be shocking, but if you’re out to fashionista on a budget…

Another feature that makes RAGTAG different from other recycle shops is their wide selection of vintage designer shoes. Believe it or not, the shoes are either brand-new or have only been worn once or twice! Must be nice, right? Well, their flaunt can be your gain. Another opportunity of shopping at RAGTAG is the chance to pick up a vintage piece of retro furniture, popular with the hip and ironic Tokyoite. At RAGTAG, allows you can turn in your boring modern kitchen stools for something with a more Mad Men feel.

For an experience different from the department store or designer outlet store, RAGTAG is your best bet. RAGTAG is the perfect place to walk out with vintage Chanel or other Japanese label for much less than you would pay in the primary market.

RAGTAG Harajuku Location Information

Website (via Google Translate) | Facebook (Japanese) | Twitter (Japanese) | Instagram | Online Shop (via Google Translate)

Guide for Selling Items to RAGTAG

Nearest Station: 5-minute walk from Meijijingu-mae Station (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open everyday 11am – 8pm. Closed for the New Year’s holiday.

“Why Go?”: Great fashions and household goods at low(er) prices!

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