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Futuristic Sushi at Uobei Sushi, Dogenzaka, Shibuya

written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014
Uobei Sushi

Uobei Sushi

Uobei Sushi has done the seemingly impossible and made conveyor belt sushi seem boring.

Instead of the “classic” conveyor belt method, Uobei Sushi mixes things up in the most futuristic of ways. There are touch screens in front of each seat where you place your sushi order. And once it’s ready, your sushi is delivered to you via a clear plastic shoot. If the Jetson’s created a sushi restaurant, it would look something like Uobei Sushi.

Not only is the style of Uobei Sushi pretty cool, but the prices are too. Each order, which consists of two pieces of sushi, is only 108 yen. The menu is extensive – while you can get traditional options like tamago, salmon, and shrimp, you can also try some of their innovative creations. Dig into some miso crab rolls, tri-colored inari (tofu skin around rice), or wasabi hamburger sushi! Uobei Sushi also has seasonal options that are only around for a few months, so get it while its hot!

Uobei Sushi is also a great place to bring along sushi haters. They can happily much on mini udon & miso soups, french fries or karaage (fried chicken). And nothing goes better with sushi than some beer or sake, which makes everyone happy. If you want something sweet at the end of your meal, order some desserts such as melon slices, almond pudding, or a chocolate parfait.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to the already super fun conveyor belt sushi, head to Uobei Sushi in Shibuya’s Dogenzaka area for some futuristic delivery service!

Address:2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
GPS:35.6595885, 139.698850026
Telephone:03 – 3462 – 0241
Web: http://www.genkisushi.co.jp/uobei

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