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Rhythm Cafe Shibuya

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

Most people either stumble upon the lovably quirky Rhythm Café by accident, or are brought here by a friend who is familiar with the night scene in Shibuya. While off the beaten track, this bar seems to attract a regular group of patrons who come here for the relaxed atmosphere and the chance to meet new people. Cheap and friendly, you never quite know what you will get with Rhythm Café.

The bar is an integral destination for the foreign community who frequent Shibuya at night. Positioned around the corner from the Tokyu Hands department store, Rhythm Café is a bit of a walk from the station. Its location – away from the usual hustle and bustle of this area – discourages people from simply wandering in and out, with most patrons staying for a few hours.

The venue is intimate. The sparse scatterings of chairs and couches are laid out in the small room in such a way that it feels natural to mingle with other patrons. The appeal of Rhythm Café is that it is almost impossible to be here without chatting to a stranger. It’s probably for this reason that the bar feels like it’s the meeting place for a community of like-minded people, rather than somewhere to just get boozed.

Categorizing this bar is difficult because it swings from a venue where you can enjoy a quiet drink during the day and evening to a semi-club late at night. It’s part art-space, with the walls filled with books and even graffiti. The atmosphere is relaxed both during the day and night. However, on the weekends there are DJ events and the bar can get so crammed that people have no choice but to spill out onto the street. There is a sense of ‘anything goes’ at this bar, which means that everyone who comes here feels welcome.

It’s a great place to hang out in a group, to meet a friend, or to go on a date. Despite its casual setting, patrons are usually fashionably dressed – so pay attention to what you wear. Hipsters would feel right at home. Though most people come here to drink, there is a small but adequate food menu of classic café fare, such as sandwiches, pasta and taco rice. Drinks are reasonably priced from ¥500.

All of the staff speak English and you can order from your seat or at the bar. The owner will give you a complimentary bowl full of popcorn and will visit your table to top it up. He is very friendly, so don’t be surprised if he starts a conversation with you.

Most of the people who go to Rhythm Café are foreigners or foreign-friendly. At times, it’s a struggle to hear anyone speaking Japanese. In fact, the venue becomes so full of foreigners that if it weren’t for the sheer quirkiness of Rhythm Café, you would forget you were even in Japan.

International Ratio: More International
Male / Female Ratio: About equal
Average Price: 500 JPY
Comments: No cover charge
Style: Smart-casual
Entrance Fee: No cover charge
Happy Hour: No
Music Genre: Techno/House
Suitable For singles, couples, partying, great drinks,

Address:Udagawa 11-1 Shibuya, Tokyo
GPS:35.6625687, 139.69734010000002

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