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Writer’s Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for EnAble Japan. Before contacting us, please read the following guidelines carefully.


EnAble Japan’s publishing goals are to showcase the best of Tokyo’s nightlife, shopping and entertainment experiences that visitors to Tokyo can enjoy even if they don’t speak a word of Japanese. We’re not interested in publishing bland, rehashed descriptions of things to do. Instead, we want to hear about your favorite places to go in Tokyo and what you love about them.

Our articles range from 400-600 words for reviews, and 800–1000 words for more in-depth roundup articles. Make sure articles focus on places that are English-friendly since many of our readers are first-time visitors to Japan. Please include photos of the places you are writing about, and make sure that at least one of them is landscape (horizontal). We like to have 2-3 photos per article to help show our readership the places featured in our articles.

Stylistically, we want you to write from personal experience and engage directly with our readers as if you are talking to your best friend rather than to a complete stranger. Insert links where necessary. Above all, be honest and let our readers know the pros and cons of whatever topic you’re discussing.

We are looking for articles in the following categories:

Shopping: For many people, shopping during a trip to Tokyo can be equally as thrilling as the trip itself. We have a large number of store reviews, and are looking for more guides that can help a new visitor find the best of what different parts of the city have to offer. Shopping is the section we’re currently focused on expanding, so if you’re a retail therapy devotee, please get in touch with us.

We are interested in publishing Shopping articles in the following areas–

  • Fashion
  • Souvenirs
  • Health and Beauty Products

Nightlife: In Tokyo, the nightlife scene changes quickly. EnAble Japan is looking for articles that tell our readers about the hottest places to go within the city limits. So if you know some amazing local spots, we’d like you to share that insight with our readers.

We’re interested in publishing Nightlife articles for the following audiences/interests–

  • Exclusive Clubs
  • Places to Meet Singles
  • Places for Couples and Groups
  • Places to Dance

Dining: Tokyo tops the list for the highest number of Michelin 3-star restaurants in the world. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, it can be hard for newcomers to Tokyo to know where to get started, especially when factoring in the language barrier. We have extensive Restaurant Listings, and we’re currently interested in creating more “Top 10” or “Top 5” roundup articles based on a theme, such as “Best Breakfast Spots in Tokyo” or “Top 5 Japanese-style Restaurants in Roppongi.”

EnAble Japan has a two-part payment structure as follows:

  • 400-600 word reviews: 1000 yen
  • 800-1000 word articles: 2000 yen

In addition to the payment, you will be given a byline, space for a bio and a spot to link to your social media accounts (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Write an article for our audience to help jump-start your blog!

The application process is as follows:

1)     Contact info@enablejapan.com to request a topic for a trial article.
2)     We will send two topics for you to select from, one about nightlife and one about shopping. You will then have to write a 400-word sample article, no photos necessary.
3)     When completed, return the article to us and we will contact you within a week to let you know if your article was accepted. It is absolutely critical that you use proper spelling, grammar and syntax in your submission or it will be rejected!

If your article is approved, we will be contacting you with assignments for future articles. In the beginning, we need to focus on filling in gaps in the information we currently have. However, as we develop a relationship, we will become open to hearing any ideas you may about potential articles ideas.

Please note that while trial articles are not paid, we are pushing to expand the site’s content and will have a significant need for freelancers.

1) All submissions must be received electronically, in Microsoft Word, RTF, or Text Only (ASCII) format.
2) Submission of any Work constitutes:

  1. Exclusive permission to post the written material to the World Wide Web, for a period of one year, with financial compensation;
  2. Warranty and acknowledgment that Writer controls the copyright and publication/republication rights (as appropriate); and,
  3. Agreement to these terms.
  4. a) EnAble Editors may accept the Work as is, edit it, ignore, or reject it. If substantial revisions are made, author may approve the final version before it is loaded on the Site(s). Editor may perform minor editing without submitting for approval. The Site(s) may use the contributor’s name, subject matter and title of the Work, in publicity to bring visitors to the Site.
  5. b) Editor may, at any time, remove any Work from the Site, due to considerations of timeliness, space on the Site, or content objection.
  6. c) While EnAble Japan will attempt to protect copyright, the Writer recognizes that the Site(s) does not have control over unauthorized use of the material from visitors to the Site(s). Writer agrees to hold the above named magazines, writers, owners, and the Sitehost, and their successors and heirs, harmless in any dispute over copyright infringement.
  7. d) In return for the use of the Work, EnAble Japan will include a byline, a bio and a link to the author’s social media platform for the duration of the display.
  8. e) Writer indemnifies and holds harmless the above named magazines, writers, owners, and Sitehost, and their successors and heirs, from any action dealing with issues of truth, libel, or slander in the Work.
  9. f) If accepted, we retain the right to publish articles/photography on our site and make the edits described above.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!