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Kiddy Land Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Kiddy Land Harajuku

Kiddy Land Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Standing five stories tall, Kiddy Land Harajuku is a unique toy store that offers a wide range of goodies for all ages.  The first floor hosts a huge variety of eye-catchers such as katana umbrellas, electric joy buzzers, and miniature soda can taps. Below the first floor is the popular Snoopy Town, home to the creations of Charles Schulz.

Kiddy Land Harajuku Snoopy Tokyo Japan

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki will enjoy the second floor of  Kiddy Land Harajuku, as half of it is completely dedicated to toys from Studio Ghibli.  There are giant Totoro plushies, Kiki’s Delivery Service hand towels, Howl’s Moving Castle figurines, and much more. The second floor is also home to the Disney section, where customers can peruse offerings from the Cinderella classics all the way to the latest animated features.

Kiddy Land Harajuku Star Wars Tokyo Japan

The third floor features various Lego, Star Wars, and Gundam toys.

On the fourth floor, customers will find shelves upon shelves of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma dolls.

Kiddy Land Harajuku Rilakkuma Tokyo Japan

Kiddy Land Harajuku  aims to help “dreams come true” for both children and adults alike. They are constantly receiving new toys and plushies, so be sure to check out their Arrivals page to see what is new! When you come to Tokyo, be sure to visit Kiddy Land Harajuku and pick up a unique souvenir of your favorite character! I mean really, how could you not want a giant Totoro plushie?!?!

Kiddy Land Harajuku Store Information

Facebook (customer reviews and photos) | Website

Nearest Station: 7-minute walk from Harajuku JR Station, 5-minute walk from Meijijingu-mae Subway Station

Hours of Operation: Open weekdays 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sat-Sun-Holidays 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

“Why Go?”: To get all of those wonderful toys!

© 2016 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

© &™ Lucasfilm Ltd.


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Owl Village Café and Bar Harajuku

Owl Village Café Harajuku Tokyo Japan

I took a trip to Harajuku to visit Owl Village, not even a block away from Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street. I had heard about Tokyo’s animal cafés and have plans to go to every single one, so I figured an owl café would be a great start. I was so right.

Take the elevator up to the fourth floor and enter the little café. Here, you will be asked if you have a reservation. Oops!  I didn’t have one, so I had to wait an extra hour. To avoid the wait, make a reservation on their website (reservations can be made up to one month in advance).

Owl Village Café Harajuku offers several packages. There is a walk-up package (the one I took) is for 30 minutes with the owls for 1000 yen. The standard course is a 60-minute package (reservations recommended) that provides for a drink in the café (with a view of the owls), 35 minutes of owl-time, and a souvenir for 1500 yen. The current special package offers a dessert with your drink, 35 minutes with the owls, and two souvenirs for 2000 yen.

If you didn’t think owls were cute before, I’m positive this experience will change your mind. They have seven owls, all super friendly and adorable. You are allowed to pat the heads of the owls and hold them using special gloves. The handler will take pictures of you with the owls, so be sure to bring your camera! Of course, there are rules such as no quick movements, no loud noises, and no camera flashes as to not frighten the birds. Please be kind to our feathered friends!

For anyone concerned with the well being of the animals, I’m not an owl expert, but they seem well cared for. They are kept on tiny leashes, because they could not survive on their own if they flew out of the café. One owl was in a bad mood on the day of my visit, so visitors were asked to let him be.

I would give the whole experience a 10/10, and am already excited to bring my friends back. So if you’re in Harajuku and are looking for a unique experience with these beautiful birds (and want to make your friends back home super jealous), stop by Owl Village Café Harajuku!

Owl Village Café Harajuku Location Information

Website (Google Translated) | Facebook (Japanese only) | Twitter (Japanese only) | Instagram

Nearest Station: 1-minute walk from JR Harajuku station (Yamanote Line) (click on the google Map for directions)

Hours of Operation: 11:00am- 7:00pm (19:00)

“Why Go?”: Owls! Owls! Owls!

