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Great Movie Experience at Toho Cinemas

written by EnAble Japan June 19, 2016
Toho Cinemas

If you want to see a movie in Japan and you want to be surrounded by fantastic sound, sit in an immaculately clean seat, and see movies from all around the world, there is one place to reliably experience all three of those things: Toho Cinemas. Toho Cinemas has several locations all over Japan and each is standardized to an excellent level. The most useful Toho Cinemas is the one in Shibuya which is just by the station. There are also large Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills and Shinjuku (The Shinjuku one has an IMAX screen and some selected 4D screenings) as well.
Toho Cinemas
You can frequently get discounts, such as seeing a movie on the first day of the month or Ladies Day on Wednesdays, and can expect to pay ¥1,100 for these tickets. Buying online is relatively easy as after selecting a movie and showtime on the schedule, there is a “Display English” option, allowing a straightforward seat selection and payment process.

The Toho Cinemas experience starts after the ticket office, where you are transported into everything Hollywood, action, and awesome. Every inch is covered with movie posters for current and upcoming features as well as small shelves and displays from which you can buy memorabilia from current blockbuster films. Toho Cinemas allows you to not just go and see a new Marvel movie but also have a book of stills from the movie, an action figure, and anything else you can think of to accompany and commemorate your movie experience.

You will not go hungry at Toho Cinemas with their ample snack bar. You can sip on anything from your classic coke to the Japanese favorite Calpis or a cold Asahi beer. If you need to munch on some popcorn, try something less traditional than your regular butter and salt and instead go for a caramel corn or maybe a red curry flavoured popcorn (!). Popcorn not your thing? It’s a good thing that you can get a ビッグアメリカンドッグ (“Big American Dog” or what we from the States call a corn dog) or even some cheesy potatoes to satisfy your cravings while you watch the latest flick.

Toho Cinemas is one of the best cinema chains for a Hollywood-blockbuster viewing experience in Tokyo. If you are worried that you will miss out on the latest summer box-office hits while you are having an awesome trip in Japan, Toho Cinemas has got you covered.

Toho Cinemas Shibuya Information

Nearest Station: 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station

Hours of Operation: Screenings generally run from 10:00AM-9:00PM
Estimated Price: ¥1,100-¥1,500
“Why Go?”: If you want to catch up on the latest Hollywood-blockbusters in a clean, spacious cinema with plentiful food & drink options.
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