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Yakumo Mushipan

written by EnAble Japan October 22, 2014

Meguro is an area of Tokyo that is rarely explored by most travel blogs and websites. However, this area of Tokyo has a surprising amount to offer in terms of high end furniture stores, antique shops, and (most importantly) some of the cutest cafes around. Spots like Hara Donuts are a perfect example of what Meguro has to offer, but if you take time to explore this area, you will find a lot of cute cafes to enjoy a sweet treat at!

Take Yakumo Mushipan for example, deep in the back streets off of Meguro-dori where you can grab a great piece of mushi pan! Mushi pan are little steamed cakes that are typically made in a bamboo steamer much like dumplings. But at Yakumo Mushipan, they take this healthy, yet delicious dessert to the next level. At this cafe, you can indulge in the traditional muffin shaped mushi pan in a wide variety of innovative flavors. Start out with plain or maybe chocolate, then it is time to step up the flavor game with pizza, curry, or braised pork. Their traditionally shaped mushi pan are mostly savory flavors, but the Earl Gray, matcha adzuki, double chocolate, or maple caramel flavored donuts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Another great aspect of Yakumo Mushipan is their prices. Whether you decide to go with a mushi pan donut or otherwise, you will only be paying anywhere from ¥130 to ¥240. But be warned – Yakumo Mushipan only makes a limited number of batches a day so when they run out of stock, they close their doors.

If you are in the mood for a different kind of sweet treat, head over to Meguro and seek out Yakumo Mushipan!

GPS:35.6180259, 139.66814679999993
Telephone:03 – 6676 – 2778
Web: http://yakumo-mushipan.info/

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