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There are more than a few clothing stores that any fashionista visiting Tokyo needs to stop by. Shops like Stussy, WEGO and Shibuya 109 are some of the top places to go for the main pieces of your ensemble, but for the little odds and ends that complete your look head to tutuanna.  With locations all throughout Tokyo, including Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku, tutuanna is super convenient.
Tutuanna Finding lingerie and hosiery in Tokyo that fits foreigners can be disheartening (for a general article on finding western-sized clothing in Japan, click here). But tutuanna carries a surprisingly large variety of sizes that anyone can fit into. Tutuanna‘s goods are adorably girly and cute and often come in matching sets. So whether you’re into lace or ruffles, you’ll find whatever makes you feel feminine and beautiful.

Beyond lingerie, tutuanna also offers an impressive assortment of tights, socks and legwear. While you can get your traditional ankle and knee socks here, tutuanna really specializes in the no-show cotton liner socks that keep your kitten heels or ballet flats from rubbing against the delicate skin of your feet as you explore the many shopping streets of Tokyo. Along with unique socks, tutuanna also sells gel cushions to make those heels a bit more comfortable! If you need that last little something to complete your outfit, go and seek out the closest tutuanna location!
For more ideas of trendy stores to visit, try reading our articles Shopping Slightly Off Harajuku’s Beaten Path: Cat Street and Harajuku Street Fashion: Takeshita-dori’s Top 5 Clothing Stores.

Tutuanna Harajuku Store Information

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Online Store
Nearest Station: 3-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 11:00AM-8:30PM
Estimated Price: ¥350-¥1300
“Why Go?”: If you want a large variety of fashionable lingerie with several sizes that foreigners can fit into.
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With the advent of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and the thousands of fashion blogs dedicated to Harajuku street styles, there are now endless ways to immerse yourself in the Harajuku lifestyle. One of the stores that is taking the lead both online and in real life is the bubblegum princess fantasy land of 6%Dokidoki.

Finding this internationally known brand will take some effort as you go past the craziness of Takeshita-dori and into the back streets of the classy and upscale Omotesando. It may be intimidating to wander the backstreets of Omotesando without a surefire plan, but the savvy Tokyo shopper will know that on the roads less traveled are where the true gems of Tokyo fashion like 6%Dokidoki lie. And don’t worry about walking past it – the two level neon pink and yellow structure is not lacking in color.


Stepping inside of 6%Dokidoki is an experience in and of itself. The barrage of glitter, ribbons, carousel horses, fairground-style plush toys, and sheer volume of color is enough to satisfy you for the rest of your life. Shoppers in the store can be difficult to discern from the actual employees, since most of them are in the full regalia of 6%Dokidoki, rainbow colored tulle petticoats and multicolored teased hair and all.

Although 6%Dokidoki’s clothing and accessories are totally wearable on their own, the full effect comes from combining them all into one super Harajuku style outfit. For the adventurous types, 6%Dokidoki also has tutorials on their Facebook page to teach you how to do your makeup and hair just like the 6%Dokidoki sales girls.

6%Dokidoki has embraced the new Harajuku trend for promoting a lifestyle rather than a simple shopping experience. Follow them on social media and let them brighten up your news feed.

For more ideas on unique spots to buy Tokyo fashion, check out our articles Omotesando on a Budget: 5 Must-Visit Shops and Cafes and Shopping Slightly Off Harajuku’s Beaten Path: Cat Street

6%Dokidoki Store Information

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Online Store
Nearest Station: 6-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 12:00PM-8:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want a glittery, colorful Harajuku-style outfit for your wardrobe, this is the place.
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Marion Crepes

Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori would not be the same without a full bevy of stores and cafes that accentuate the street fashion this street has become famous for. In between the lolita shops like Milk, Body Line, and Metamorphose as well as edgier shops such as Monki and Panama Boy, you will be able to find the adorable little cafes where the fashionable youth gather. Here you can indulge in the sweet desserts and delicacies that Takeshita-dori is known for almost as much for as their fashion.

Marion Crepes

The most famous crepe shop in Harajuku is Marion Crepes. Marion Crepes started their crepe revolution in 1976 as one of the only food carts in Harajuku. When they moved to their current location a few years later, they quickly became just as much a part of the Harajuku culture as the lolita girls standing behind the counter making the orders.

