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What the Dickens Ebisu

written by EnAble Japan October 20, 2014

When you enter this bar you get the very surreal feeling that you have just entered a log cabin in the middle of a dark forest. The high ceilings and pillars constructed from real trees and the subdued lighting give this bar a unique atmosphere more akin to a nightclub than a bar. What the Dickens is an excellent bar where the lively customers seem to have all gathered just for the sheer joy of drinking and chatting together. It really doesn’t feel like a bar in Japan at all.

Perhaps the best feature of this bar is its live music. Every weekend both Japanese and foreign bands perform live on stage and as any serious music fan will tell you there is no feeling like the thrill of listening to quality live music. When a foreign band is playing the excitement levels go through the roof and the percentage of foreign customers often reaches as high as 70%. In addition it is a much better atmosphere than most other bars because here you also have a good representation of foreign women and not just the foreign man-Japanese woman combination which is so common in many bars in Tokyo. What the Dickens comes highly recommended although it is true that many customers start to drift away very soon after midnight. Check out the website for details of upcoming performances.

International Ratio: About equal
Male / Female Ratio: About equal
Average Price: 600-1200 JPY
Comments: No cover charge
Style: Casual
Happy Hour: No
Suitable For singles, couples, great drinks, live music,

Address:1-13-3 Ebisunishi, Shibuya, Tokyo
GPS:35.64818415026507, 139.70765599629522

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