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The Room Shibuya

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

The Room in Shibuya is a small nightclub tucked away near Shibuya Station’s south exit. Follow the websites directions until you hit Family Mart and then look for Music Land Key. Follow the road a little bit just past Music Land Key and look down. The place is a bit hard to find especially if you’re expecting a sign at eye level or above. As I said to another foreigner I came across while searching for the club “It’s probably some sh** sign that’s incontinently placed,” and I was right. The sign is on the ground by the stairway entrance. The Room is located on the corner underground.

Head down the steps and enter the ID check and cover charge area. Cover charge for The Room ranges anywhere from free to 3,500 JPY depending on the event and the time you enter. Some nights there are discounts for coming early or bringing a flyer. Check The Room’s website schedule for details at: http://www.theroom.jp/schedule/. Cover charge includes a drink coupon when you enter. The operating hours for The Room very depending on the event, Sunday-Wednesday the club opens around 5pm or 6pm and closes around 10pm or 11pm. Be carful on weeknights because the club may or may not be open. Thursday – Saturday the club opens anywhere from 9pm to 11pm and closes around dawn when all the drunks stumble out into the early morning light like zombies. I strongly suggest checking the website before you go.

The music at The Room is heavily jazz influenced. Most of their DJ’s and events have some kind of jazz and some other type of music crossover. Expect an eclectic mix up of disco, Afro beats, reggae, house, funk, hip-hop, and more; especially later on in the night when live musicians come and jam with the DJ. Again it all depends on the night. Some nights the club offers live performances and on others jam sessions, and sometimes-even food. The DJ’s are legit and sometimes international too, not just some kid that made a playlist.

The dance floor is small but the crowd is pretty fluid, less shoving more flowing. The club has lots of communal seating that allows for easy conversation with other club goers. The patrons of the club tend to be more Japanese but there is a good mixture of foreigners and the staff and menus are English friendly. The drink selections as well as the prices are pretty average 600 or 700 JPY. All and all The Room is a laid back but funky nightclub that offers an alternative to mainstream music clubs. Just make sure to chill out until around midnight when the party really gets going.

International Ratio: More Local
Male / Female Ratio: About equal
Average Price: 700JPY
Comments: Cover Charge
Style: Smart-casual
Happy Hour: No
Music Genre: techno/house, other electronic, RnB, Hip-hop, Jazz, Funk
Suitable For singles, couples, partying, live music,

Address:15-19 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
GPS:35.6562613, 139.70182599999998

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