Just like their history, Marion Crepe’s menu is unbelievably long. Whether you crave sweet or savory, you will walk away with something unique and delicious. You could get a simple strawberry jam and whipped cream crepe that will be wrapped in a tight little triangle. Or if you want to go all out, you can order a crepe with a full slice of cheesecake wrapped up with a scoop of ice cream and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. But what makes Marion Crepes unique is their variety of savory crepes. You can grab yourself a pizza crepe with marinara sauce, a cream cheese crepe,or even get the crepe equivalent of a sandwich complete with lettuce, tomato, and a variety of fillings to fatten it up.
If you ever crave something sweet whilst in Tokyo, check out Marion Crepes! You won’t be disappointed!

Marion Crepes Information

Nearest Station: 4-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 10:30AM-8:00PM
Estimated Price: Under ¥2000
“Why Go?”: If you want to chow down on deliciously varied crepes during your shopping journey through Harajuku.
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Harajuku street fashion is a culmination of all things weird, trendy, and uniquely Japanese. And the best place to go in Tokyo to get that Harajuku Girl look is Takeshita Street. Not only is this pedestrian street a hub for the culture of youth street fashion, it’s also great fun! During your trip to Tokyo, be sure to check out these spots!

(If you’re worried about the differences in sizing, check out our great article on size conversions here!)

Harajuku Street Fashion: 6% DOKIDOKI


You can’t miss the pink and pastel exterior of 6% DokiDoki. With ribbons and glitter practically spill right out onto the street, 6% DOKIDOKI is the perfect place to start assembling your Harajuku Girl outfit.

Check out our article on 6% DOKIDOKI here!



ACDC Rag Harajuku Street Fashion

A fashion mainstay on a street where shops are quick to go out of style. ACDC Rag sells a variety of youth-oriented styles, from Gothic Lolita to punk to hipster. Collaborations with other designers and constant additions to their apparel keeps this brand fresh and exciting.

Check out our ACDC Rag article here!



Bubbles Harajuku Street Fashion

Bubbles makes you feel like you’re walking into dollhouse. Everything inside is just so girly! This is the perfect place to go to revamp your wardrobe with pastel sweaters, fuzzy bunny phone cases, and velvet chokers. Make sure to strike a fashionable pose in front of the rose wall!

You can check out this very cute Harajuku Street fashion on the Bubbles Website and Online Store (Google Translate) or check them out on Twitter (via Google Translate) and Instagram.


Calbee Plus

Calbee Plus Harajuku Street Fashion

Check out the Calbee Plus shop on Takeshita Street! The menu includes potato chips exclusive to this store, such as freshly-fried potato chips topped with maple syrup, cream cheese, or chocolate. And they have soft ice cream for those hot summer days! Packaged snacks make for delicious souvenirs for friends and family!

Check out our Calbee Plus article here!

Etude House

Etude House Harajuku Street Fashion

Etude House is the perfect place to visit for your makeup needs. This Korean cosmetics brand has a large line of cosmetics for every age and skin type.  Before buying, feel free to test out the products and ask for personalized help from a makeup specialist. You can also go to their in-store studio for a makeup lesson and a custom makeover!

You can see what Etude House has to offer on their Website (via Google Translate). Follow them on social media at Facebook (Japanese only), on Twitter (via Google Translate) , or their Instagram.

Harajuku Alta

Harajuku Alta Harajuku Street Fashion

Harajuku Alta is a multi-level mall containing a large selection of stores that will have you screaming “kawaii!” Favorites include Choco Choco by SWIMMER and the Harajuku Lagrace Mart, where you can find great accessories and shoes. Check out Harajuku Alta’s Website (via Google Translate) to see what’s happening now.

Hysteric Glamour

Like printed tees and denim vests? Hysteric Glamour is the place to go! With a laid-back California aesthetic and a rock ‘n’ roll mindset, this place can help you with a layered grunge look that mixes in that little bit of Japanese something.

Check out our article on Hysteric Glamour here!

