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Top Ten Souvenirs and Gifts at Tokyu Hands Shibuya

written by Carol Ann Asselin April 11, 2016


Hello, Tokyo travelers and fellow enthusiasts! Do you need to pick up or replace one of those little travel necessities, like a bag or a raincoat? Are you looking for some uniquely Japanese gifts and souvenirs, but don’t know where to go? Or do you just need a place to rest and re-caffeinate while you check your email? You don’t just need a hand, you need a Tokyu Hands Shibuya!

The Tokyu Hands Shibuya is a conveniently-located clearinghouse of all of your travel, souvenir, and gift-giving needs. It is one-stop shopping for your needs as well as for those odd little Japanese items that your family sees on TV and the Internet. Here you can pick up the sort of gifts that will thrill your friends without busting your budget.

And for your convenience, Tokyu Hands Shibuya offers free wifi and a place to rest with their Hands Café. Take a rest and plan the next part of your trip while updating your Facebook photos!


Are you nervous about communications barriers? Don’t be! Tokyu Hands Shibuya has English speakers on staff, so if you get in a bind there’s always someone to help with selections, price lookups, and helping you with your purchases.

And as a tourist, it gets even better—you get a 5% discount on selected items by showing your passport at the Information Counter on Floor B2C. There, you will receive a 5% discount ticket to redeem at the time of purchase, so be sure to visit before you are ready to check out! Tokyu Hands Shibuya is also a Tax-Free Shop, so after you make your purchase you can take your receipt back to the same Information Desk on Floor B2C and have the sales tax refunded! If you’re thinking of buying an expensive souvenir of your trip, Tokyu Hands Shibuya is the place to look!

What if everybody meets you at the airport when you return home? Tokyu Hands Shibuya offers free gift-wrapping, so you can start handing out the souvenirs right away!

“All that sounds great,” you think, “But do I really want to carry all of this stuff around until I get back to my hotel?” Tokyu Hands thought of that, too! For a 450 yen fee, the store offers shipping to your Tokyo-area hotel.


Tokyu Hands Shibuya was kind enough to give us a list of the top selling items purchased by tourists during their trip to the store. If you don’t see anything that catches your eye here, don’t worry! The Tokyu Hands Shibuya is a gigantic store full of items with that certain Japanese style. Come take a look!

Tokyu Hands Tokyo Japan Cards

10. Kyukyodo Hagaki Postcards: These elegant postcards feature Japanese scenery and are the perfect way to keep in touch with the people back home. 86 yen per card.

9. MT Colored Masking Tape: This multicolored and multi-patterned brand of masking tape is perfect for use in a wide variety of art and decorating projects. Starts at 108 yen per roll.

8. Suntory Whisky 17 Year Miniature Bottles: You may think “Scotland” when you think whisky, but Suntory in Japan is consistently winning awards for both their single malt and grain offerings. You can sample a mini-sized bottle of this fine spirit at 907 yen for a 50ml bottle.

7. Mindwave Stick Markers: Sticker markers with a whimsical Japanese theme for that super-organized person in your life. 378 yen per pack

6. PureSmile Face Masks: Made in Korea and highly regarded by Asian women, these face masks are popular for their skin-brightening and moisturizing abilities. Bloggers such as Louise Hung at xojane have even tried them out, so pop on over and see what they have to say! 108 yen per pack.

5. LuLuLun Facemasks: An elegant facemask from a Japanese cosmetics maker, designed for daily use. Other cosmetics from this brand are also available. Starting from 324 yen per pack.

4. Ukiyo-e Series Utamaro Line Collagen Facemasks: A facemask for lovers of both beauty and the art of the “floating world.” You can keep them to display the art or until you use them, but either way they are a bargain at 129 yen per pack.

3. Iwako Erasers: I know you’ve seen these—tiny eraser packs in the shapes of sushi, bento boxes, animals, and others. You can buy a small pack of three assorted eraser shapes for 50 yen per pack, perfect for kids and kids-at-heart.

Tokyu Hands Shibuya Tokyo Japan Skin Care Masks

2. Isshin-Do Honpo Design Facepacks: Moisturizing and beauty doesn’t have to be all serious, all of the time. Isshin-Do Honpo facepacks come in a variety of styles, from Kabuki to animals to Marvel characters and even KISS designs. Starting at 430 yen per mask, they are great gifts for the beauty-conscious who still like to have a little fun.

Tokyu Hands Shibuya Tokyo Japan Pens1. Frixion Ball Pilot Pens: As a writer myself, I love the feel of a good pen. Frixion Ball pens are multicolored and erasable, allowing you to switch colors or eliminate errors as desired. Pens start at 194 yen for a single color. Make sure to pick up a few refills (sold next to the pens) to make your gift last longer!


Website | Online Store (Tokyu Hands official)

Nearest Station: 7-minute walk from Shibuya Station (Hachiko exit)


Hours of Operation: 10:00 am – 8:30 pm daily

“Why Go?”: Pick up uniquely Japanese souvenirs and gifts before your return home!

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