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Clubbing in Shibuya: Sound Museum Vision

written by EnAble Japan October 13, 2014
Sound Museum Vision Club Shibuya, Tokyo

When you think clubs, think Shibuya. Heading down the street towards 109 from Shibuya station’s Hachiko exit, it takes less than 10 minutes to reach Sound Museum Vision. Stay to the left and look for the glass doors with bouncers standing in front or behind them. The Vision sign is a little hard to see, especially at night. Head through the doors, show your ID, pay the cover (generally around 3000 JYP), and then walk through the big door and bam – you’re there.


Vision is like a labyrinth. I say labyrinth instead of maze because I could totally picture myself going through a door at Vision and finding David Bowie singing some techno remix of “Dance Magic Dance.” There is a plethora of rooms and hallways that seem to lead on and on, with people dancing in almost every one. The first room is huge with crazy colored dancing lights, a large circular bar, random tables, and a dance floor that takes up the rest of the space. I forgot to mention the gigantic sound system that stands like a castle wall with the DJ overlooking all. You’re in Gaia.

White Room

Need something less vast and loud? Head straight across to the White room. It’s better lit and the music is slightly less intense. Little bar tables are scattered around for repose and a huge bar sits at the far end facing the DJ booth, which is along the wall by the door. The room is (as you can guess) very white with white lighting that makes you feel like you’re in some weird sterile party spaceship.

On the other side of Gaia is a small door that looks like it could be staff only or VIP but is really an innocuous passageway to more dance floors and bars. The hallway is called Space Gallery and includes a bar. Red light tents the atmosphere. Space Gallery is definitely a reprieve from the music and crowds of the other rooms. On the other side of the hallway is Deep Space. It’s a dark dance floor with lights spinning around that gives it a sci-fi feeling. Definitely a great place to practice your dance moves if you’re not confident in them.

D Lounge

Head towards the light and you’re at D bar, a room with a huge D shaped bar in the center. Grab a drink and head over into D lounge. It’s well lit with lots of tables and a DJ booth that is not all encompassing. It’s a great place to chat with people and try to make new friends, aka flirt.

Sound Museum Vision is a fun place to explore and dance in. They have one of the best sound systems in Tokyo, lots of variety in atmosphere, and plenty of bars so you don’t have to wait forever to get a drink. They also host some various international DJs and focus on different genres on different nights. It’s definitely worth a look-see.

International Ratio: More Local
Male / Female Ratio: More male
Average Price: 700-1000 JPY
Comments: Cover Charge
Style: Dress to impress
Entrance Fee: Cover Charge
Happy Hour: No
Music Genre: mainstream/pop, techno/house, other electronic, RnB, Hip-hop, other
Suitable For singles, couples, partying

Photo By: Rennet Stowe

Address:2 Chome-10-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo

GPS:35.6581581, 139.69717630000002


Web: http://www.vision-tokyo.com/

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