Kawaii Monster Cafe

Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku Tokyo JapanIt’s not a clothing store, but no trip to Harajuku is complete without a stop at the Kawaii Monster Cafe. When people think of the crazy fashions, pastel-neon colors, and outrageous nuttiness of that aspect of Japanese culture, this is the place they’re thinking of! The bizarre decor, hyperactive floor shows, and high-speed pop beat is the perfect background for your Facebook and Instagram photos.

Check out our Kawaii Monster Cafe article here!

Lazy Hazy Planet

Lazy Hazy Planet Harajuku Street Fashion

Lazy Hazy Planet runs the gamut of Harajuku Street fashion. Glitter to goth, Levi’s to leather, L.H.P. has seen and done it all. And when you go inside, you realize they have it all! Lazy Hazy Planet is a perfect mix-and-match place to experiment with new looks.

Check out our article on L.H.P. here!

LINE Friends Store

LINE Friends Store Harajuku Street Fashion

Fashion isn’t limited to your clothing! If you use the LINE application, the LINE Friends Store at the end of Takeshita Street is a must-go. You can get your picture taken with Brown, pick up exclusive wear and accessories, and even get the exclusive virtual stickers to show your LINE friends that you were fashionably there.

Check out our LINE Friends Harajuku article here!


Lolita fashion - Milk Storefront in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Lolita fashion is still alive and well in the Harajuku street fashion scene. For 45 years, Milk has been catering to the Lolita community with a constant stream of frilly and Victorian fashions. Whether you are new to the Lolita idea or a longtime fan, visiting this fashion landmark is always special.

Check out our article on Milk here!

Paris Kid’s

Paris Kids Harajuku Street Fashion

Need some cheap, trendy, and fashionable accessories? Paris Kid’s is the only place to go. the walls are lined with thousands of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that will put the finishing touches on your new look. Frequented by young girls and women alike, what keeps people coming back are the prices. None of the accessories or jewelry at this store cost more than 500 yen!

Check out our Paris Kid’s article here and get the discount!

Q-pot CAFE.

Q-Pot Cafe Harajuku Tokyo Japan

The Q-pot CAFE makes fabulous accessories to round our your wardrobe. And not only that, you can have a taste of the “accessory sweets” they have at the cafe! And the SE”Q”RET room? Well, you’ll just have to go and find out for yourself! Check out our Q-pot CAFE. article here!

Totti Candy Factory

Totti Candy Factory Harajuku Street fashion

You know you’re near the Totti Candy Factory when you start smelling sugar and sweets. Inside this pink polka-dotted shop, you’ll find decorated cake pops and a wall lined with all kinds of candy for your scooping pleasure. Their signature item is made-to-order cotton candy that is make right in front of you! Delicious fun for every age.

Check out the Totti Candy Factory’s Website (Google Translate) or follow them on social media at Twitter (via Google Translate) or on Instagram.



It’s so pink and girly and sweet that you’ll have to brush your teeth afterwards. Tutuanna is the place to go for leg wear and socks. Because as we all know, no Harajuku Girl look is complete without pink cat hosiery!

Check out our article on Tutuanna here


WC Harajuku Street Fashion

Bring out your girly and sweet side by visiting WC! This shop is filled with clothes and accessories to match the pastel and neon decor to get you dressing like a true Harajuku Girl. Update your wardrobe with the bunny-eared sweatshirts, cheetah-print backpacks, and velvet jackets that you can only find here!

Check out this Harajuku Street fashion at their Website or check their social media at Twitter (via Google Translate) or Instagram.


Wego Harajuku Street Fashion

With locations all over Tokyo and Japan, Wego is a testament of how often Harajuku Street fashion shifts from trend to trend. If you want fashion and accessories that will turn you into a street fashionista for a reasonable price, head to Wego!

Check out our article on Wego here!

Wonder Rocket

Wonder Rocket Harajuku Street Fashion

With two locations on Takeshita Street, Wonder Rocket sells Mori-style clothing and accessories ranging from sweet dresses and tops to fuzzy heels and bags. Although they are already reasonably priced, it pays to be on the lookout for Wonder Rocket’s 50% off sales!

Check out what’s going on at Wonder Rocket at their Website (via Google Translate) or on their Facebook (Japanese only), Twitter (via Google Translate), or Instagram.

