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written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014

Indian food, and especially curry, has gained popularity in Japan. While the Japanese culinary world has created their own sweet and spicy version of curry, classic Indian restaurants still have a strong following all throughout Japan and Tokyo. While Indian restaurants have several vegetarian options, (vegetarians rejoice!), Ueno is home to an Indian restaurant that is 100% vegetarian and even has a few vegan options! If you are a lover of vegetables, Vege Herb Saga in Ueno is sure to please your special palate as well as your meat eating friends! Every person will walk away satisfied no matter what their diet is!

While the outside of Vege Herb Saga is a bit innocuous, you will be lured in by the smells of herbs and spices floating out the door day and night. Vege Herb Saga bakes their own naan bread and has their own special mix of masala that they make as well so everything at this Indian restaurant is super fresh. Along with making everything in house, Vege Herb Saga believes in excellent food quality. Everything that is served at this Indian restaurant is 100% meat, egg, fish, and dashi broth free (which is extremely difficult to find in Japan). Also, all of their food is made without ingredients that are from processed sources and all of their ingredients are organic and GMO free. When you order a dish from Vege Herb Saga, not only will it be delicious but your body will thank you for the lack of processed ingredients and chemicals!

Vege Herb Saga specializes in Southern Indian Cuisine. Whether you are in the mood for some delicious Vegetable Masala, a crispy samosa, or Dal Makhni you will not walk away hungry. Most people are familiar with dishes like Vegetable Masala and curry but Vege Herb Saga has such a wide variety of little known and less popular (but still wildly delicious) Indian dishes so do not be shy when ordering and branch out! Also, no matter what dish you order, you will get a side salad, naan, or rice with each dish. To end your meal, try some of their dessert lemon rice, Rose Lassi, or Mango Kulfi!

If you are a vegetarian or vegan out and about in Japan, be sure to stop by Vege Herb Saga to fill up on some 100% vegetarian Indian fare!

GPS:35.7058159, 139.77529060000006
Telephone:03 – 5818 – 4154

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