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written by EnAble Japan October 21, 2014

For those who have experienced a Japanese summer, you can understand that the last thing on your mind is layers of fleece and other kinds of all weather gear. In summer, there is a bigger desire to find a cafe with air conditioning than for wool socks and flannel shirts. However, the summer will end, and the cold fall and winter winds will soon be here! When the time for kakigori (shaved ice) and senso (Japanese fan) is over, you are going to want some clothes that will keep you snug and warm for the cooler months to come. There are several options to keep you warm in the upcoming months like ICI Ishii Sports Harajuku for example. But if you are going for a more woodsy inspired look and not all out lumberjack, then there is one appropriately named store in the Harajuku and Shibuya area that is just right for you! The flagship Rugged Factory store in Shibuya brings men’s fashion into the realm of plaid and heavy knits without making you feel like you have lived in the Appalachian Mountains for your whole life.

Rugged Factory is the go to place when you are looking for men’s fashion without all the frills of some other fashion labels. Instead of patent leather loafers and crisp white screen printed T-shirts, Rugged Factory has something a little more traditional to offer. As far as shirts go, Rugged Factory employs a classic cut that flatters the body no matter what your size. To compliment the every day shape of their shirts, Rugged Factory is a master when it comes to experimenting with print and color. Of course this store can outfit you with as many different kinds of styles and varieties of denim shirts you want, but aim higher! Plaid is a particular specialty of Rugged Factory and you can pick up a classic red and navy blue plaid number or, if you are feeling a little daring, why not try a playful madras or a radical yellow and black plaid. And no matter the season, Rugged Factory has several kinds of sleeve length and fabrics to ensure you are comfortable as well as fashionable. To accentuate your new plaid swag, Rugged Factory also has plenty of stylish cardigans and other knitwear to add to your look.

For the colder months, Rugged Factory carries a varied selection of parkas and windbreakers to fend off the wind and rain. While the word “parka” does not necessarily conjure up thoughts of high fashion, the offerings at Rugged Factory are sure to please. Utilizing color and prints in combination with layering and functionality, their outerwear will keep you looking cool while staying warm.

Aside from apparel, you can also get a variety of accessories such as hats, bags, belts, and ties at Rugged Factory. In fact, Rugged Factory has a noticeable affection for bow ties and stock a wide variety of them each month. For example, you can get some charming checkered bow ties, woolen bow ties, or bow ties with bandana inspired patterns.

If you are looking to put a little rustic inspiration into your wardrobe, then head to the Harajuku and Shibuya area and check out Rugged Factory!

GPS:35.6654741, 139.70350050000002
Telephone:03 – 3797 – 8771

Opening Hours

Monday:11:30 – 20:30
Tuesday:11:30 – 20:30
Wednesday:11:30 – 20:30
Thursday:11:30 – 20:30
Friday:11:30 – 20:30
Saturday:11:00 – 20:00
Sunday:11:00 – 20:00

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