World Wide Love

World Wide Love Harajuku Tokyo JapanWhere’s the love? It’s at World Wide Love! The brand of the spray-painted smiley face covers your street style fashion needs while never straying too far from whimsy. Check out their great collaborations!

Check out our article on World Wide Love here!

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X Large, Harajuku Tokyo: Men's fashion Tokyo

Omotesando and Harajuku aren’t just for the ladies! If you’re looking for some Japanese men’s clothing brands in Tokyo, here are our top 5 recommendations!

1. Beams

Though Beams has labels designed for women and children, men in particular will be able find some choice clothing at the Harajuku location. With its mixture of Californian surfer vibe and all around comfy cool fashions, Beams is an easy spot to make yourself fashionable from head to toe.

2. The Pool Aoyama

The fashion isn’t the only unique aspect of The Pool Aoyama. This shop was built over a refurbished public pool, and as you walk over the glass floor, you can enjoy checking out the original signs that are still intact. The apparel and accessories available here are in cool neutral colors and are a mix of several different high-end labels that don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion.

LHP storefront

3. L.H.P. (Lazy Hazy Planet)

If you’ve ever wondered where all the hipsters, soft grunge fanatics, and Kanye West got their clothing from, it was probably at Lazy Hazy Planet (or L.H.P. for short). L.H.P is located right across from the exit of Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori, and you’ll find a wide variety of different fashions from several labels to give you some true hipster swag.

4. Bounty Hunter

Recently, Japanese men’s fashion has reflected old-school 80’s rap video styles: bandanas, chino pants, and collared short sleeve button up shirts. Bounty Hunter, which is deep in the backstreets of Omotesando, makes their own special brand of street fashion. Shop here and you can join the other ranks of young men who are rapidly embracing this comfortable, yet stylish trend.

5. X-Large

Though started in America, X-Large has recently found a new home in Omotesando. If you like skater fashion, you will be right at home in this store. Filled with screen printed T-shirts and embroidered premium hats, get your fill of this classic skate brand!

Didn’t quite find what you need? Shibuya’s 109 Mens and Tsumori Chisato’s upscale Omotesando boutique are also great places to find trendy men’s fashion.

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Trying all the wonderful and delicious food that Japan has to offer is integral to any good trip. The seasonal specials offered at convenience stores as well as the opulent cuisine that you can find all over Tokyo is a thrill. As any good traveler knows, street food is one way to be able to truly experience what a culture is all about and Tokyo is not for want of good street food. While the entirety of Osaka has been labelled as the place to find the most delicious takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (a savory cabbage pancake), Tokyo street food is known for its variety. Each subset of Tokyo has its own specialty and going on a culinary journey is what makes traveling around this great city such a treat. If you get the opportunity to go to Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori, sweets and cute food are the name of the game. You won’t be able to walk two blocks without seeing a stand selling over-the-top crepes or ice cream treats. Harajuku is also where you can find some old world Japanese street food that has been elevated to art form status. Walk to the end of Takeshita-dori and cross the perpendicular street, Meiji-dori, to find some truly delicious taiyaki at Tokyo Hozuki and get a taste of classic Japanese street food.

Taiyaki is is baked cake in the shape of a fish with a variety of fillings, but typically filled with anko (sweet red bean paste). At most taiyaki stands, you tend to get more bread than filling which only leaves you wanting more. At Tokyo Hozuki, it is a whole other story. First of all, Tokyo Hozuki has a truly unique shape to their taiyaki. Instead of trimming the edges, they serve you the whole taiyaki with the crispy edges and all which gives it a satisfying little crunch. Secondly, when preparing the taiyaki, the batter is spread impossibly thin so as to get as much filling inside as possible. The combination of filling and crispy outside is incomparable to any other taiyaki you may have had in the past. The choice of fillings at Tokyo Hozuki also sets them apart from other taiyaki shops. They of course have the classic taiyaki fillings such as anko, custard cream, and chocolate but seasonally they will have other flavors such as sweet potato or cheese.
If you have got a hankering for something sweet and wholly Japanese when you are out and about in Tokyo, how about going for some taiyaki at Tokyo Hozuki in Harajuku?

