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Samantha Thavasa Omotesando – Luxury Handbags

written by EnAble Japan October 21, 2014
Samantha Thavasa Luxury Handbags Tokyo Omotesando Japan

Though you can certainly find spots in Tokyo where you can spend less than $100 and walk away with shopping bags full of clothing and accessories, sometimes you’re looking for quality rather than quantity. Just one block from Tokyo Metro’s Omotesando station, you’ll find Samantha Thavasa, one of the most popular Japanese bag brands in Tokyo.

Samantha Thavasa is heaven on earth for anyone who loves to collect luxury handbags. As you pass under the chandeliers at the entrance of the store, you enter into a silken pink dreamland filled with all of the purses, totes, clutches, and handbags that you could ever want. You can choose from a variety of sizes and leathers, with or without matching silk interiors.

Bags with handles and shoulder straps not your thing? Well, Samantha Thavasa has a variety of wallets, clutches, and coin purses for those who travel light. Speaking of travel, if Tokyo is only a brief stop along your way, Samantha Thavasa offers a wide selection of chic and fashionable carry-on rolling bags to get your to your next destination in style.

Samantha Thavasa bags are made in Japan, which makes purchasing your new purse or clutch all the more special. So if you’re looking to treat yourself to some serious retail therapy and feel like a new bag is in order, set your sights for Samantha Thavasa in Omotesando. You deserve it.

Samantha Thavasa Omotesando Store Information

Website (via Google Translate) | Online Store

Nearest Station: 1-minute walk from Omotesando Station (click on the Google Map for directions)


Hours of Operation: Open daily 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

“Why Go?”: To get the most luxurious and famous handbags in Tokyo!

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