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Tokyo Dome City’s Top Attractions

written by EnAble Japan May 8, 2014

If you’re looking for a way to spend your day off or somewhere to go on a date, Tokyo Dome City is the perfect place. Located near Suidobashi station in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Dome is in the heart of the city and is home to Japan’s biggest baseball stadium. The stadium itself is a big draw for baseball fans who support the home team, Tokyo Giants, as well as music fans who visit the dome to watch one of the many concerts that are held there. Tokyo Dome has played host to such big names as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bon Jovi.

Other than the dome itself, Tokyo Dome City has many attractions, both indoor and outdoor. There is a small theme park, a spa, a sports center, a hotel and several large event spaces.

Let’s start with the theme park. This is probably the best one in central Tokyo and has many different rides, both scary and tame. There is a huge ferris wheel that has a fantastic view of Tokyo You can get a one day pass for all the rides for 3,800 yen (for adults) or a night pass 2,800 yen (for adults, 5pm-close). If you only want to go on a couple of rides though you can buy tickets on a per ride basis (around 600 yen each).

The sports center is lots of fun and has many different sports on offer. At Spo-dori! You can choose from golf, baseball and bouldering and there is also a roller-skating rink and bowling alley in the same building. For younger children there is Aso-bono, which is a large indoor play area with five different areas, including an area for babies.

LaQua is the name of the spa and shopping center at Tokyo Dome City. This spa has a large hot spring and many relaxation areas. If you have a tattoo you may want to reconsider going to the hot spring, or just try your best to cover it up. Like many hot springs in Japan, tattoos are not strictly allowed, so if a strict attendant is working you may be asked to leave. The spa also has many sauna rooms and relaxation areas. It is open 22 hours a day, from 11am-9am, so you can go there to relax almost anytime. The entrance fee is 2,565 yen, which includes a rental charge for towels and leisure wear.

There are also lots of dining options in the area, mainly in the LaQua mall and Meets Port. There is a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and buffets, such as Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant and Moomin Café. For a full list of restaurants see here: http://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/e/restaurant/

Photo source: tokyo by mmphotography.it

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