Tokyo Hozuki Store Information

Website | Facebook
Nearest Station: 8-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 11:00AM-8:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want something sweet and unique to Japan during your shopping journey through Harajuku.
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The force and influence of the Harajuku fashion culture has been gathering steam for over half of a century now. At times, it can be hard to imagine Harajuku’s famed Takeshita-dori without the passionate street fashion fans keeping the innovative spirit alive. After all, fashion subcultures like goth and sweet lolita as well as decora have made Harajuku the street-style hotspot that it is today.
Milk Of course, Harajuku’s fashion culture wouldn’t be at the level it’s at without some serious support from local shops and boutiques. For almost 45 years, the lolita mainstay boutique Milk has kept lolita fashion modern and up to date without letting it fall to the wayside. Well known and respected by global designers and fans alike, Milk offers you a true piece of the Harajuku lolita lifestyle.
While stores like Body Line can offer you the full blown frills and petticoat side of the lolita style, the main Milk store in Harajuku focuses more on the lolita lifestyle, which may factor into their longevity. At Milk you can find the perfect balance of cuteness, practicality, and just the right amount of frills.
Anything pastel you could ever want to wear is available here, plus some light wash jeans to match. The darker side of kawaii is also displayed at Milk as well in the form of black lace skirts, gauzy black and red hair bands, and a variety of other cute items that even Wednesday Adams would love. Milk really does illustrate the depth of what it really means to be in the lolita lifestyle.
If you are going to be going to Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori, Milk is an absolute MUST to visit if you want to see where lolita all started!
Want to check out some of Harajuku’s other top stores? Why not try the world-famous 6%Dokidoki or the budget-friendly WEGO?

Milk Store Information

Website | Twitter | Online Store
Nearest Station: 6-minute walk from Harajuku Station (Yamanote Line)

Hours of Operation: Everyday 11:00AM-8:00PM
“Why Go?”: If you want to add the famous Harajuku lolita style to your wardrobe.
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Paris Kid’s is one of the most famous fashion stores in Tokyo, located right at the entrance of Harajuku’s Takeshita Street. Every single piece of jewelry I have purchased so far in Tokyo has been from this store. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the store’s owners about the most beloved store in Tokyo’s fashion capital. Read on, because they gave us a special discount for EnAble Japan readers!

Paris Kids Storefront Watermark copy

Paris Kid’s was founded 38 years ago, selling accessories outside of the building it currently occupies. The founder, decided to sell accessories because he could fit many of them in the wagon’s small space. On Sundays, the original Paris Kid’s wagon would open up and sell trinkets and fashion accessories to junior high and high school girls.

Today, Paris Kid’s bright pink sign draws tourists as well as teenage girls. Although their original accessories were simpler, Akihiro Miyakoshi, the owner, says they had to adjust quickly to the kooky fashions that put Takeshita Street on the map. Their customers love wacky accessories such as neon hair extensions, giant puffball earrings, and colossal patterned bows. Foreign visitors find items featuring anime characters, Kanji lettering, and their starfish and seashell hair clips and earrings especially appealing.

Paris Kids items watermark copy

Recently, sales of tattoo chokers have spiked, since they’ve been coming back in style. However, not all of their items are so over the top; many of their accessories look delicate and expensive, even though the majority of their inventory sells for ¥324.

Paris Kids items 2 watermark copy

If you aren’t in Japan right now, or are in Japan and can’t make it to Paris Kid’s to get in on the fun, you’re in luck! Paris Kid’s has launched its first online shop (and in English!!).

But if you can stop by the Paris Kid’s store, good news! If you show the following picture at the register, you will receive an 8% discount on your purchase. Now that’s a great accessory!


Paris Kid’s Store Information

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Rakuten
Nearest Station: 2 minute walk from Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line

Hours of Operation:
Weekdays 10:00am-7:30pm
Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm
Estimated Price: Accessories start at ¥324. Don’t forget the discount!
“Why Go?”: Get great accessories at a great price from one of the most famous stores in Tokyo. And you’ll have a great story of your Tokyo trip to go with it!
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