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Tokyo SkyTree

written by EnAble Japan October 23, 2015

Tokyo SkyTree is one of Tokyo’s most iconic observation towers. It houses many shops and restaurants at and around its base, including a large and modern aquarium. SkyTree caters to international visitors by offering exclusive premium tickets that allow them to skip long line and go up to the observation deck almost immediately. You can think of this ticket as one would a Fast Pass in Disney World. These tickets are, of course, a bit more expensive than normal tickets (about ¥1500 more), but they do speed up the waiting process significantly.

SkyTree has two decks, and both the regular and premium tickets take you up to the first deck. To access the second deck, you must pay an additional fee at a ticket booth in the first deck. However, the view from the first deck is incredible as is, so the additional fee seems a bit unnecessary. But since you need to purchase the second ticket at the first deck anyway, feel free to make the call yourself once you’re up there.

The first deck has three floors, and you arrive on the highest floor. Each has a fluid and beautiful panoramic view, as well as different photo spots where you can purchase/have your photo taken with some sort of prop by a professional. The second level has the tower’s gift shop, which sells slightly different merchandise than the one at the tower’s base. The lowest floor has a cafe where you can sit down and eat.

A note about SkyTree is that there’s a bit of a line to go down the escalator to each floor. Also, the staff regulates how many people go to each floor, so once you go down, you’re unable to go back up. That being said, the floors aren’t extremely crowded and while there seems to be long lines, the wait isn’t all that bad.

Overall, SkyTree is a definite must during your trip to Tokyo. Keep in mind that the view during the day and night give different atmospheres, so plan accordingly.

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