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written by Jade Willis August 15, 2016
Relume Journal Standard 1

Relume Journal Standard 1

relume Journal Standard is a unisex Japanese fashion brand that focuses on modern Japanese style and trends. The brand reflects this concept with a minimalist design philosophy, making simple yet stylish clothes for everyday wear. relume Journal Standard’s motto is “Just good adult fashion not to stretch.” Their design style is a mix of eastern sewing shape-and-drape techniques with western-style clothing such as linen tops, lowered-crotch harem pants and pleated skirts, sophisticated skinny jeans, and shirts to make an easy everyday style.

Entering any of the numerous shops across Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku you’ll notice that they are split up into different sections. Stores feature printed garments, patterned and graphic illustrations t-shirts, and sweaters. The fabrics of this design are high-quality linens, cottons, and silks. The small sizes may seem intimidating, but the range offers plenty of baggy casual shirts and t-shirts, fitted pants, and skirts. As with all Japanese brands, be sure to try things on before you buy! (Read our handy guide to buying Western-sized clothes in Japan for assistance on size conversions).

relume Journal Standard is a mid-range brand, with affordable clothing for almost every budget. Whether you’d like to shop for high-quality clothing to spruce up your current wardrobe or a whole new stylish outfit, relume Journal Standard is the place to go!

relume Journal Standard Location Information

Website (via Google Translate) | Facebook (Japanese) | Instagram | Online Store

Nearest Station: 2-minute walk from Harajuku station (Yamanote Line) (click on the Google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: Open daily 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

“Why Go?”: Stylish unisex fashions for everyday wear!

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